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Watch: BP CEO Tony Hayward Wants His Life Back


Poor baby! BP CEO Tony Hayward doesn't have a life anymore because his company is busy destroying the Earth's oceans. How about he gets his life back as soon as we get the Gulf back, as it was before the rig exploded.


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  1. So would a lot of sea creatures and the men who died on the rig.

    Posted by: That Burning Sensation | Jun 1, 2010 3:06:44 PM

  2. Entitled prick.

    Posted by: David R. | Jun 1, 2010 3:12:25 PM

  3. Maybe his pal Barry can arrange it for him.

    Posted by: jomicur | Jun 1, 2010 3:21:10 PM

  4. I have no biases here but I don't think it would be fair to say he is entitled for saying that. He was just trying to make it clear that he and whoever else is involved is putting all the work in necessary to get this fixed. He could have just as easily said, I want to do anything to conserve the precious species of the gulf, but "I want my life back" has a more visceral impact as we all can relate to the effort we would put in for something if it was completely consuming our lives.

    I'd imagine there were many people at fault here so does not seem necessary for us to hate on him. We could hate on many people here but that does not help to actually fix the problem. Come up with a solution instead of wasting your time painting others in the bad light.

    If you remember that Southpark episode on Katrina/Global Warming -- "It doesn't matter if we can help them, it just matters who's fault it is."

    Posted by: Jordan S | Jun 1, 2010 3:34:09 PM

  5. .

    Posted by: IQJ | Jun 1, 2010 3:37:03 PM

  6. jordan, books ain't so bad.

    Posted by: TANK | Jun 1, 2010 3:41:12 PM

  7. In China there would be some executions for all this corruption--once it led to a disaster. Not that that's a good thing. Fucker should be glad he's alive.

    Posted by: Gary | Jun 1, 2010 3:51:26 PM

  8. What a self-centered, arrogant prick. How dare he complain! The kind of wealth this man has is made at the expense of so many less fortunate lives. That attitude, that statement verges on the sociopathic.

    Posted by: tooboot | Jun 1, 2010 3:58:50 PM

  9. Hey Jordan why don't you go lick Mr. BP's ass and make him feel better?

    Posted by: Tralfaz | Jun 1, 2010 4:29:04 PM

  10. Word Gary, that man and his posse who skirted federal regulations and just caused one of the greatest man-made environmental disasters of modern history should be glad they aren't being chased down by the people who have had their entire livelihood and home polluted and poisoned as a result of the irresponsibility of cats like this guy. He should hang for this one... or maybe he'd like to take a dip in the bay? I REALLY hope the justice department decides to press serious charges against these dudes... Messed up.

    Posted by: Jesus | Jun 1, 2010 4:34:03 PM

  11. Jordan, STFU already. Your oh-so-holier-than-thou bullshit is just that: bullshit. So shut your fucking pie hole already. This douchebag is bitching on camera because it's just been "so much work" OH PLEASE. Like he even has a real job. Go do some fucking manual labor for 9 hours a day then get back to me. What an asshole.

    I worked in corporate Amurrica long enough to know an entitled prick when I see one, and the fact that you, Jordan, would defend him just shows how out of touch you are with the reality of the fucking situation. This is quite possibly the worst environmental disaster EVER. We're not going to know the true impact for decades.

    Posted by: wtf | Jun 1, 2010 4:42:30 PM

  12. I'll make you a deal - fix the fucking problem you created and you can get back to your private jet, your jerk.

    Posted by: Steve | Jun 1, 2010 6:38:27 PM

  13. I suggest plugging the hole *with* BP executives. Their swollen heads should be more than capable of staunching the flow of oil.

    In addition to their oily volcano in the Gulf, I'd argue that BP's board of directors also desperately needs a "top kill".

    Posted by: Jacknasty | Jun 1, 2010 8:02:20 PM

  14. @GARY
    "In China there would be some executions for all this corruption--once it led to a disaster. Not that that's a good thing. Fucker should be glad he's alive."

    Hear Hear!!!

    Posted by: SSCHIEFRSHA | Jun 1, 2010 9:31:22 PM

  15. @ Jomicur: You are the kind of ignorant, yet judgmental, partisans out there in the wastelands of America. How- EXACTLY- is this the President's fault?

    Let me see. Since the leak, he's ordered the coast guard to assist BP- who he is holding ENTIRELY responsible for this- in not only sealing the leak, but keeping it contained. He's made it clear that BP will PAY for their mess. How is that reckless and blame-worthy?

    Because he didn't order BP out and instead relied on the might of the Federal Government to fix this? That would be wrong. NO ONE in any level of government knew how to fix this ... BP, an oil company- it was assumed- knew best how to fix this. Our President gave them the leeway and time, not to mention support, to fix this. Only after it was discovered that BP didn't know what the hell it was doing did the President speak out against them.

    I'm proud our Obama's handling of this and I think, if SANE people stopped and actually looked at what has taken place in response, a lot more people would be less apt to jump to indecipherable conclusions.

    Posted by: Rodney | Jun 1, 2010 11:21:23 PM

  16. He should be forced to eat contaminated shrimp and Oysters...this guy has got to go

    Posted by: John Normile | Jun 2, 2010 8:07:13 AM

  17. This prick should be hung, drawn and quartered.

    Posted by: Dave | Jun 2, 2010 8:34:01 AM

  18. And we want our Louisiana pristine marshlands back, our gulf shrimp population back, our clean beaches back, our fishermen's jobs and livelyhoods back. This man's company has been completely irresponsible and has damaged our country for generations. Maybe he should have spent some time in R&D and crisis management prior to this event to understand the possibility of a crisis just as this and develop a plan to react to it. Idiocy! Pure idiocy! He should be placed in a dingy in the middle of the spill without protective equipment and made to skim oil off the gulf until every drop is back in a container. THEN he can have a life.

    Posted by: noteasilyoffended | Jun 2, 2010 10:37:26 AM

  19. @Rodney
    Why do the Obamatards always resort to personal insults and attacks? Oh, yeah--that's all they have.

    Posted by: jomicur | Jun 2, 2010 11:44:22 AM

  20. I love how someone called my comment sanctimonious. I simply am saying people get off too much to blame and disparagement. I suppose vent it out and there is nothing wrong with it, I just wish people spent less time hating people. All I said was that it was more of an expression to say "I want my life back"; it was his slightly myopic way of saying, this won't be another FEMA disaster, believe me, I am doing everything I can.

    To say that someone should be hung, drawn, and quartered though is intolerable. There is nothing "holier-than-thou" about disliking sinisterly cruel comments, even if directed at someone you believe is sinisterly cruel. Call him an idiot, but don't wish death upon him. That's horrendous.

    Posted by: Jordan | Jun 2, 2010 12:49:53 PM

  21. @ Jomicur: Show me the insult.

    Posted by: Rodney | Jun 2, 2010 2:35:10 PM

  22. word of the day: receivership.

    Posted by: MARKD | Jun 2, 2010 9:14:04 PM

  23. jordan, you clearly in a bubble of self deception. It's willful, and fuck you.

    Posted by: TANK | Jun 2, 2010 9:21:41 PM

  24. And in the jet's defense, steve, it didn't ask to carry this solipsistic abomination around the world to press conferences.

    Posted by: TANK | Jun 2, 2010 9:24:38 PM

  25. What about the 11 people killed on this rig? I bet they would like to get their lives back too!

    Posted by: OC Guy | Jun 3, 2010 9:44:12 AM

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