1. JCM says

    It happens anywhere it rains, where bloody people have old cars that leak fluids or had a broken pipe, nothing new. Move On.

  2. Tone says

    How could it rain oil? Oil doesn’t evaporate like water this is ridiculous. Of course it doesn’t take away from the magnitude of the ecological disaster in the Gulf.

  3. riverdal says

    I just talked to a good friend in River Ridge,LA. It is not raining oil there. Another ridiculous unfounded rumor.

  4. says

    Regardless if this story is true or not, I’d like to point out that chemicals being burned from the oil spill can affect the rain.

  5. Randy says

    This is not ridiculous, and is entirely possible. Although oil doesn’t evaporate in EXACTLY the same way as water, it will evaporate, and unevaporated drops or droplets will still blow in a storm’s wind, which could appear to be “oily rain”. What’s surprising is that this hasn’t been reported earlier. It will certainly happen again, particularly if there’s a hurricane.