Towleroad Guide to the Tube #675

SEX AND THE CITY 2: So how do NBA players feel about it?

SEVERE EARTHQUAKE WARNING: September 2010. And if it happens, this dude will be celebrated as a prophet.

CHECKING IN: Foursquare founder talks to Mashable.

EXTREME POODLES: With regard to THIS, questionable programming from TLC.

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  1. JauntyJohn says

    some cultures believe that people who are “different” are more attuned to certain things… I only hope that, whomever he is, he’s shielded from the likely avalanche of cruel and ignorant comments.

  2. Edward says

    My brother is developmentally disabled with autistic spectrum disorder. Unless the young man in the earthquake warning video is acting I am pretty sure that he has some similar issues. I am saddened and disappointed that Towerload has put so little thought into placing such a video in their “amusing” stuff from You Tube section. More likely than not the young man wanted to participate in the on-line video culture like “normal” people and has not anticipated the cruelty and ridicule this will generate. My brother is 50 years old and through experience has come to expect the worst from people. I had hoped for better from a web site I have come to respect over the past several years. This may seem humourless of me, but I cannot tell you the anguish I feel when someone calls my brother retard and I see the impotent rage in his face.

  3. Joao says

    Really Andy? Are you that much of a douche bag that you think it’s funny to post a video of someone who is developmentally disabled? For what? Too make fun of them? Pathetic. This site used to be relevant and contain actual news related to the gay community. Now you’re just another waste of space homo putting up shit that doesn’t have any relevance to our community. You seriously need a reality check brother. Wake up dude.

  4. crispy says

    Get a grip, Mary. I really didn’t see Towleroad making fun of the guy. He just posted the video. And people who aren’t that familiar with the autism spectrum may not recognize someone with a higher functioning form of the disorder.

    If you really want to get bent out of shape about it, aim your venom at all the douchebags on Youtube.

  5. Eric26 says

    I really don’t think anyone is The Devil for finding that video slightly amusing. I laughed when his sudden cough interrupted his warning. Anyway, sometimes things that are different are funny. That includes things that people do. Should you laugh in this boy’s face or post cruel comments on youtube? Of course not.

  6. Rodney says

    Seriously, I think this is a case where political correctness absolutely should apply. While us ‘normal’ people may find the video funny (I did), it’s at the same time incredibly appalling to post directed insults at the guy on his UTube page.

  7. Andrew F says

    Ridiculing those with autism and similar disorders? Not cool. But I think it’s okay for us to laugh at Frankie’s video. I pray thee, why not? He’s having fun, exercising his creativity, and making videos for the world to watch. I’ve subscribed to him.

    I just think it’s a shame that so many people will descend into ridiculing him. I’m very glad that the comments are turned off on the video, but I’m also very glad that we can still post messages of encouragement on his channel’s wall. Go Frankie!

  8. CaliberGuy says

    I think that at least for me the reason I find it funny is more a the fact that he coughs half way threw the warning (something any one can do) and be that its basically the same sorts of things the “experts” come out an tell us all that live on the west coast every year or few months (when ever a wild hair crawls up their but) just with out an exact date. So to get a date with the same old information in an urgent tone is very entertaining and well somewhat funny! (and the numbers he used seem to be right for the experts current opinions)

  9. jamal49 says

    Hmmm. Don’t see what all the fuss is about. I took the video at face value, listened to the man give his predictions and thought “well, maybe I WON’T go to Monterey this September” (it’s very pleasant in Monterey in September). I never thought it was a “joke” or making fun of somebody “developmentally-disabled”. Maybe I’ll go to Arizona instead. Thanks for the warning.

  10. Derek Pearce says

    He willingly put the video on YouTube, so it’s fair to post it on this site. It’s possible to be aware of/sympathetic toward those with Autism spectrum disorders (really, if you want to be PC, let’s take issue with the term “disorder”) and still find the video amusing. The cough is priceless. Good for him for expressing himself.

  11. Greeny says

    Thank you for posting the clip about the new TLC show. Maybe some people here will realize that, crazy, is an international phenomenon, and that us Americans that don’t “eat tigers for breakfast” have our share of crazies too.

  12. Odsbjorn says

    I thought the earthquake warning was brilliant! This young man obviously cares about people, and he feels strongly enough to film himself and put it on YouTube.

    It’s not as though Andy is mocking him. And it is a YouTube video. I suggest that you put your energy into going to YouTube and defending the fellow.

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