1. Rovex says

    Good job i neither need or want a biblical justification for my ‘lifestyle’, you know, what with the bible being a load of crap and all.
    I wonder though, since he is using this bible thing, does his ‘lifestyle’ have a biblical justification?

  2. candideinnc says

    No, there is no fornicator parade. In Alabama, though, all their parades are the same. They are dumb, homophobic redneck with their heads up there very big anuses parades.

  3. arthur says

    One should not be approved by government to have sex unless one is licensed with a marriage certificate, preferably a holy one. This is the whole argument made by the pro-Prop 8 lawyer.

  4. Disgusted American says

    there’s plenty of WHITE Trash parades in Alabama….I wouldn’t even want to admit to ever living there…their name says it all “Rich & Bubba” ie: Gag & Wretch!

  5. Michael says

    It’s free speech, however asinine and offensive. Obviously, they’re playing to a fan base in Alabama. This is basically the same thing as sitting in New York/Calif./etc. and making fun of people from the South because “they’re rednecks.”
    We’re big boys and girls and we can take it when an a-hole panders to an audience to smear us. We’ve fried bigger fish.
    However, it will be fun beating the hell out of their radio station and its corporate owners/sponsors over this. That’s the real power of being gay.

  6. Marc says

    These guys are obviously such good satirists they don’t even realize themselves that’s what they are. I mean Bubba? And you’re from Alabama? And preaching against LGBTs using the bible?
    This show is like every offensive stereotype about Alabama I’ve ever heard or uttered myself.

  7. Shaun says

    I grew up a fundamentalist Christian. I outgrew the mass hysteria. If you still cling to the ancient outdated worldview of Christianity, he is completly 100% right. You can’t pick and choose the feel-good parts of the Bible without giving equal credence to the parts that make you feel “icky”.

  8. jason says

    Rick and Bubba could be the products of good ol’ southern inbreeding. Either that or they’re running off at the mouth is a case of reverse diarrhea.

  9. Skooter McGoo says

    OMG this just reminded me of one thing only, in Alabama you can still marry your first cousin legally. Thump that “Bubba” & Rick.

  10. johnny says

    @Shaun, you might want to re-think that point.

    Religions and people have been cherry-picking parts of the bible to focus on for their belief systems for centuries. Some focus on old testament while others focus on NT and totally ignore the old testament. Some pick and choose from both and add their own wackiness (silly mormons, for instance) and some focus only on Leviticus (evil Phelps and his ilk). Parts of the bible are total allegory (believe or don’t believe, it doesn’t matter to me) and parts are historical (proven by other texts in egypt and sumeria).

    Anyway, these guys are total ass-hats. Next!

  11. 1♥ says

    RE: “There is, absolutely, no way, impossible, to biblically justify this lifestyle.”
    He is correct that being gay can not be justified with a biblical perspective but you sure can justify slavery with a biblical perspective. To quote the famous southerner Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, “Slavery was established by decree of Almighty God…it is sanctioned in the Bible, in both Testaments, from Genesis to Revelation…it has existed in all ages, has been found among the people of the highest civilization, and in nations of the highest proficiency in the arts.”

    So according to the false god of the Bible being gay is immoral but slavery is moral. The Bible’s morality also includes: genocide, torturing prisoners, raping female prisoners of war, forcing rape victims to marry their rapists, executing religious minorities, burning some hookers alive, etc.

  12. JusticeontheRocks says

    I’m a native New Yorker and I demand that he take off the Yankees jersey and never disgrace us again.

    BTW – in Alabama every day is adulterer appreciation day.

  13. Jonathan says

    Alabama? Do they support Roy Moore? The Ten Commandments monument? Let’s assume they do, or did, as that story is over.

    I wonder what they did last Saturday. I strongly suspect it neither honored the Sabbath, nor kept it holy. So that’s ten percent of the Commandments out the window before we even get to this being false witness and, perhaps, coveting a neighbor’s ass (that last might be a stretch, but with the recent spate of outed homophobes, you never know).

    Fortunately for Rick and Bubba, there is no requirement in the United States to have a biblical justification for your lifestyle.

  14. Bart says

    Does anyone really give a rat’s ass what this inbred douchebag thinks? These guys wouldn’t know the Bible if they were beat bloody with it. Who cares? It’s like worrying about something my redneck retarded cousin’s husband’s brother says. Don’t care, too stupid to listen to.

  15. says

    BTW, the stupid redneck is absolutely wrong about the National Day of Prayer (surprise!). Despite being declared unconstitutional, Obama issued a proclamation declaring the day of prayer anyway

    This jackass is EXACTLY the kind of person Obama is trying to appeal to when he talks about prayer (as in his BP address) or invites Rick Warren to his inauguration–among his many other bigoted and homophobic actions. And yet he has the nerve to call himself a “fierce advocate”?. So all of you apologists who call us whiners and petty because we expect more from a democratic president, keep in mind that you are not only defending Obama, but hate filled monsters like this man.

  16. InNYC says

    I really dont’ care. I would never step foot in Alabama if I could avoid it any way. Let’s face it – these people haven’t been happy since slavery ended. Maybe Mexico or Cuba will invade, and we can just part ways with them… A good bout of painful colon cancer would do these guys some good.

  17. Emily says

    @Jonathan: Well, I live in Alabama, and last Saturday I was at the Torah service in my synagogue. And in the gubernatorial primaries earlier this month, Roy Moore didn’t come remotely close to getting the Republican nomination (he was a distant fourth out of four). I am by no means defending these “Rick and Bubba” idiots (although I’ve never heard them and wouldn’t know where to go on the dial to find them if I wanted to), but you should at least try not to respond to hatred and bigotry by treating a different group as just another undifferentiated mass. It’s just a shortcut way to feel smug and superior to others without knowing anything about them or doing any evaluation of your own shortcomings.

  18. arch says

    do you think they eat shellfish ?

    (all you clever Towleoad folk know why I ask this question…)

    have a good weekend enjoying your unbiblical lives…

  19. Zc says

    It’s what ev. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And as a gay Christian I know that I don’t have to have biblical approval. My being gay is just as bad as any sin Rick or bubba may commit and the lord still loves both of us equally. So yeah. I’m not worried.

  20. lileasy says

    I have always tried to remember these words by Joan Baez when I am confronted by people like Rick and Bubba:

    Be not too hard for life is short
    And nothing is given to man.
    Be not too hard when he is sold or bought,
    For he must manage as best he can.
    Be not too hard when he blindly dies
    Fighting for things he does not own.
    Be not too hard when he tells lies
    Or if his heart is sometimes like a stone.
    Be not too hard for soon he’ll die,
    Often no wiser than he began.
    Be not too hard for life is short
    And nothing is given to man.
    And nothing is given to man.

    From another Alabaman

  21. Rodney says

    @KevinVT: You’re kidding. Was eight years of Bush just way too pleasant for you?

    How Obama is too blame to for these ignorant a-holes can only be left to people like you to connect the dots.

  22. SeriouslySick says

    Their point of view just doesn’t tell my story, as sure as it neglects the points of view of most of the people of the world. (Women, those in captivity, etc.) The bible is a document that has the inherent purpose of taming men. The authors could only conceive of hetero men, and so that’s what they wrote about. Jesus never spoke of anything outside of that mental box either. Why would any man of free will therefore listen to, let alone follow it’s dictates uncritically?

    I’ll tell you why, Bubba doesn’t have to think about the consequences of his actions as a domestically groomed breeder monkey, or piece of livestock, if you will. And, he gets to consider the “law” without any notion of it’s invevitable outcomes outside of entirely self serving ones. If you want to meet men who are out of touch and as hysterical as they accuse women and gays of being, just wait until your blinkered breeder male has been affected by his own dictates in a non self serving way. It’s always good for a laugh. People in their middle age still trying to cling to/enforce prepubescent logic and genders roles are going to bring down civil society if they can, because doing so is “easier” than having an integral position relating to reality. Dream weavers and mystics, all of them; and ironically, their dreams are as common and as low as dirt. This kind of debasement starts in the straight world, we’re just the target of their collective projections.

  23. says

    I’m pretty sure Kevin was TRYING to be sarcastic. He needs to get some new, more grown up material though. The whole “would you rather have McCain/Palin?” argument is childish and irrelevant. I don’t know any self respecting person who lives their lives being satisfied with second class just because things could possibly be worse. It seems pretty cowardly to me. As someone wise once said “A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.” Kevin should take heed. I do agree, however, that Obama’s “gay pride” proclamation is just “meaningless words”.

  24. Bobby says

    There’s no such thing as sin. “Sin” is just a word men use to try to control other men and keep them in a nice little box where “normal” means acting like everyone else, believing like everyone else and never rocking the boat.

  25. Andrew says

    Hey here is a list of their sponsors.
    My guess is Bonjangles (as in black face racism?) restaurant and “Liberty in chains” (tea party apparel store) are not going to stop their sponsorship, but some of the others might, like the Lets send them emails asking them to stop their sponsorship of hate. :)

  26. AlexInBoston says

    well it is Alabama! We know what that means, Incest, inbreeding and of course Rick and Bubba most likely have the same parents though not married…..

  27. SongBird says

    What else should we be expecting not only from a waste of existence like the state of Texas, but from a radio show co-hosted by someone named ‘Bubba’?

    Next time there’s a 9/11 I hope they hit every single red state. Seriously. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  28. Emily says

    Here is the email I sent to “The Rick & Bubba Show.” It is probably longer than anything they’ve ever read before, but I thought it was worth the effort. I also sent individual emails to their sponsors.

    To Rick Burgess and Bill Bussey:

    As a lifelong Alabamian, I was appalled and offended to hear your recent rant against “the homosexual lifestyle.” Until you apologize for your ignorance and hatred, I will refuse to patronize the sponsors listed on your website, and I will encourage everyone I know to do the same. I will also contact your sponsors and tell them that I refuse to patronize them until you apologize or they withdraw their support form your show.

    Your argument that homosexuality is wrong because the bible says it is (and that Obama is also wrong to release a proclamation for Gay Pride month because of that) is offensive and incorrect for many reasons:

    1) We are not a Christian nation, or a theocracy of any kind. This is a good thing, and you benefit from it whether you realize it or not, but it means that what the bible says or doesn’t say about anything is totally irrelevant to our government and laws. If you want to live in a theocracy, try Iran .

    2) There is no contradiction between Obama professing his own personal religion and also releasing a proclamation for gay pride month. We are not all Christians just because the president is; Obama is also left-handed and from Illinois , but just because those things are true and he is the president doesn’t mean that all U.S. citizens now also have to be left-handed or from Illinois .

    3) One of the most ignorant things you said in your rant was, “there is, absolutely, no way, impossible, to biblically justify [homosexuality].” Luckily, because of #1 on my list, there is also no reason for the U. S. government to justify homosexuality or anything else biblically.

    Additionally, though, you seem unaware that there are many bible-believing Christians who see no contradiction between their religion and the acceptance of homosexuality in society, as well as pride in their gay friends and relatives. I urge you to read this essay, “What the Bible Says – And Doesn’t Say – About Homosexuality” (, to see one of many examples of a bible-believing Christian minister who disagrees with your interpretation of the bible’s word on homosexuality.

    The fact that you have decided that your interpretation of the bible is the only valid one and there is no possibility that you might be wrong shows you to be suffering from the sin of pride–only God is infallible, not man.

    4) At the end of your rant, you tacked on a little lip service to “love”–but for the preceding nine minutes, you were spewing the worst and most ignorant kind of hatred toward other human beings. You don’t get to have it both ways. Your whole speech was designed to dehumanize and denigrate a group of people who have already gotten plenty of that treatment from others. It is utter hypocrisy to denigrate gays, chastise people for having sex outside of marriage, and then make fun of the fact that gay people want nothing more than to be able to get married!

    You need some serious education on this issue. It takes bravery to stand up for what is right, but instead you have just shown the cowardice to pander to what is popular.

  29. Dave says

    This pisses me off so much, to be lumped in with adulterers, fornicators, pornographers, alcoholics…this asshole doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. He was born straight, lucky him, so he doesn’t have to go through this shit every day of his life that people like him dole out on a regular basis. I’m very sincere in my faith, as a kid through my mid-20’s I prayed & shed a lot of tears because I didn’t want to be gay but eventually came to a peace about it, I know that God loves me. Fortunately for me, my family & friends have been nothing but supportive once I finally told them, lots of people aren’t so lucky. Yeah right, it’s a choice, I chose it because I love hearing this bullshit – NOT. I think he’s the deviant and needs a brain & heart transplant.

  30. Jim says

    I think perhaps the “take home message” from this long, unapologetic, one-sided diatribe is that the protection of free speech in the public square is among the most precious of our freedoms. There is no such thing as the freedom from being insulted or offended by someone’s words or viewpoint. By definition, that is the PRICE of freedom.

    We must share the public square with all those who vehemently hold antithetical viewpoints and say things which make our blood boil and hurt us deeply. There is no protection from exposure to such things which cut us to the core.

    By the same token, those religionists who scream ever more stridently to live in only a “biblically based country” can find no right to never be exposed to those persons whose sheer existence is a contradiction to their moral worldview. So, they will have to have their children exposed to a same-sex couple pushing a stroller in line at the movie theater to see the new Toy Story movie.

    Those children “trapped” within the bounds of such narrowminded families will see for their own eyes that the two men pushing that stroller are not monsters or evil and appear to be loving, caring, and doting parents. The power of seeing that objective reality over and over and over again in numerous locations and then trying to reconcile it with such a hateful and intolerant worldview from some book will yield a whole new generation of allies.

    Just takes some time and we should all be patient and grow a thick skin. The Framers never intended for any of us to be free from hurtful or intolerant speech and as much as it is reality-challenged and wrong, we should be thankful we live in such a country. Just because someone screams 2 + 3 = 37 ad nauseam from the rooftops does not mean we silence the idiocy. We just have to coexist with it.

  31. Tom in Long Beach says

    Is this a “christian” radio show ? If not these guys are way off. Also the national religion of the United States is not Fundamentalist Christian. Although I am sure that many would like that, unaware of the historical horrors of wars of religion and inquisitions in Europe.
    They wrongly assume there is only one way to interpret scriptures. The one that ignores science and critical scholarly views.
    Also assumes that their translation is correct.

    Tom in Long Beach

  32. jamal49 says

    I love that phrase “biblical world-view”. That’s a favorite of Sarah Palin, Pat Robertson, Jan and Paul Crouch, James Dobson; in fact the entirety of the evangelical movement. Listening to these good ol’ boys reminds me of just how insidious and dangerous the evangelicals really are–not just to LGBT people but to American democracy.

    It may be that these two DJ’s are only patronizing their fan base. But, their radio show is syndicated regionally (the South, Southwest and the Mid-West) and reaches an audience much wider than just Alabama. Therefore, their “biblical world-view” and infantile, prurient commentary about Pres. Obama’s Gay Pride proclamation will be listened to by millions of people who will nod their heads in fervent agreement.

    I recently viewed a documentary, “For the Bible Tells Me So”, which does a superb job of de-constructing the so-called “traditional” translations of the Bible and clearly explains how the sense and meaning of the Bible is thoroughly corrupted by the biases of the translators.

    The Bible does NOT say what the evangelicals and their ilk claim it to say about LGBT people. In fact, if those biblical verses are translated correctly, in context, one comes up with entirely different meanings for those passages which have been used for two milleniums to incite hatred and violence against LGBT people.

    Those ‘Bama Buttholes are but two of the more craven examples of biblical ignorance gone wild.

  33. TANK says

    it’s bama! Who gives a shit what happens in bama? It’s one of the many white trash capitols of the united states… Real americans don’t have to care what bama and other southern states “think” since they lost the civil war.

  34. Mark says

    Oh save me from folks who believe in the mythology that is the belief in a supernatural being! Biblical worldview = magic. Get over it people and the world will be a much happier and peaceful place.

  35. Bill says

    This is the mindset of HATEROSEXUALS. Pure hatred in that room. Haterosexuals want you to believe that hateorsexuality is the only way to live or the ideal. Ignore them. Haterosexuals are not your authority.

  36. Royce says

    I’m from Alabama and I just want to say we’re not all inbred rednecks down here and I really don’t appreciate all of us being thrown into that category. Yes, Rick and Bubba are a-holes but don’t judge us all by them or you are just as bad as they are!

  37. says

    I’m glad the’re getting national attention for their stupidity. I’ve had to deal with their ignorance as an unfortunate Alabama resident for many years. It’s time to kick Rick and Bubba off the air.

  38. Karmen Nava says

    Everyone is entitled to have freedom of religion and it so happens that the New and Old Testament is not agreement with adultery, fornication, selfishness, murder, hatred any more than it is with homosexual behavior.

    If a person does not agree with the Bible, they should have freedom not to follow it, but they should also give freedom to those who do. Hatred against Fundamental Christians should also be considered a “hate crime.” Not all fundamental Christians are red necks many come in every color and ethnic background.

    There is a world agenda agreed by the UN attendees in the past to promote homosexuality. The true motive is to encourage this behavior is to assist in reducing the human populations. This is why there is so much promotion of the homosexual lifestyles by most of the news media. Usually most of the publicity is in their favor and the “bad guys” are the Christians and other fundamental religions who believe in the Old Testament doctrines.

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