1. dizzy spins says

    Seriously? COuld there be more of a clusterfuck ? Protesting the capitalist system, the oppression of minorities, the corporatization of Pride and the censorship of pro-Palistinian queers? Yknow that wet feeling? Its you pissing in the wind.

  2. Torontoboy says

    I think this is more about local politics and extracting rents for various Toronto constituencies. Canadians are ambivalent about the G20 – they want their country to be important, but only grudgingly spend the money or make the commitments to do so. Plus, they love welfare spending.

  3. Smokey says

    Correction: the group that was barred from participating in the Pride Parade is not a Pro-Palestinian group per se (though they are in solidarity with queer Palestinians) but rather an anti-Israeli Apartheid group.

    They are critics of the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians and the way in which the Israeli government justifies this treatment by declaring itself to be the only ‘Western-styled’ (and, hence, the only pro-gay) democracy in the Middle-East, among other things.

  4. TANK says

    These people are fuckin’ useless, and do nothing for the collective advancement of gay rights. Fuck them and the fringe absurd beliefs and values that they espouse. They’re essentially gay hippies…and trust that their hygiene is no better. I hate hippies so much…so goddamn much. Privileged white douchebags coopting an identity; anything to be “different” than their boring milque toast, PRIVILEGED background. “They want to change the world, but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad”.

  5. TANK says

    nooooo, smokey. That’s a lie. This group is opposed not only to the israel’s policies toward palestinians, but the RIGHT OF ISRAEL TO EXIST. It’s a radical fringe group regurgitating antisemitic propaganda originating iran and through hamas. However, they should have been able to march…just like anyone else, including fred phelps. And that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have been harshly criticized too…before, during and after the march…because freedom to participate applies to EVERYONE if you want to go down that road of all or nothing.

  6. Jay Croce says

    This is really sad. Toronto Pride week is such a joyous and successful event every year. It really is the best Pride events in the world. I can’t believe Toronto planners allowed the G8 and G20 summits to interfere with Pride. Over 1 Million visitors come to Toronto for Pride every year. We bring so much more to the city than any other event, culturally and financially. Toronto city planners should be ashamed. Toronto Pride week will still be wonderful. I just hope all this mess doesn’t keep Pride goers away.

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