Reporter Jumps Unprotected into Oil, Sees Oil


Reporter Chris Matthews did some questionably-sane investigative reporting on the oil spill for AP:

"Dropping beneath the surface the only thing I see is oil. To the left, right, up and down – it sits on top of the water in giant pools, and hangs suspended fifteen feet beneath the surface in softball sized blobs. There is nothing alive under the slick, although I see a dead jellyfish and handful of small bait fish.

I'm alone because the other divers with me wouldn't get in the water without Hazmat suits on, and with my mask oiled over and the water already dark, I don't dive deep.

It's quiet, and to be honest scary, extremely low visibility. I spend just 10 minutes swimming around taking pictures, taking video. I want people to see the spill in a new way, a way they haven't yet."

I'm not sure exactly what Matthews accomplished that we didn't know already, including that the oil is very hard to get off:

"The oil is so thick and sticky, almost like a cake batter. It does not wipe off. You have to scrape it off, in layers until you finally get close to the skin. Then you pour on some Dawn dishwashing soap and scrub. I think to myself: No fish, no bird, no turtle would ever be able to clean this off of themselves. If any animal, any were to end up in this same puddle there is almost no way they could escape.

The cleaning process goes on for half an hour before the captain will even think about letting me back in the boat. I'm clean, so I stand up. But the bottoms of my feet still had oil, and I fall back in the water. The process starts again. Another 30 minutes of cleaning and finally I'm ready to step into the boat."

In fact, less than 1% of oil-soaked birds end up surviving. Hopefully Matthews has a better chance.


  1. Eric26 says

    I think this is much less dangerous than standing next to a hurricane. Maybe he was trying to show how something in the news would effect REAL people.

  2. M@ says

    Maybe he felt more people would pay attention, and empathize if a human was seen covered in the mess that is currently killing marine life rather than a lone pelican. (you know the same people who hunt squirrels & then make them in to a nice squirrel melt for T-ailgate parties)

  3. wtf says

    can we push all the oil execs into the mess, naked and then let them try to clean themselves off with a moist towelette? Just so they get the idea.

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