News: Fran Drescher, Jupiter, Haley Barbour, Portland, Stonewall

RoadNY Attorney General candidates: Would you file suit against DOMA?

RoadThe Bilerico Project examines the money behind GetEQUAL.

Jupiter RoadA mystery space object (likely asteroid) struck Jupiter.

RoadBad Romance.

RoadThe Illegal Wedding Fair is happening this weekend in NYC.

RoadDavid Mixner loved Stonewall Uprising: "As I watched the film, my stomach churned recalling my own experiences as a closeted gay man in the 1950's and 1960's." Trailer here.

RoadFran Drescher's ex-husband is gay.

RoadGary Coleman's wife comes off as a selfish, negligent bitch.

RoadSt. Petersburg, Russia Gay Pride organizers arrested at demonstration: "his public protest, organised on the last day of each month by the political opposition and several human rights groups, was not authorised by the authorities.

The French news agency Agence France Presse reported that 300 participants in the St. Petersburg rally. Organisers said that 100 people were arrested during the march.

St. Petersburg Gay Pride organisers Maria Efremenkova and Alexader Sheremetyev were among the people detained in St Petersburg.

'They were violent and threw us on the ground,' said Ms Efremenkova."

RoadEnrique Iglesias teams up with Jersey Shore.

RoadJohnny Weir is getting involved in the AIDS/Lifecycle benefit through one of his fans, named Rider X.

Plus RoadFantastic Man features plus-size men in sponsored content.

RoadMississippi governor Haley Barbour praises BP, mocks news coverage of oil spill: "But we haven’t had, really, any impact. I mean, we haven’t had enough oil hit Mississippi’s beaches to fill up a milk jug."

RoadGay man, lesbian chosen for Pentagon panels.

RoadRobyn and Kelis announce summer tour dates.

RoadPortland center for gay youths reaches out to African-Americans in location move: "At our old location we saw primarily fairly affluent, white young people; our number for youth of color was really low, and we knew we were not meeting a community need. We discovered that when we serve youth in their neighborhood, they feel more safe and welcomed. It was the perfect choice to move to MLK."

RoadRussell Brand flashes his headlights.

Evans Concept art for RoadChris Evans as Captain America.

RoadWest Valley, Utah passes LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance.

RoadPhotos – Gerard Butler gets in uniform for the Iraq war version of Shakespeare's Coriolanus: "Ralph Fiennes is starring in and directing the movie, which is about a banished hero of Rome who allies with a sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city."

RoadThe Good Men Project: a new online magazine for all men.

RoadAustinites split over Gay Pride: "This week, two Austin groups — Austin Gay and Lesbian Pride Foundation and Queer Bomb — will salute the historic riots in distinct ways."

RoadThe NYT adopts Nate Silver and his site Five Thirty

RoadFightback NY PAC plays with the anti-gay rhetoric of NY state senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.

RoadIowa homophobe Chuck Hurley gathers up more than 800 anti-gay pastors in his latest attempt to kill the state's marriage equality law: "During this morning’’s news conference Hurley referred to the 800-plus ministers who signed his group’s petition as 'real' pastors.

'We are at a crisis moment in this state and we will either stand up for good, Godly, family and marriage or we will go the way of other civilizations that have said, ‘Oh well,’' Hurley said. 'We are here on behalf of 834 pastors who are not willing to say, ‘Oh well,’ and we applaud them for that.'"


  1. Rodney says

    Isn’t Captain America in the same comic universe as the Fantastic Four? What are they going to do when the two meet?
    I’m sure if the upcoming movie(s) make enough money, they’ll come up with every facet they can to make even more …

  2. Chris says

    So, just because a kid happens to be an “affluent white” kid, means he or she is going to have a less hard time being accepted by their family, their friends, their society? I’m sorry, but that’s true bullshit, particularly if said “affluent white” kid gets, say, thrown out of his or her home just as easily as another.

  3. Daniel says

    I watched a fantastic performance of “Coriolanus” (which was a play i was totally unfamiliar with until i was in the audience) in the mid 1990s at the University of Colorado-Boulder’s summer Shakespeare Festival and as soon as it finished, i thought, “this could be an amazing film; why is some type of Hamlet done on film every few years but Coriolanus never is done?” Finally after about 15 years, i’m getting my wish, although modernizing it to be in the Iraq war is a shift i’ll have to roll with. Can’t wait to see what Fiennes and Butler do with this!!

  4. missantrope says

    Jesus Christ Chris, the Portland center is merely reaching out to African Americans, it’s not turning away whites kids (even affluent ones) for any reason. It isn’t like it’s some zero-sum game where some people are served and some aren’t. Why are you automatically assuming that the center is somehow now not supporting white kids?

  5. AndrewW says

    The Ten Unanswered Questions for GetEQUAL:

    1. Who started GetEQUAL?

    2. Who decided how much to pay everyone? And, why?

    3. With only two major funding sources, who sets GetEqual’s goals and priorities?

    4. Who’s accountable for GetEqual’s actions? Who is in charge?

    5. Will the GetEQUAL soon-to-be-formed Board be packed with cronies and allies or will it consist of a respectable and diverse mix of seasoned and new activists?

    6. What is GetEQUAL’s strategy and what are the results you must achieve to be successful?

    7. How do the “crazy shenanigans” (Cronk’s words) benefit the LGBT Community?

    8. How do efforts to embarrass our political friends (Democrats) help the LGBT Community?

    9. How does “demanding” lead to changed minds or additional support for the LGBT Community? What “threat” is attached to these so-called “demands?”

    10. When will GetEQUAL organize formally and comply with legal and disclosure requirements for Non-profit organizations?

    Any honest, sincere organization would gladly answer these important questions before engaging in “crazy shenanigans.” But, even late is better than never.
    Kip Williams and Robin McGehee have a responsibility to the LGBT Community to answer ALL of these questions completely.

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