1. says

    It’s not his opinion that’s being protested, it’s his version of the facts. Just because he’s black, that doesn’t mean he has carte blanche to talk b.s. about HIV and the black community, but that is what is at play here. He and Sherri should at the very least read out the data if they’re too cowardly or stubborn to apologize.

  2. JNJ says

    More View garbage, really? Whoopi’s a racist, Sherri is stupid and Liz has her head in the sand. But yet we continue to expect more from this show – why?

  3. ElCamino says

    You know, I’m not even mad at DL; ABC and The View were the ones dumb enough to have a comedian educate the public about HIV. What the hell were they thinking?

    I just wonder if they realize how much misinformation like this ultimately hurts not only the LGBT community- who is already marginalized and constantly scapegoated- but also the black community, where many people are already misinformed and continue to suffer disproportionately high rates of HIV infection.

    It’s disappointing that ABC doesn’t care enough about either community to correct the misinformation that was broadcast on their network.

  4. Verdon Coleman says

    And I refuse to watch “The View” anymore. The show used to be tolerable, but now? Enough. And I might even start boycotting the sponsors as well.

  5. mark says

    Dr. Kevin Fenton at the CDC debunks the “down low” theory and confirms the link between IV drug use and HIV in heterosexual transmission.

    Maybe The View could gift Sherri Shepherd and D.L. Hughley with a free trip to Atlanta.

    Is that too much to ask?

  6. says

    The responsible thing for ABC and the View to do is to have an ACTUAL HIV expert on the show to refute what DL said. They would put themselves in the best possible light after this embarrassment. This is the reason Barbara should NEVER be celebrated as a relevant journalist today. She may have broken barriers in the past but she’s a joke these days. This is her show and things like this should reflect HER.

  7. Buster says

    I’m sure homophobia is playing a role here, the down low thing has always been an issue, isn’t that how Stella got her groove back?

    POSTED BY: PATRICK NYC | JUL 16, 2010 12:16:42 PM

    @ Patrick unless I’m misunderstanding something.I guess whites don’t present homophobia HUH? Patrick???? So All those fun loving white evangelicals just go GaGa over the Gay community? WTF!

    And before you even go there. All Blacks are not homophobic, Most Black Men that are Gay are NOT on the DL But since you mentioned it

    The so-called “Downlow” what a silly word. R.Kelly made it out of a song and look what it has evolved into! It’s nothing more than a SENSATIONALIZED word for bisexuality. It’s nothing more than bisexual behaivor. And believe me, it’s not just a Black thing.
    Larry Craig
    Ted Haggard
    Jim Baker
    James McGreevey
    And the god-father of the downlow, Merve Griffin: 30+ yrs on the down, never came out.
    So if you have more White people in the U.S. with a larger percentage of GLBT people, there will be more White doing the downlow/bisexual thing…But that isn’t what I’m getting at.

    Bottom line this behavior is present in all communities not just the ones of color.

    So get off your high horse of African Americans due to a personal issue which I have heard you post on here in the past. All men are not like the ones you were with and I know about your sibling’s unfortunate demise My true sympathies. But it’s time to move forward my friend. All Black Men and Black people are not alike, nor do we THINK a like!

    Much respect but that comment rubbed me the wrong way!

  8. Grant H. says

    I would hardly say the CDC has “debunked” that claim. See:

    which states:
    “The phenomenon of men on the down low has gained much attention in recent years; however, there are no data to confirm or refute publicized accounts of HIV risk behavior associated with these men.”

    So basically above is just one official’s statement/personal opinion but doesn’t reflect the whole CDC’s position. Basically there isn’t enough data to say if it’s true or not. But saying the issue has been clearly “disproven” (as GLAAD claims or “debunked” is misleading in and of itself.

  9. Buster says

    Okay Buster…And I’m sure you live to say “Well Blacks have more HIV than whites” Girl what do you care about African Americans??


  10. James says

    What Sheppard and Hughley said isn’t misinformation. Methinks the issue isn’t misinformation, rather the issue is someone got a ruffled feather from the comments.

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