Al Gore Just Can’t Win: Prince Declares The Internet “Over”


The Internet is over. So, apparently, is underwear.

Via Dlisted: Prince has declared that the Internet is "over," likening it to the '80s fad that was MTV:

"Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can't be good for you."


  1. Wes says

    MTV was just a channel, like Towleroad is just a website. A more proper analogy to the internet would be television itself, and that certainly hasn’t gone anywhere. Prince, however, has apparently gone commando. I did a double take.

  2. Fix It Again Tony says

    There I thought Prince was “over”.

    And if that IS what everyone seems to think it is (and I think it’s the seams) I’m still not impressed.

  3. adamblast says

    This self-absorbed tool. As if music distribution was EVER what the internet is all about.

    He’s been a stupid lying ass ever since turning his name into a symbol and back–and lying to the public about the reasons, which were always strictly financial. (Record companies had the rights to music under his name.)

  4. B says

    Fix: what seams do u know that are shaped like a penis? control+ if you need a better look.

    As for prince, he’s just a big hypocrite with his “new found innocence and religion”. womp womp. He’s still resorting to cheap publicity tricks to get a headline even though he claims to be above it all and everyone else for that matter. *50 eye rolls*

  5. johnny says

    I think of him as an 80s fad that is over, like bad hair and ultra-femme silk shirts with matching pants and shoes. More like PrinCess, IMO.

  6. David says

    The man is delusional and I do wish he’d slip on a dance belt, but he’s also thrown some of the best parties disguised as concerts that I’ve ever experienced. He needs to focus more on that and less on his precious dogma.

  7. TANK says

    And hitler’s name won’t soon be forgotten! BRILLIANT! because we all know that there’s no such thing as bad publicity…right, jeffrey jones?

  8. robert sayre says

    The least he could have done was gotten out of his pajamas.

    Maybe in addition to his other crack-pot Jehovah’s Witness hot mess, he’s decided not to dress or bathe any more?

    I don’t think his ‘Jesus’ that told him to denounce us queers would appreciate him slinging his unbridled cock around on stage. But maybe that’s too logical. Shame on me.

  9. princely54 says

    Obviously, I am a fan — just look at my screen name. But, here the man just sounds like a pathetic old crank. It’s control freakdom, pure and simple — “ONLY get my music the way I want you to get it!!”

    The LA Times blog had a hilarious title yesterday too: “Prince Declares Internet ‘Dead’. Miraculously Web Continues To Exist!”

    Hahaha — laughable.

  10. TJ says

    I have always been a Prince fan, his views are skewed, but he will always remain a legend! More so than some of the trashy, no talent, hacks that folks on this site tout as “the new it”…i.e. Lady Ga-Garbage.

  11. Craig Mingus says

    Dear Prince:

    Go fuck your midget self! You haven’t had a decent record since Purple Rain came out in 1984.

    P.S. Buy some fucking underwear. Nothing worse than midget dick on display.

  12. Lovely says

    The race baiting never ends with some of you faggots I see

    he also believes in chemtrails. hahaha… silly nigga. Stick to being the best guitar player on planet earth and just shut the fuck up.

    Posted by: why? | Jul 7, 2010 6:48:05 PM

    The stupid faggot using te name Why? Silly nigga. BITCH While this statement is stupid. What faggot you know is more talented than him?

    *crickets* gurls

    Ms Glambert…FUCK NO That bitch is an illusion
    Ms Elton John….maybe but no again.

    Fucking bastard you are!

  13. Henry Holland says

    I guess he had no problem with technology when he was using it to make his great run of albums. “Those drum machines are no good. They just fill your head with perfect, inhuman beats with no feeling and that can’t be good for you”.

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