1. Toto says

    Hasslebeck is such a hassle bitch. So out of touch with what a comedian does or how to interact with your own guests.

  2. neverstops says

    such a shitty attitude

    really miserable woman – I feel sorry for her husband

    well at least it will make a funny story in Kathy’s show down the road

  3. sal says

    “untrue” hahahaha this is the same bitch that stands proud saying false shit about gay lifestyle.

  4. Fahd says

    Doesn’t Elizabeth Hasselb*tch take herself a little too seriously? She’s just giving Kathy more material, and yawning during the interview — it’s outrageous!

  5. Mighty Mary says

    I am in total support of Hasselbeck on this. Kathy uses the gays because they keep her, so called, career alive on account of the fact that some of us thrive on moronic celebrity shindigs. For many of us anything more substantial induces headaches because they cannot think that hard. And kathy tapped into that and cut herself a niche because she lacks real talent to survive otherwise. Shame on her and shame on us for supporting such a hack.

  6. Drew says

    Let’s face it, The View NEEDS Hasselcrack to give the rest of us laughs. I’m fine with her rants/confusions.

  7. Rob in LA says

    Hasselbeck is a total wing nut bitch propaganda machine for the Republicans. She backs down when she knows she can’t win, but if no one is around that will stand up to her, she spews a vomit full of lies and hypocracy. Thank GOD that there are people out there that will stand up to someone like her that will do anything to keep gay people as second class citizens.

  8. Chris says

    Hasselbeck can dish it out (anyone remember her comments on Erin Andrews’ wardrobe on DWTS) but apparently can’t take what others have to say about her? Tacky bitch needs to learn to articulate her thoughts when speaking AND did you SEE that exagerrated yawn while Kathy was talking?

  9. Poppy says

    Mighty Mary –

    What a hateful (self-hating, actually, to some degree) rant! You obviously haven’t been present when Kathy Griffin has marched for gay rights, attended rallies, promoted equality on her show, etc. And to say that she’s not talented is simply heinous. She may not be a typical stand-up comedienne (i.e. writing jokes like Joan Rivers and others) but her type of quick-witted delivery and improvisational speaking is a talent of rare commodity these days. Support Elizabeth all you want, Mary; she sure as hell wouldn’t support you.

  10. LG Wilson says

    Mighty Mary, bitch please. Tell us all about it and what niche have YOU carved? Please tell us all about what Real Talent is. Kathy has witt, smnarts and timing. What does Hasselcunt have?

  11. john says

    @Mighty Mary – I think you just flat out don’t like Kathy and will use ANY excuse to do so, which is fine, but don’t say Kathy hasn’t been there for our community. She doesn’t get paid to go speak out for equality on marriage or Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, etc…all of her best friends are gay, they always have been even before she did Life On The D List, she has been one of the crowd in West Hollywood since she was on that one show with Brook Shields. YOU have NO idea what you are talking about when you say she is using us. She IS one of us and if your hate for her wasn’t so strong you might have done a little investigating before making those idiotic comments.

  12. kmv says

    I think what we should consider what comedy really is. It is nothing more than one’s ability to tell a story from their point of view. I think Kathy is a hoot and rather it requires much mental agility to watch or not she is still funny. Some folks take themselves way to serious and need to just lighten up. Hasselbeck is using this show as a platform and has done so openly in the past. At this rate, she is probably not going to continue. The public will get tired of her ramblings and simply move her to pasture. Remember Star?

  13. Piper says

    FANTASTIC!!! Notice “Hasselbitch” doesn’t counter when KG says: “Something else you want to say Elizabeth?”

  14. Mighty Mary says

    @ ROCKY: You just made my point. You would be unable to come back with an intellgent and articulate retort, even if your life depended on it. I pity the likes of this poor ditzy one that walks among us.

  15. Rich T says


    Wow, I didn’t realize any gays supported Hasselback. I hope you realize that she doesn’t really support you.

    If she ran the country, she’d have you executed for being gay. But what do you care – you obviously like licking her cunt and eating her pussy, and all the acidic, mucoid juices emanating from it.

  16. dpbfeb says

    Even though I’m not a Hassleback fan I have to give her credit. It must be a very awkward position to rag on someone and then go on their show to promote yourself. I think it took some guts to do it. I again why is that Shephard lady on there. If people must fill a quota can they at least go for a good canidate.

  17. Will says

    Watching Elisabeth’s different expressions of disgust/disdain/petulance/rage through Kathy’s entire interview was hilarious! I couldn’t take my eyes off her!

    Who was the guest on the panel? The listing I checked says Tori Spelling but that can’t be right.

  18. LG Wilson says

    BTW Might Hairy Mary, I’ve known Griffin for over 2o yrs & she has ALWAYS had mostly gay friends & has ALWAYS been in support of the gay community even when she was at The Groundlings for 9 yrs and living in a studio apt. She has used noone to get where she is but gone out there and earned it. So YOU mighty mary like Hasselbitch are talking out of your twat.

  19. bunker says

    Awwww Kathy’s jokes bruised Elisabeth’s fragile ego. What a tool.

    Oh and MightyMary, generalize much?

  20. Joseph says

    @Will Tori Spelling had to cancel at the last minute so they got Kassie DePaiva (Blair on One Life to Live) to guest host.

  21. nic says

    hassle-bitch was stewing in her own juices throughout. she waited to the end to launch an assault on kathy. truth is, bitch couldn’t bring it. kathy made her look like a fool. btw, that purposefully exaggerated yawn was completely unprofessional. they should fire her ass.

  22. topher says

    God! I thought you guys were exaggerating with Hasselbitch’s yawn, but that fit she threw was just incredibly inappropriate and immature even for her!

  23. Bobby says

    Elizabitch backed down when Kathy told her to bring it. She’s a poor representation of what a real woman is.

    And Might Mary, shut the fuck up!

  24. princely54 says

    The most telling fact, to me, is that Hasselbeck (or Hassleback or whatever) has only ONE feather in her cap with which to feather her nest: Survivor. And?? She has no discernible talent or brains for any job other than sitting there and spewing stupidity. To tangle with someone who knows how to work a stage and can be witty, biting or satirical, is suicide for her.

    I like that The View (a show I don’t watch) keeps her on so that they don’t get slammed as a left wing outlet. She is the worst representative the right could have and I LOVE IT.

  25. Sassifras says

    @Sister Maaaaary of Our Lady of Snark

    Griffin is funny. You may not like her style, but that’s okay. She doesn’t need you to. And bitch, please. Someone who likes things that you think are beneath you != they’re dumbshits. It just means they have better taste than you.

    Elizabeth got her Republican ladyparts in a twist because she can’t take a joke. She unleashed on Kathy, and Kathy handed her that steaming pile of shit right back.

    Also. If it’s wrong to like an entertainer because they have a lot of gay fans, and actually, you know, acknowledge those gay fans (besides being one god damned funny bitch), then fuck if I want to be right.

    -Your Sister in Snark,

  26. GrabbinNewscum says

    Kathy Griffin isn’t really that funny. Her “humor”, such as it is, is more caustic sarcastic observations. She’s like the person who’s at a party standing in a corner saying bitchy catty things about the other people there but then when one of them comes up to her she’s all “Oh how ARE you? I love you! You’re so nice!”

    Oh, and have you ever seen her without the inches of makeup she has to wear?

    Ugh! What a crinkly old qunt!

  27. Paul says

    MightyMary – Kathy Griffin has no talent? She’s about the funniest and most intelligent act out there right now.

  28. David T says

    Kathy Griffin has marched in the hot sun with a sign (with her mother) advocating for gay rights. She’s gone to Washington on our behalf. She is funny as hell, in my opinion. But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you are gay and don’t find her funny. So be it. But to to denigrate her and say she doesn’t deserve “our” support is just plain silly.

    Now as for Ms. Hasselbeck, she couldn’t possibly have thought she’d intimidate a professional comedian. They’ve been through some crazy shit, and they’re tough. But she really came across as petty, arrogant and just plain silly. And she just increased Kathy’s ratings – can’t wait to see the D-List now!

  29. GrabbinNewscum says

    Oh gee, some fag hag whose vast majority of income depends on “the Gays” holds a sign for a couple of hours in a hot sun.

    Walk into a Kathy Griffin concert and the collective IQ drops 100 points.


  30. JT says

    Hasselbeck sported bitchface throughout the whole interview, and I love how the other girls just carried on as if she wasnt there. When she went after Kathy, you could see Kathy’s mind getting locked and loaded…like “Alright bitch…just gimme a reason…”
    As for crackhead MightyMary…i sense that you were probably a lonely child that grew into a lonlier adult that seeks attention…guess here is the only place you’ll get it. Sad…sad little person.

  31. Darren B. says

    Gaytards? How long did it take you to come up with that one? Plus, I’m pretty certain that Griffin’s time spent advocating for gay equality far surpasses your’s grabbinwhateverthehellyourdumbassnameis. It certainly is a hell of alot more than Hasselwench’s.

  32. says

    With her exaggerated yawns and aggressive posture Lizzy was acting like a bratty child. What is she doing co-hosting a talk show when she can barley act civil toward a guest?

  33. JT says

    grabbinews is just killing time while he waits for the next underage kid from craigslist to message him sure…ignore his mental minutia…being a tragic mess is his weekday hobby.

  34. Javier says

    I find Kathy Griffin’s personal attacks and pettiness revolting and immoral. There is nothing entertaining or redeeming about being mean.

  35. kim says

    i notice hassleblech didn’t raise the subject with kathy until the very end of the interview — so she could look tough, i suppose, without any danger of being shut down. typical.

  36. GrabbinNewscum says

    Oh lordy, insult the Gays favorite fag hag of the month and watch them all flail at you!

    Seriously, girls, stop eating Kathy’s rainbow turds.

  37. TANK says

    I can’t stomach elisabeth hasselbeck. Her humble intellect, boring plain features and weak uninformed opinions combine with the fact that she’s a celebrity for no intelligible reason, rendering the final product about as appealing as staring into the sun. But it’s the view: for women who have nothing else to do. It’s the show of choice for middle class housewives who’ve opened, but haven’t yet poured their first of many glasses of chardonnay. You know, the kind that don’t read.

    However, kathy griffin isn’t funny, and her voice sounds like a pack of alley cats stuffed into a metal garbage can that is repeatedly struck with a baseball bat…anyone who believes otherwise lacks a sense of humor (period…you just don’t know funny). I’d rather slam my genitals in a car door than listen to one moment of her “act”…which should be repackaged stand-up-and-walk-out-fast. Like poison I hate her! Ptooey!

  38. David T says

    Fuck off, Tank. You’re not intelligent enough to decide what’s funny for anyone but your obese self (just a hunch). BTW, if you can’t find anyone to slam the door on your tiny genitals, I volunteer.

  39. TANK says

    David T, go be fat and cranky somewhere else, you ugly duckling…duckling is perhaps flattery, because you’re probably old enough (bitter, bitter queen!) to vaguely remember having started a car with a crank.

  40. wtf says

    my my. who’d a thought a non-bitch fight between Kathy & Elizabitch would turn into such a catfight on Troad. Grabbin(attention whore) and Mary(stupid twat) go fuck yourselves. It’s one thing to have an opinion. It’s quite another to go around making judgments on others based on knowing 0% about them. Having met and talked with Kathy multiple times at different functions I’ve organized for charity, I can tell you that she is intelligent, kind, funny and sincere when it comes to equality for the LGBT community as a whole. As far as I can tell, Elizabitch Hasslecrack is a no-talent fame whore who pretends to be a wholesome wife and mother who cares about people’s rights, while Kathy is almost exactly the opposite: a caring talented individual who pretends to be a fame whore. So of COURSE you don’t like her Grabbin. You’re just a nobody who is DESPERATE for attention…just like Elizabitch. Funny how that works.

  41. allen says

    I really like to see The Mighty Mary Show! I bet it’s kinda like The Nancy Grace Show!

  42. kerosene says

    The fucked up thing about this is that Kathy often somewhat defended Hasselbeck in her act. Maybe tomorrow we will get another “Mommy hurt someones feelings” speach from Elisabeth. And what is up with Elisabeth? Going after Kathy this week and after Bethanney Frankle last week. Does she have a death wish?

  43. says

    I don’t get what Elizabeth was trying to do. As Kathy said, “I live for this kind of thing so bring it.”

    I mean did she really think by going up against Kathy she WOULDN’T be part of the act tomorrow night at whatever gig Kathy is performing at? Did she think by calling some of the things Kathy says about The View “not funny” that she would somehow AVOID being part of her act later on?

    It would seem to me, and this is me being a rational human being after all, that the easiest way NOT to get into a Kathy Griffin joke is to say as little as possible. I mean the interview was going on without her anyway, so there was no reason for her – at the last minute, no less – to jump in and try to take Kathy on. If she had just let things be she would have avoided the very daggers that will be thrown her way in Kathy’s next act.

    And by the way, I agree. the totally exaggerated yawn and stretch was completely unprofessional.

  44. maria lttle says

    Hasselbeck was way UNPROFESSIONAL – this is the entertainment world, after all. She dissed someone’s professional ‘shtick.’

  45. Scott says

    Wow, talk about going after an atom bomb with a firecracker. You have to give it to her, Hassleback has balls, just no brains to use them properly.

  46. Levi Johston says

    I’d be surprised if the producers don’t say something to her for fake-yawning before she made her silly remarks. That is pure, reality-show contestant done good there. Total lack of professionalism.

  47. FunMe says

    This is hilarious. ElizaBitch, as always provided the comic relief. She looked so stupid and DESPERATE.

    She proves without a doubt that ElizaBitch is a dumb do do head of first degree.

    Gosh, did Kathy do a punch out to her. BIG TIME!

  48. JusticeontheRocks says

    The job of the people on The View is to entertain. Looks like all of them did a great job in this case.

    Seems like way too many people who commented on this post were guilty of drinking and typing. Lots of acrimony, none of it very clever.

  49. Cowboy says

    The only thing Hasselbeck knows how to do is spread her legs and point them to Jesus and breed more Hasselbeck. OMG have you seen her husband who was a guest host the other week? Look’s like we all know who wears the pants in that family and it sure is not the husband. Hasselbeck is in love with Palin. She is a Far Right Republican Idiot. She will not be on the View much longer as we have seen what the Republican Party of the 1% Rich did to America for 8 years under Emperor Bush and his Dick as in shoot your best friend in the face Cheney. Kathy put Hasselbeck in her place and is a very talented actress and performer. Hasselbeck could not act if she tried. Ba Ba Walters really needs to fire Hasselbeck. She brings down the show every day.

  50. AndyWarholsWig says

    Did anyone catch the few times that Elizabeth actually tried NOT to laugh at something Kathy was saying. She was smirking to the point that it actually looked painful for her to NOT laugh. Heaven forbid she actually admit that something Kathy says is funny. The yawning was rude and if she didn’t want to be there, she should have just left for that segment. Or better yet, pull a Barbara and just don’t appear at all on the days when Kathy is there. Which, by the way, is the most cowardly thing a “Seasoned Journalist” like Barbara can do.

  51. John Normile says

    i watched this show…Elisabeth sat there like a spoiled child who couldn’t get her way… She may as well move to FOX because obviously she can’t be a responsible professional “journalist”… I think the real reason for her bitterness is….Her clothing line is awful

  52. ChrisM says

    Hasselback is simply a no-talent wannabe. She rode coattails throughout “Survivor” and then because of her reality show “fame” got lucky enough to snag a rich football player. She brings absolutely nothing of value to the table but is too stupid to know, or admit, it.

    She isn’t even smart enough to know better than to go after Kathy Griffin. It’s like walking in front of a bus – Griffin has the brains, wit and talent to bury people like Elizabeth without even trying. Now Hasselback will become nothing more than a really HUGE punchline for Kathy’s standup. Guess everyone should be respresented on TV though and Elizabeth faithfully respresents the stupid rightwing blonde element.

  53. rayy says

    Love Kathy, but ugh–how can anyone watch this show? Just go to the zoo & watch the monkeys.

  54. Paul says

    I think Kathy is great…Elizabeth is a bitch!! And Sherry Sheppard always cuts of the guests when they start talking about something important. For instance, Sigorney Weaver was on talking about her role on “Prayers for Bobby” which is what she was doing the show circuit for…those dumb bitches cut her off to talk about the 25th anniversary release of alients…WTF. She was trying to talk about gay youth and suicide…they cut her off!! bitches!!

  55. says

    When Elizabitch fake yawns at 4:38 in the last clip, it proves that she is rude and unprofessional. There is a reason why there was a Law and Order episode where a Elizabeth Hassenback was raped twice, then killed. You must really be hated to have someone write such horribloe things to a “fictional” charachter. See you next tuesday Kathy, I love your show.

  56. virgoboy says

    Oh my God! I can not Stand more than about 30 seconds of this show, it’s like being in a hen house… SHUT UP!!!!!

  57. Christopher says

    Flighty Mary, Grabbinsnoozenow, Empty Tank all hate Kathy and lined up to say so

    …and the rec room at St. Elizabeth’s Rest Home for Caustic Queens is now empty

  58. joe says

    elizabeth lacks professionalism, i mean yawning in front of your guest is just wrong. If you feel something or hate something about the guest you better ask the producers that you’ll not do this sit down interview. You can’t humiliate Kathy.. she is just to quick to snap back at you..

  59. Jose Arribas says

    I can’t love Kathy G more if she was my sister. You go girl. And as for you Mighty Mary (Tiny Mary is more like it), you’re so fucking stupid that I can’t even fathom the amount of self-hatred you have for yourself. Good luck with that. is a lot more appropriate for you.

  60. Donald says

    and then Kathy brought out a wild deer and its faun, put the faun in Elizabeth’s arms and let the deer pummel her to death. The View’s best ratings ever.

  61. KMV says

    To think that so many out there are so upset as to turn our hatred on each other. If we take the fact that Kathy has had a voice in this community and just look at her as a celebrity, then she was still disrespected as an artist. Hasselbeck has done so to others on the show. We should keep our personal opinions of one another to ourselves, since it is obvious that we don’t really know each other, and concentrate on the fact that The View has a hostess that spews poision publicly about anything that she personally dislikes or understand. I wouldn’t mind her opinion if she had one. This, by the way, would be anything that doesnt result in her being on her back or how “purty” she is.