1. me says

    really odd how he dropped the drink he didn’t want on the locker room floor, and how he randomly cuts the trainer’s hair with the tape scissors, presumably b/c he’s bored

  2. Matt26 says

    Love every second wathcing this hot guy. Hottest athlete at this time. I imagine it must be demanding to be at the spotlight all the time and still focusing the game and play brilliantly.
    I know many disagree with me, but I think he is just handsome.
    MrDreamy and MrSteamy for me.

    (Thanks for the video TL)

  3. Dave Johnson says

    Really? After all your reporting of the difficulties faced by gay athletes because of the perception that the gays are only interested in trying to sneak a peek at their naked fellow players in the locker rooms, you post this?

  4. Snarky says

    I can’t put my finger on it, but something about this video makes me think this guy is just a totally egotistical as*hole.

    I’ve always thought it was pretty in pictures, but now I just think he is a dick.

    And the strangest part is I can’t figure out what in this video makes me feel that way???….I know weird.

  5. Paul R says

    That was incredibly dull.

    @Dave Johnson, I didn’t see any naked men, or even much time spent on shirtless men. Cool out. It was a Nike promo, not something shot through a hole cut in the locker room wall.

  6. nic says

    @ME and SNARKY,

    if you observe, the guy who hands out those bottles hands him two. cristiano takes the one he wants and drops the other into the tub. what’s egotistical about that? where does this snarkiness come from? ronaldo has not spoken against the gay community. to the contrary, he supports equal marriage rights. when asked recently his opinion on gay marriage, he said, “The Portuguese man that I am, I try to keep informed about what is happening in my country. I know the law was passed and the comment it deserves is that we must respect the choices made by anyone, because, after all, all citizens should have the exact same rights and responsibilities.”

  7. Luc says

    i don’t think he came across as near the ass as he has been reported being…a couple things…the drink he dropped…was dropped back into the bucket the trainer had gotten it out from and not onto the floor…and he was playfully snipping ONE hair off his trainer who was removing the tape from his foot which shows he has a fairly good relationship with his team. Yes he is a sports “super star” and having the camera on what is little more than a very young man all the time has got to be very invasive.
    and he is pretty hot.

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