Stretch Out on Butt’s New Beach Towels


BUTT magazine is launching a set of beach towels at American Apparel, the Cut reports:

"The limited-edition, 31-by-64-inch towels come in the mag's signature pink-and-black palette, and each one features a tasty BUTT model, including artist Brian Kenny and porn star Arpad Miklos. The towels cost $45 each, and a portion of the sales benefits the Ali Forney Center."

The Cut also has a cute (and nsfw) slide show of the selection.


  1. Billy says

    BUTT is one of the most offensive publications I’ve ever read. I wish the weird, fucked up people behind it would just disappear and stop embarrassing themselves and gays in general.

  2. Scott says

    Oh, yay, American Apparel is now selling towels featuring several models that would be considered too fat to wear most of their clothes. That makes perfect sense.

  3. Rowan says

    @ Ernie

    Exactly, that is the way of BUTT!

    Creative and a breath of fresh air with cute gay guys who are not all white, mainstream and obsessed with Lady Gaga.

  4. greg says

    BUTT is great. It’s totally mainstream while continuing to be subversive. I guess I’m biased, one of the models is my partner (and while he’s larger than average he does just fit into the largest american apparel size) and the guys who do BUTT are neither weird nor fucked up. They’re actually very sweet and fun and far more centered than anyone who says things about “embarassing gays in general”.

  5. Darrell says

    Just what a person needs, a oversize towel with a hideous image on it, fighting for peoples attention when you’re at the beach.
    Crying out “I may not have the best bod but see how ugly my towel is!”

    Prediction, Should be in the clearance bins by the Canada Day/Independance Day Holidays.

  6. greg says

    One last comment – BUTT is all about real people. I guess if you find real people hideous, well, you’re welcome to continue to masturbate to idealized internet porn images and avoid looking in mirrors.

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