1. Josh says

    You have to be a) living under a rock or b) cynically manipulative to cling to these stupid stereotypes. Gay soldiers of ANY era from Washington’s army to Lincoln’s Union troops to today’s patriots have ALREADY fought and died for this country. And each of them could probably kick this sorry dude’s ass six ways to Sunday.

  2. Fred says

    Apparently Mr. Mayor “dude” forgot a little thing called history!

    Seems the mayor dude forgot or didn’t know one of those former Presidents he named knew quite a bit about lacy-drawered, limp-wristed people.

  3. Craig says

    Said after the winter visitors have left, of course – the ones that swell the population of Yuma to double it’s summer time size.

    Of course he defends his remarks. Then he his the real national spotlight. Then he resigns in disgrace.

    Yes, Lincoln WAS completely gay. Undoubtedly, just like this self-loathing jerk.

  4. BubbaE says

    George Washington chose to make a general of and put his entire training regimen into the hands of Baron Von Steuben. Von Steuben arrived with a young man who is believed at the time and now to be his lover. So, his statement about General Washington is without merit, historical reference or truth.

  5. pete says

    I’m not normally naive, but I am shocked that people like this can advance to such high positions in our country. That the mayor of such a large city (any city, frankly) would not only hold such beliefs, but express them openly. I’m beside myself. At a time when so many worthy people are out of work . . . it’s demoralizing.

  6. alicia says

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  8. James says

    He’s ‘reluctant’ to compare himself to Lincoln or Washington, but then he does, and based on what exactly? Where did either of those men make comments about openly gay soldiers fighting for the freedoms of America? They didn’t. Not only is he misguided in his opinion, he justifies it with total bullshit and somehow gets away with it. Shitty comments, and shitty journalism.

    And since we are all allowed to say whatever we want without having anything to back it up – I’d bet money that he’s sucked a few knobs with that mustached mouth.

  9. Wisconsin Gay says

    Look, Washington hired a big ol’ mo to train his troops – Baron von Steuben, who was oddly enough, discharged in Europe for being gay. Yet, without him the colonies would have lost their little revolution.

    Stick it, Krieger.

  10. Marty says

    Any actual uncontroverted proof Lincoln was gay? I know we gays like to toss that out, along with other famous so-called gays, but any real proof? verified by unbiased sources?

  11. Paul R says

    Yes, Marty, there is plenty of proof that Lincoln shared a bed with a man for several years, and there are letters between them expressing their admiration of each other’s thighs (meaning, they were fucking each other between the thighs—a precursor to safe sex).

    Anyway, Yuma is a hellhole and deserves what it gets. Reasonable people don’t believe such asinine stereotypes. And unreasonable people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, but I guess that’s just a pipe dream of mine.

  12. 2dog says

    His ideation of “a homosexual” is well formed and overly well thought out. This kind of homophobia is a product of a very long struggle against strong homosexual attractions. This man is a deeply repressed homosexual. Think George Rekers.
    He might be pitied if he weren’t spewing his toxic waste in public.


    I’ve been to Yuma…..

    A tiny amount of historical research would have let this worm smegma learn about Baron Von Stuben and how he singlehandedly got the Continental Army in fighting shape. Funny note, he actually hired a guy to do nothing but swear at the troops in English because he spoke German. And yes, Von Stuben was a Homo!

  14. sparks says

    It just strikes me as funny that he described gays as lacy-drawered and limp-wristed…. is he aware how people dressed and acted in George Washington’s day? Wigs, lace, frills and ruffles galore… lol

  15. Jeff Dunivant says

    It’s just because the bigots feel as though they are losing the fight, calling people names only is what this old idiot has to offer. Progressives, keep up the fight!

  16. darkmoonman says

    Folks like Krieger are the reason that AZ is one of the most (if not he most) backward of the 50 states. I’m extremely glad that I no longer live in AZ.

  17. Daniel says

    dude needs to read up on the Sacred Band of Thebes.

    though he would likely dismiss the startlingly effective gay lover/warrior system of the ancient Greeks as liberal propaganda…

  18. stranded says

    What kind of human being uses phrases like “lacy-drawered” in the 21st Century? The guy is apparently stuck in some cheap B-movie western.

  19. Jerry12 says

    If I remember my history correctly, Alexander the third (Also called Alexander The great) did rather well as a gay soldier, and it did not seem to matter much to the rest of his army. The funeral for his male lover is reported to have cost, in today’s dollars, more than three million dollars. I do not know, offhand, of any strait males spending that much on a wife’s funeral.

  20. rickg says

    Would love to hear his views on all minorities. Its obvious he must be part of a fundamentalistic bible raping church. We, in the 49 remaining states need to squeeze the life out of this rogue state or let the Mexican National Army invade and clean up the mess.

  21. hlwdscorpio says

    As a sailor during the Vietnam era, the largest “gay” bar I was ever in was the EM club at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu! As a member of the “intelligence” component of the Navy, I’m convinced that, if all “gays” were thrown out of the military, there would be precious few troops, as they erroneously refer to them, left!

  22. mmike1969 says

    Drove through Yuma, AZ a few times… Kind of a shithole, more dirt road then paved roads… And obviously, has its fair share of morons running around the town.

    And I can’t find any indication that this fool was ever in the military so I am curious as to where does this moron gets his idea on how the military is?

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