1. stephen says

    I haven’t listened to the spanish reports yet, but no one says why ‘these’ people were chosen as a target… is there a connection to the ‘bad guys’ somehow? Or is it just a means of intimidating Mexicans/Gov’t?

    I know it’s unpopular to say, but if you’re in the US & using illegal drugs, you’re part of the problem here…

  2. says

    Sadly, this has become the reality of living in Mexico these days. Originally from South Texas, I get reports all the time from family and friends how out of control the situation has become.

    From assassinating three of the top contenders for Governor of Tampualipas (who couldn’t be bought) to the recent abduction of 17 family members in Reynosa for ransom, it’s stopped all business on the border. Americans won’t travel across for food and relaxation and the Mexicans don’t come over here to shop. After 35 years of being in business, my father will be liquidating and shutting his doors at the end of August.

    Ultimately, as these thugs begin reaking havoc on this side of the border, we will have no choice but to militarize the borders. I say legalize all drugs now, tax the shit out of it and then pay for rehab for those dumb enough to get sucked into its allure. Next, stop the flow of weapons into Mexico. Fuck this legality bullshit. When it causes a security problem for this country, we have every right to prevent this type of trade from happening.

  3. gregorybrown says

    Isn’t the leading Mexican drug gang also a Christian cult? Maybe we’re seeing crossover between 2 aspects of that. USA theocrats would probably like to initiate something similar. The trinity of God, guns and guts (other people’s) is seductive.

  4. Joseph says

    Don’t know Spanish, so I’m trying to understand how a group of gay men and women at a party is connected to the drug war.

    This is very sad. I wish we could find a solution to end the killing.

  5. jamal49 says

    @gregorybrown I don’t think the leading drug gang is a “christian cult”. I do know that the drug cartels and sympathizers have venerated a guy named Jesus Malverde as the Santa Muerte (Saint of Death) and a cult has grown up around it. The Catholic Church has condemned this cult but it now has thousands of adherents and there are special statues and prayers that people recite. Maybe that’s what you’re referring to?

    Anyway, this is more craziness. I agree with Stephen 100%: if you’re doing drugs (especially coke and meth) you are part of the problem.

  6. Bill says

    The organizers of this event are responsible for all 17 deaths. When you invite haterosexuals to your gay event you are inviting violence and hostility. There are no excuses for gay people not to know this.

  7. stephen says

    I listened to the report in Spanish and there is nothing about the group being ‘gay’ affiliated in any way… I’m not saying that they weren’t a group of gay people & friends, but that doesn’t seem to be the reason. It just seems to be crazy intimidation of the people most powerless in the situation.

  8. says

    That’s just the truth.
    USA is number 1 drug market in the world. Is only because of America’s drug hunger that Latinamerican cartels exists.
    Mexico is not even a good drug market. Also, weapons used by cartels are brougth into Mexico with the complicity (and knowledge) of the American gouverment; it’s just that weapons lobby’s way too powerful.
    And Americans dare to point the finger at Mexico because their weapons and their parties are killing people (most of them Mexican, by the way)?
    Inform yourself people. Don’t perpetuate the “American ignorant” stereotype.

  9. Fahd says

    I have come to believe that legalizing Marijuana would undermine these violent cartels. Also, I would support the U.S. military helping to secure Mexico for the Mexicans, if the Mexican military cannot, provided the Mexican gov’t accepts the help.

    For those of us living in CA, AZ, NM. and TX, the reality that these ruthless gangs will not honor a line on a map is becoming ever clearer.

  10. says

    The answer needed is not military but social and political reforms INSIDE the American system. I.E. real gun-control, big efforts on drug information, drug regulation, parents & schools actually doing THEIR job on drug education, etc.
    Military force is useless, cartels are hugely richer and more powerful that the entire American Defense Dep.