1. Dback says

    Maybe he was just there to be supportive. One of the first major “mainstream” celebrity sightings at a Gay Pride festival that I recall some 20 years ago–can’t remember the city–was Tom Petty and his wife. (Of all people!) They weren’t performing or anything; he just felt that it was important that they be there showing their support, and he knew it would be a fun party. Those are the kind of straight people I love.

  2. Paul says

    I really do wish towleroad would quit using flash content on their sites. How many gays do you know that don’t have an iPhone? 

  3. says

    his character was mentioned on General Hospital the other day. I wonder if they’ll bring him back for a few episodes? he was great in the role of the troubled performance artist/serial killer, lol.

  4. secretagentman says

    Actually David, he is. He’s pretty open about it amongst friends and people he works with. When he was in Toronto shooting, he hit on pretty much every hot guy under 30 within a ten mile radius, including a close friend of mine who worked at the hotel Franco was staying at. He even had his b/f with him for half the shoot, and they were quite affectionate at the wrap party.

  5. Fahd says

    My favorite movie of his is the one set in New Orleans where he plays the prostitute. He was brilliant and hot in that. Does anyone recall the name?

  6. John says

    He wore a San Francisco Giants cap to L.A. Pride.

    This is the middle of Dodgers territory, is it not?

  7. Thomasina says

    @Fahd: That movie is called “Sonny.” Nicholas Cage directed it in 2002, and it also has Harry Dean Stanton and Brenda Blethyn in it. I haven’t seen it, but it sounds interesting.

  8. Fahd says

    @ Thomasina – Thanks, its a great movie — some weak spots– but Franco at his hottest imho


    I swear Franco is making New York interesting AGAIN. Among the circle of avant garde NYer-artists you will often see him. Very care-free actually and really nice. He seems to genuinely enjoy himself wherever he is, among any crowd.

  10. Rowan says


    You know right? He’s just kiving life! Good for him if I loved my job AND earned decent pay from it!

  11. Troy says

    secretagentman, if Franco was hitting on lots of other guys even though he has a boyfriend, does that mean he and his boyfriend have an open relationship?

  12. Joey says

    You can always count on Ehrenstein to endlessly deny Franco’s gay side. Like he would know better than anyone what secrets the dude keeps… Ridiculous.

  13. says

    I would assume so, Troy. I heard about Franco and other dudes, but this is the first I’ve heard about a boyfriend.

    Good for him.

    And we are the least shocked that James Franco went to pride, correct?

    I expected him to be there, and I was relieved to find out he was. :)