1. scott1607 says

    He’s adorable, but that looked a wee bit more like baton twirling than anything menacing…

  2. Fahd says

    Baton twirling for “masculine, outdoorsy, athletic” types?

    I was pretty impressed, and I think Glee should incorporate a baton-twirling routine for him…he could be state champ or something..

  3. scott, darlin says

    they “twirl” their guns in the military too, but that doesn’t mean they can’t inflict harm when they choose too

  4. New Jersey Girl says

    I love me some Chris! This guy is quickly becoming a great national LGBT treasure for his talents, honesty and openness…No apologies needed! Whoo Hoo!

    Oh, and LOL to the “Cut a Bitch” remark!

  5. sal says

    jeez the bitchy queens (haha someone made you a queen for a sec,feel the love losers)need to feast on young gay celebs too.haters are funny, an sad …sad sad sad sad sad …did i say sad?

  6. Bobby says

    It’s evil bitches like Tone and other self hating gays that are the main reasons we’ll never have acceptance or even be tolerated in society because they can’t tolerate or accept anything other than their own stupid stereotypes of what they think homosexuals should be.

    Fuck off all of you and please, stop calling yourselves gay, just refer to yourselves as “the other straight”.

  7. EoinM says

    Why hasn’t he got a boyfriend!!!! He’s gorgeous, both in personality and looks. No but I totally respect that he wants to stay single, let him have his fun.