1. carl canthony says

    No one is asking him to make it a priority in his life, just not to spend money supporting it. It’s a pretty optional thing. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need fur to survive.

    And if he is always going to through up these other causes in vain, he better be doing some good in those areas and not just using other peoples tragedies as a way of supporting his fashion choices.

  2. patrick nyc says

    Peta attacks the use of animals for the use of a cure for AIDS or Cancer, fuck the little rabbits, I’m for using the board of Peta for tests.

  3. Paul R says

    How in the world does he afford all that stuff? I don’t follow figure skating, but I thought he had few or no endorsements, and I know he got nixed for that one skating tour.

    Maybe the companies just give him the stuff? That’s got to be it, because he’s got a fortune in clothes in what looks to be a modest apartment.

    It all seems a little sad, like he’s in a self-obsessed little bubble and hopefully someday he’ll realize what life is really about. I certainly can’t see him in a relationship, since he seems to only care about himself. And I say that as someone who is amused and impressed by his attitude most of the time.

  4. Wes says

    Whatever, I don’t care about this person. Although his argument is of the most annoying kind. Its like when people say “why do people care about gay marriage when there are people STARVING in other countries?” Its a clever way to both downplay one issue while appearing to be more compassionate about another. Its both an insult that implies YOU DON’T CARE about anything else but the current topic at hand, and that by contrast I DO CARE about something more important simultaneously. Gag. “HOW DARE YOU SAY I SHOULDN’T WEAR A COAT OF DEAD PUPPIES, SOMEWHERE THERE’S A CHILD BEING BEATEN!” No Johnny, I am not in awe of your compassion for suffering humans, especially when you obviously use it to excuse yourself from having any responsibility whatsoever on other issues. If you don’t give a shit about the animals just say so, don’t bring ‘suffering humans’ into it like a fucking jackass. BTW I hate PETA.

  5. JT says

    Again we see gays and animal cruelty go hand in hand. This femmy little thing is an idiot. As though caring about people and caring about animals is mutually exclusive?

  6. alguien says

    i’m opposed to the use of fur-i mean c’mon. how many small creatures does it take to make one of those coats? it’s just not practical and it’s totally wasteful AND little furry things have to die for it.

    on the other hand, there are numerous other, worthier animal rights groups around than PETA who seem to grow more embarrasing every year with their ridiculous antics (yes, antics because that is what they are).

  7. JT says

    Alguien : I agree PETA is ridiculous. I don’t even consider them a legitimate animal rights group. But as far as fur coats go, the animals used for them are killed in such gruesome ways (generally in some kind of anal manner, like anal electrocution) so as not to destroy the pelt, that I’d actually get the creeps putting one on.

  8. Matt McD says

    Here’s a thought, you could have used the money you spent on that fur and given it to a homeless shelter or similar organisation. If you realize the fur industry is dirty why do you support it? It’s like saying, “Yeah I know I shouldn’t have killed that man, but there are so many starving children in Africa.” You can’t participate in an evil because there are other possibly worse evils in the world and then expect to be forgiven.

  9. Wes says

    alguien, the humane society is one of the highest rated animal charities on That website tells you what percentage of donations actually go to helping the cause, and which goes to staff, executives, marketing, etc. The Humane Society is the way to go if you actually want your money to help animals and not just pull media stunts. PETA is actually counterproductive to helping animals IMO by giving the cause a bad name

  10. V. says

    I generally find Johnny Weir entertaining enough, but – assuming that what he’s stated here is not solely a superficial justification for his shopping tendences and that he therefore does actually invest himself into humanitarian causes – his argument is still incredibly flawed: Stating that there may be a worse evil in the world than that in which one oneself is participating does not give oneself the license to participate in that lesser evil freely of all responsbility. To this effect as a policy, anyone could freely participate in anything as long as it would be less pernicious than an alternative, which one could at least proclaim that one has a stake in diminishing as a ‘more worthwhile’ ethical protector. I hope that in the future Johnny will take an honest responsbility for his actions and not just continue to slough that responsibiility off under the specious guise of ‘more worthwhile/urgent/pressing’ causes and personal arbitrary discriminations (viz., “While that may be callous and bad of me, it’s my choice.”). (It’d be awfully better PR.)

  11. Visitor says

    Remember girls, if something annoys you about a person, it most likely something about yourself. Wisdom.
    My fear is that without ice skating miss weir is simply going to become another little queen. The Sundance documentary was very interesting and he came across as a very funny, even sexy guy. Here, he is reduced to youtube emptiness of the insignificant issue (in light of so many more important worldly issues) of wearing fur. Kill the hunters and while your at it, give up your computer, stop drinking milk and stop hurting the plants.

  12. Paul R says

    Wes is absolutely right. PETA was somewhat effective in the 80s (I became a vegetarian briefly), but since then it’s probably actually encouraged more people to eat meat and wear fur as a fuck you gesture to its absurd statements and activities.

  13. Jimmy says

    Johnny’s terrific and I love him. You should watch BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR on Sundance Channel and see why.

  14. TANK says

    visitor, if genocide annoys some people, then it’s a problem that they have with themselves? Because that’s what the fur industry has been committing for quite some time. Anyway, you’re hardly worth taking seriously.

    Now on to the paul reubens lookalike.

    I’ve never understood why people brackett needless, perventable suffering of other organisms (human or non)…and encourage and perpetrate it. How is different: people are easily controlled as reason is rare. I guess the best excuse I’ve ever heard from an individual’s perspective as to why they can disregard the suffering of others for whatever reason is that it’s not their suffering, and that somehow makes it different…myth of the individual. Not much of an argument from them…and, if anything, reveals the widespread defectiveness of members of our species.

  15. Cody says

    I don’t find the fact that he likes fur disgusting, but this ad is kinda…ugh…

  16. says

    I find his comments sickening. I hope people don’t associate him with the LGBT community. How heartless and calous can he be. I can only hope he can reflect upon his attitudes and change for the better and become a positive role model.

  17. Wes says

    Visitor, sparing animals from unnecessary massive suffering for the sake of superficial wares may be insignificant to you just as fighting for gay marriage is insignificant to most people. Its all about where we draw our subjective lines, there will always be more pressing “worldly issues” but personally, if I had to choose between ending the sadistic industry of abusing animals to amuse elite narcissists and getting marriage rights I’d go with the animals, no question. Its why I laughed when folks complained how animals had more rights than gays after prop 2 and 8 passed in CA, because gays don’t have the right to be in a cage that allows them to simply move.

  18. says

    He’s a fucking idiot, plain and simple. It’s one thing to say ‘well, it’s not ideal, but how do you avoid the killing of some animals?’ and quite another to deliberately seek out python and beaver and exotic furs. It’s like, if I can’t be good I’ll be horrible?

    Also, his argument about Haiti and the homeless…what has he ever done for them?

  19. TANK says

    Go back to queerty, visitor. It’s where you belong. You’ll fit right in amongst the detritus and debris that visit it.

  20. Wes says

    Yea animal rights to not be tortured over my right to have a fucking marriage license. I’d like to see your punk ass try to shoot me, I’m for gun rights too:) Thank you for illustrating my point perfectly. You think you matter so much to other people? That whatever personal issue you selfishly cling to is “worldly” to them? You don’t and its not.

  21. Dairyqueen says

    What a prick. Yeah, yeah there are starving blah, blah, but do your really need a fur coat? I agree that little Johnny should go out and slaughter all those animals that had to die for that coat or have a trap snap and break his precious foot. Then maybe she will change her tune.

  22. Tonic says

    This is disappointing from Weir. It’s so easy not to support the fur industry.

    While PETA goes to insane, over-the-top measures, they are also responsible for the a great deal of progress in the animal rights arena.

    It’s odd to me that people can’t make the connection that animals feel exactly what we do physically – and should be respected as much as possible. That doesn’t make them equal to humans, but its something we should consider.

  23. New New says

    I love Johnny and I love fur. Really I don’t give two shits about the animals that die for my clothes. I find it still incredibly hypocritical for those who eat meat and/or buy leather products to continue to talk mess about fur wearers. Faux fur is bull. I only do real.

  24. New New says

    I also love and cosign on everything he had to say about Louis Vuitton. I would buy anything with that trademarked LV monogram.

  25. Wes says

    New New, I’m a vegetarian, but how is it hypocritical to eat meat and be against fur? To eat meat and be against the torturous conditions animals are systematically put through while they are alive? I actually see nothing wrong with eating meat or wearing fur in principle, but I don’t believe in causing unnecessary suffering. The people who actually kill animals themselves for food and warmth often show far more respect towards life than the spoiled people of modern societies who are wasteful and selfish in just about all they do. There is enough necessary suffering in the world, seems sadistic to foster unnecessary suffering for truly shallow superficial reasons, especially from behind closed doors where you can willfully ignore the reality. Necessary will always be a subjective question of course, but you have to be a cold person to consider fashion and symbols of status for otherwise insecure people adequate justification. I support hunters who control deer populations, I don’t support hunters who come along to steal babies from a family of seals so some sad person with too much money can get their jollies from a dumb coat. That you would buy anything bearing the logo of a brand says everything thats wrong with our society.

  26. Drew says

    If we were all the same, life would be boring.
    Johnny can keep on being Johnny for all I care and I’ll support whatever he does in HIS life.

  27. TANK says

    You don’t really hope to have a “conversation” with someone like new new, do you? That thing is beyond salvage, reason, or interest.

  28. Brad Nichols says

    I agree that the arguments he makes are weak but frankly people have been wearing fur and leather for thousands of year so get over it. If he wants to wear fur more power to him and glad he stood up to the fascist freaks over at PETA. Go Johnny!

  29. And so it goes says

    He went from being incredibly amusing to unbelievably annoying in less than his allotted 15 minutes. And fur is beyond tacky; only tacky bitches wear it.

  30. TANK says

    Delicious irony, brad. You admit that the argument he gives is weak, and yet proceed to give another weak argument. People have been raping, murdering, other people for thousands of years…torturing, disemboweling and buring alive gay people, too…idiot.

  31. Ted says

    These points may have come up in the 45 comments that proceeded mine– surely unemployement is up or people with jobs are increasingly goldbricking at work, but

    I don’t think Weir knows what he is getting himself into.

    He doesn’t have the money for Aretha Franklin style security.

    I’d rather mess with Texas.

  32. LBPhilly says

    The man can wear what he wants and spend his money on what he wants. He is correct animals are killed and abused each and every day for 1000 different reason. Some for fur, some for food, some for fun. If you are not going to jude you must judge all animal killers; the meat eater, the hunter as well as the fabulous fur wearer. Very little animal killing is necessary. Most of it is because of want. You don’t have to eat meat to stay alive but I bet most of the negative posters do. You don’t have to wear leather belts and shoes but i bet most of the negative posters do. So please people stop being so hypocritical, stop the hate and go eat a burger or go protest in front of almost every store in America. In most of them the you will find some incarnation of a dead animal from the supermarket to the pep boys.

  33. tarxien says

    Most animals used in the fur industry are skinned alive – it takes about 15-20 inutes to skin a live dog – I’ve unfortnately seen the videos and can never forget them. Would like to sit Weir down in front of them with his eyes taped open. But he’d still probably be fantasizing about how he would look in their skins.
    As for his pretending to care about human suffering – somehow I don’t believe a word, Johnny.

  34. TANK says

    I do eat meat. I consider it an ethical failing of mine, and I try to reduce the amount I consume for good ethical reasons. I also don’t buy meat that was processed in factory farms, but from local farms because they at least give their animals a life that is infinitely better than those in factory farms. It is the experiential and preferential points that need to be stressed. Needless suffering is never justified under any circumstance for any organism, but also the preferences of those organisms need to be taken into account, for preference satisfaction is happiness or at last the absence of suffering; and that is what motivates all sentient life (a life worth living without suffering). It is wrong to consume the flesh of beings capable of suffering, and capable of having a life worth living (this isn’t just for humans) simply because you enjoy their flesh.

    A thought experiment would be along the lines of if a more intelligent species were discovered earth, and also that it enjoy the taste of human flesh, we’d have to be consistent and enable them to do what they wish with us just as we do whatever want to animals in ignoring their preferences and compounding their suffering for profit.

    People do have the choice to do bad things, and many do bad things. I’d much prefer it if people were to come their good decisions with reason rather than coercion, but in light of satisfying the preferences of the most possible beings capable of having preferences satisfied, this isn’t required. And this is where cosmopolitanism and even libertarianism fail in the ethical domain.

    Now, hypocrisy doesn’t void the truth of a statement. If a person who fails to live up to their own standard makes a true statement (e.g., needless suffering is bad)…then that proposition is distinct from their hypocrisy.

  35. jerry says

    ” …if not millions of homeless in New York City …” WTF planet is this guy on ? I mean really,seriously did his mother drink a lot when she was pregant ? are his parents siblings ?
    and all this in defense of the barbaric vanity of wearing fur that always, without exception looks better on its original owner.
    sounds someone really did **** his brains out when he was bottoming

  36. Wes says

    “The man can wear what he wants and spend his money on what he wants. He is correct animals are killed and abused each and every day for 1000 different reason. Some for fur, some for food, some for fun. If you are not going to jude you must judge all animal killers; the meat eater, the hunter as well as the fabulous fur wearer.”

    You left out the “for fun” killers on your list of those we shouldn’t judge. Why is that? Don’t speak if you have a leather belt! Nailing a cat to a telephone poll and leaving it to die is the same as quickly killing a cow and utilizing all its parts. Apparently, all killing is equal.

    Tarxien, skinned alive? Horrifying. Only a sociopath would be okay with that for fashion.

    Tank, as a vegetarian I say that eating meat is completely natural and not unethical. Humans are omnivores who have often thrived off meat consumption, it may have even contributed to the evolution of our brains. We can survive on a plant diet but its harder to acquire the same level of energy and nutrients. Most of the health problems associated with meat are either from things added to it or simply eating in excess. Or, of course, from eating sick, tortured, malnourished animals. Vegetarianism/veganism is a luxury of our civilization, an option that many others do not share. When it comes down to it, eating meat is seen throughout nature. What you don’t see are animals breeding other species into cages too small to fit them, disfiguring their bodies, feeding them into machines, etc. The industry which produces the meat is the real ethical problem, not the simple act of consuming IMO.

  37. LBPhilly says

    To Tank
    Their hypocrisy comes in by not pointing the finger back at themselves. I also feel that it is hypocrisy to say that as long as the animal is not hurt or suffering it’s Ok to kill them. I think the animal would say “If I wind up dead it’s cruelty to animals”

  38. TANK says

    I agree, lbphilly, that’s why I clearly stated (or stated, anyway) that it’s just not the experiential component of suffuering, but also preferences…preferences are very important to my ethical outlook (preference utilitarianism)

  39. Wes says

    LBPhilly are you kidding me? If I had a choice of dying without torture or dying with torture, I’d choose the former NO QUESTION. So would anyone. How can you say it makes no difference as long as they end up dead? The entire duration of their life is the difference! A life of torture is no life at all.

  40. LBPhilly says

    To Wes
    When I said for fun I was speaking of hunters not cat crucifiers. I’m just saying get over and stop being so high and mighty. Live your life to your convictions and I hope to do the same. if you don’t want to wear fur then don’t but don’t tell me what i can do. When my actions have no effect on you.

  41. LBPhilly says

    To Wes
    We are speaking about cruelty to animals and Wes I’m not Kidding when I say killing animals is cruel period. Does the animal get a choice of living? If no it’s cruel. So most of us are causing animals to be killed it’s just a fact. So leave the young man alone let him wear his fur and you wear your shoes and open your leather wallet and the world can be a happy place .

  42. TANK says

    “Tank, as a vegetarian I say that eating meat is completely natural and not unethical.”

    Eating meat without any qualification isn’t unethical. But when you include realities of an animal who is denied a life worth living and the suffering it endures to procure that meal, it does become unethical. Because a practice is natural, or evolved in no way speaks to its ethical status.

    “Humans are omnivores who have often thrived off meat consumption, it may have even contributed to the evolution of our brains.”

    That’s a pretty cool theory I’m familiar with–that our dietary habits (shift in them) have contributed to the size of our brains. There’s a book on that theory that was released a couple years ago.

    “We can survive on a plant diet but its harder to acquire the same level of energy and nutrients.”

    In a sitting, but varied diet of plants and grains can more than make up for the nutritional value of consuming meat. In addition, the recipes for vegetarian meals have greatly improved over the the decades, and there are a lot of extremely good vegetarian options available.

    “Most of the health problems associated with meat are either from things added to it or simply eating in excess.”

    Many of them are, but consuming red meat in particular in excess of 3 ounces per day does increase the risk of colon cancer for men (2 ounces for women).

    “Or, of course, from eating sick, tortured, malnourished animals.”

    I don’t have a problem with euthanizing otherwise miserable animals for their flesh provided it is safe to consume. Or using leather products from sick animals after euthanizing in a manner that decreases their suffering.

    “Vegetarianism/veganism is a luxury of our civilization, an option that many others do not share.”

    Most of the world does not consume meat regularly because it’s too expensive, actually. So quite the opposite is true. It costs more to eat a steady diet of meat products than it does grains and vegetables. Meat is luxury for much of the developing world.

    “When it comes down to it, eating meat is seen throughout nature.”

    That is not a viable excuse. Humans have ability to supress instinct in light of reasonable considerations, and to be a good person, that is often what is required.

    “What you don’t see are animals breeding other species into cages too small to fit them, disfiguring their bodies, feeding them into machines, etc. The industry which produces the meat is the real ethical problem, not the simple act of consuming IMO.”

    That is a tremendous problem as well, but so is the demand for eating meat at the rates that it occurs that prompts people to these practices to maximize profit and reduce costs. The simple act of eating meat tied to ending a life worth living of the animal in question and the suffering it endures in providing it and our right to ignore its preferences in processing it is the real ethical problem, which covers factory farming.

  43. TANK says

    Ah, if you’re stating that torturing animals for our enjoyment is equivalent to simply taking their lives without that torture, then you are woefully mistaken, lbphilly. That would be like saying that torturing a human being for several years before taking his life is equivalent to stealing a drink.

  44. JT says

    Tarxien : Again, sometimes the alternative way to kill them is by the “anal” methods I mentioned before. Equally sick. Some people just don’t know this. When people are really educated about the fur “industry”, the only ones that would still be callous enough to enjoy wearing it would be Michael Vick and most gay males. (Which is probably the only thing Vick and the average gay male have in common).

  45. dee cee says

    So when an animal dies in the wild does Peta weep for it’s fur and skin and should they condemn someone who recycles it? How about people who collect it’s bones?

  46. Paul R says

    JT, I don’t know where you live, but saying that “most gay males” would be happy to wear fur is a gross overstatement.

  47. says

    Been a Vegetarian for 7 years now (a real one), but that fur bag on his wall is AWESOME! I dont eat animals b/c they are too cute, but Id wear fur if I could afford it. Donesnt make sence though huh??

  48. TANK says

    LOL! JT thinks teh gays are evil, evil people! Ever since that duke lacrosse scandal, it’s been downhill.

  49. birdgherl says

    Well I guess this is what one has to resort to after having failed miserably in the last 2 Olympics while being outshined by rival Evan Lise-whatever. It’s a shame that he would have to resort to this since once upon a time, he was a great talent. I suppose it’s painful to be washed up at such a tender age.

  50. says

    His attitude is disgusting. Yes, there are a lot of humans in trouble- but not of them are in danger of being starved, skinned alive and then made into a coat. We do not have the right to exploit our fellow creatures in this way.

    I’m Australian, so I have no idea about PETA, except that it gets a lot of hate from American friends. Why? Surely a group that cares about animals has its heart in the right place?

  51. Chris says

    I love Johnny. He likes himself and that’s evident in everything he does and says. His FU attitude toward those who say he’s not manly enough or not GAY enough prove that. He’s unique and I find him completely enchanting. Then again, I’m a girl, so I get him.

    I find the Johnny hate on this site (in general) really sad. Let him be who he is, will ya? He’s a sparkly unicorn and he’s having FUN with his life. I think he’s someone to be proud of.

  52. Mike says

    F U Johnny! What a brain – millions homeless in NY! WOW!!! It does not matter that there are other probs of course there are but that does not mean that animals shld be tortured and skinned so that you may look good, you worthless piece of crap!!

  53. nolo says

    Simply boycott him and his silly show. I’m sure he doesn’t love fur more than he loves his paycheck.

  54. sidney says

    Unbeknown to him, his collection most likely includes dog and cat fur, as the majority of fur comes from China where it is mislabeled.

  55. Joe says

    I hate when I climb on my high horse, but I do feel it’s important to think about the broader implications of animal consumption.

    I hope everyone condemning Weir is a vegan. If you’ve ever seen a cow’s chaffed teats after being painfully milked by a machine, chickens that can’t support their own weight because of genetic engineering for larger breasts coupled with overfeeding and restrictive movement, or watched baby chicks de-feathered alive via scalding liquid all so people can have a McNugget or a glass of milk with their cookies, then it’s hard to demonize the fur industry without addressing the mass food industry.

    Animals are being killed in a fashion that makes no economic sense (yes, a vegetarian diet is less expensive, more eco-friendly and just as — if not more healthy — than a diet that includes meat) for convenience and custom. What makes Weir wearing fur so bad in light of all the other animals dying for human consumption and enjoyment?

    It’s an unfortunate truth that animal rights are second to human indulgence, but don’t point your pitchforks at Johnny without acknowledging the much bigger issue. Or without first looking in your own closet and refrigerator and admitting your own transgressions.

  56. tony x says

    Johnny does not even understand what a million is — there are not millions of homeless in NYC.

    — not a brain in his unpretty vapid head.

  57. hysterique says

    all the philosophical bullshit aside, joe has it right. necessary and unnecessary are just words we use to soothe ourselves to sleep over all of our evils, our complacency and our hypocrisy. suffering is suffering and death is death, and no amount of philosophy changes that truth.

    someone commented something to the effect of what you see and hate in others is what you see and hate in yourself. if you look at johnny weir and see an indulgent little brat manipulating rhetoric to escape the consequences of his actions, maybe you recognise a bit of that in yourself as you pour a glass of milk, eat a burger, or wear a pair of leather shoes.

    fact of the matter is attacking johnny weir for his callous statements concerning animal cruelty is really a waste of time, as you really can’t force anyone to change their ways. sure, boycotting him and all his business ventures might force him into the poorhouse, but would that force him to recognise the suffering and death implicit in the commercial treatment of animals? i truly doubt it. what i find most offensive about PETA is how much time they spend on individuals– whether they are attacking a sole person for a sole act, or utilising celebrity to spread some message that’s always lost in the shuffle. the evils of the fur and food industries are big, but the very act of scapegoating is cowardly. examine yourself closely, and perhaps you’d be motivated to spend less time disliking johnny weir. when you point a finger, there are always three pointing back at you.

    we should focus on changing what we can, and leading by example. the world is a big place. all you can really change is yourself and hope for the best.

  58. MDL says

    Thank You Wes. Human beings are animals and we’ve grown narcissistic and abusive in our postion at the top of the food chain. Like any narccistic ruler, we’ll fall, it’s just unfortunate that we’re going to bring everything down with us.

  59. Gypsy says

    Total douchebag, Ive yet to hear his name attached to any causes, or charities. He is a useless ice skater who gives gays a bad name and puts stereotypes where they dont belong. He really irks me and I just wish he would disappear. And I agree, he isn’t rich like that to have all that stuff, just that many Balenciaga bags would cost over 50K…and he has tons of fur, python, and other exotics, he is sickening. Peta is a disgrace but that is another story. Stick to this useless douchebag for now.

  60. Ant says

    Why so much hatred? Johnny’s not saying anyone else needs to wear fur–he makes it perfectly clear that it is his PERSONAL choice, and that he is fully aware it’s not for everyone. I’m against fur industry and will never wear fur, but that doesn’t give me a right to harass people who do–or boycott their shows or whatever. After all, there is so much more to Johnny Weir than fur, and the rest is damn fabulous!
    GYPSY: Johnny does in fact do a lot of charity work. His main causes are HIV/AIDS and breast cancer, but he also works for providing inner city kids opportunities for sports and exercise.