1. says

    The reason why the cab stopped for you IDIOT is because you were leaving a government office and there wasn’t a car waiting to pick you up. The cab driver who doesn’t stop for someone in shorts and a t-shirt but waits for people in suits to come out of government offices is also an IDIOT. You deserve each other.

    And by the way, I wonder if this cab driver would have been so eager to pick your ass up if you had a God-Given perma-tan? IDIOT!!!

    And finally, I guess it’s true that illegal immigrants only wear a certain type of clothing or talk a certain way or wear a certain type of shoe. IDIOT!!!

    Oh, one more thing. If it’s truly a sixth sense and you can’t put your finger on it you just end up looking like an IDIOT when you try to explain it.

  2. Arthur says

    Is he stupid because he
    1. is a Republican
    2. is a “Christian”
    3. is from Iowa
    4. his mother smoked and drank too much in the 1st trimester
    5. 1, 2 and 4. (I know some good people from Iowa. They got out and moved to the USA)

  3. Bart says

    Does it surprise any of us anymore that the best and brightest in this country are not Republicans working in Congress or the Senate? Can these people get much dumber?

    While trying to support profiling in general, doofus douchebag Steve King proves exactly why racial profiling will be found to be unconstitutional because it CANNOT be applied fairly under the law. Example: beautiful flaxen haired woman in expensive clothes is pulled over. She looks and talks like someone Tiger Woods would marry. Are they going to ask for her papers? Most likely no. Dark hair, brown skin man, driving a battered truck and wearing jeans and a sweaty t-shirt, gets pulled over. Are they going to ask for his papers? You betcha!

    Here’s the catch: she’s Swedish and has overstayed her visa by six years, he’s an millionaire of Mexican decent who has spent the day fixing up the old truck, one of thirty he has, because that’s his hobby.

    Steve King is an idiot. He joins a parade of them making laws in Washington. I’m not saying there aren’t a few ridiculous Democrats but it’s literally shocking how many Republicans are literal idiots. Michelle Bachman, Sally Kern, John Bohner, and the list goes on and on and on… It would be laughable if they weren’t making law. But should it be a surprise when their bellweather idols are people like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck? There isn’t enough brain wattage between the two of them to run a toy monkey clanging cymbals.

    So I offer this, instead of racial profiling, I want IQ profiling for anyone who has a job making laws for the rest of us. Now that is something that would make the average Republican lawmaker run and hide in their bomb shelters.

  4. brian says

    I am very curious what state you live in that does not have idiots in it. Also can you get married in your state? I can. So back off Iowa.

  5. Rocky says

    @ Brian

    Instead of being some uppity halfwit homo using that childish bullshit “I can get married in my state and you cant HA HA” you should be doing your part in helping the successes of “YOUR” state become a nationwide reality.Otherwise: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU ARROGANT HOMO!

  6. Rocky says

    By the way,Im from New York City and I couldnt give 2 SHITS 3 FUCKS and half a DAMN about IOWA.Im focusing on whats going on in MY state and MY city.So FUCK OFF!

  7. Peter says

    If King were a black man in a suit, does he think the cab would have turned around to pick him up. This idiot doesn’t understand that the kind of profiling he’s subjected to makes him a privilege subject, not a subject against whom they should discriminate.

  8. Ben says

    Does the Congressman imagine that police can identify illegal immigrants by dress? That would only work if he thought all Mexicans wore sombreros and and ponchos and … oh, wait, that’s exactly what he thinks. Because he’s a racist dipshit.

  9. brian says

    Well I can not wait until every state had the right for same sex couples to marry. I am sorry that I have not done much for national marriage equality because I have to defend the rights we received in our state from bigots like Steve King.

  10. Rocky says

    @ Dan

    I got a laugh too.Its you (the POT) calling me (the kettle) black.Im quite sure Im more informed than you are.Im sure you will win the “head up the ass” trophy before the end of 2010.Fuckin idiot!

  11. kujhawker says

    I see illegals… Walking around like regular people. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re illegal … I see them all the time they’re everywhere.

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