Spartanburg, SC Mayor Junie White Comes Out for LGBT Equality

Spartanburg, South Carolina Mayor Junie White is making quite a splash with a column he published today in the Herald-Journal defending a planned Gay Pride celebration there. 

White  Says White, who last week signed a Gay Pride proclamation and will present it at the Upstate Pride festival on June 19: 

"The time for just accepting the way things are is over. We have laws that protect against racial discrimination, and it's time to protect those of different sexual orientations. No one should be discriminated against for whom they love, for wanting to walk down the street holding hands, or for sharing things a free American should have the right to share…

"…I think it is wonderful that we live in a nation where all people are protected under the law to worship according to any faith, how they please and when they please, a nation where everyone can speak freely without fear.

I believe that in time, just like with the right of American women to vote, and the right of people of any race to marry people of another race, most people will come to agree that all people should be afforded the same right to love and marry whom they please, work where they please, and enjoy these rights without worry…

"…All the LGBT folks want to do is have a march, to be recognized in their struggle to have the same rights as all other Americans. As mayor of the city of Spartanburg, I am proud that their organization came forward to ask for the proclamation, because they believe in our city, that Spartanburg is a place where all persons can speak up without fear."

Read the whole column HERE.


  1. Strepsi says

    THANK YOU Mayor Junie White, for speaking truth and compassion!

    Have a great parade, and when I am down that way your town WILL be on my destinations list.

  2. jack says

    very VERY impressive. i, or we, could not have said it better. i wonder what his tipping point was? i shall go read his column to find out if he says.

  3. Patrick says

    As a Southerner, I have to say, that’s pretty moving. I didn’t think I’d live long enough to hear the mayor of a town like Spartanburg say those things.

  4. Vann says

    A really welcome and heartening surprise! Not at all what I was expecting when I read “Spartanburg, SC” in the header, because Spartanburg is known even in the Bible Belt for being very religiously conservative. I really want to take statements such as this column as a sign that a live and let live attitude is coming rapidly to many parts of this country that previously had seen religious and “pro-family” groups denounce and obstruct the progress of civil rights. I wish the upcoming march every success.

  5. Mark says

    For all of you who are thinking “Wow, this is big,” you’re only partially right. It’s absolutely HUGE. Thank you, Mayor White for displaying the leadership and personal compass to do what is right.

  6. says

    Well done, Mayor White. Since I spend a week in the area every summer, I found his Facebook page and left of note of thanks there. I’m sure he’s getting some local heat for this, so I hope many will commend him for his courage and open mindedness.

  7. sparks says

    That’s awesome! I totally love the fact that this is happening all over, town by town, city by city, people are starting to realize that all gays really want is to choose our own loves and life mates.

  8. says

    I just left the mayor’s office. He is indeed an amazing man. I was delivering an award I accepted on his behalf at the state Pride festival last month. He won the “Courage in Leadership” award. In our chat today, he said he is still surprised by the amount of hate out there. For him, the bottom line is that we are each citizens and each deserve the same civil rights.

  9. Marsha Groomes says

    I am having a major problem with piedmont community actions of Spartanburg. I went through the weatherization program. I am on disability with problems that require me to have heat and air and they came in and told me that they would put in an outside heat pump and they would put in vents and that I would get the whole 9 yards! I have had no heat all winter long and I have called everybody at PCA and all I get is the run around! I would appreciate all the help you can give me. Thank you.

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