1. Dback says

    Further proof that gay sex is just a couple of alcoholic drinks away, no matter how straight you think you are. Lucky Rhys. (He’s cute, too.)

  2. Em says

    He’s hot. He’s having drunk fun. But he’s a Swede, were guys are much more comfortable with nakedness and touching, so I actually don’t think too much off it. But at least he’s nice to look at!

  3. FunMe says

    These guys are just average to me. Straights (let’s assume) doing “gay” stuff is such a turn off to me. I’m about mutual and these 2 are just playing around college style. I don’t find anything sexy with these 2 other than bad dancing from 2 white straight (allegedly) guys.

  4. Michael says

    This is just an example of what a little beer mixed with the total awesomeness that is Freddie Mercury can do!

  5. Kyle Sullivan says

    I don’t get the interest in Skarsgard. He looks like your stereotypical backwoods Kentucky inbred maynard. Guess I’ll have to watch an episode of “True Blood” to see if the camera likes him when he’s processed to be in front of it. And I have no idea who the other guy is, nor do I want to. I get no pings off either one of them, so they hold no interest for me.

  6. Charles says

    Leave people the fuck alone. Chirst sake, people can’t even share an innocent moment without someone pointing fingers or making insinuations. Wipe the freakin’ drool from your mouth and stop trying to make everyone gay. It only makes you look like you’re trying to justify your own homosexuality. Be comfortable with who you are and let others live their lives.

  7. neverstops says

    just 2 drunk straight guys acting like frat boys

    no big deal really

    it’s the male equivalent of something on Girls Gone Wild

    Alex is a good looking guy, though he looks a mess here :)

  8. mcQuaidLA says

    Yep, Jaeger…


    But not nearly as funny was what will now follow:
    Phase 1, Breathless speculation that Skarsgard is secretly gay.
    Phase 2, A flood of hilarious re-enactments on YouTube by everyone from a bunch of Seniors in Assisted Care to the Singapore School of Broadcasting’s Second Semester Class to anonymous groups of 5th grade boys.
    Phase 3, Expressions of concern by MADD, Parent’s Television Whatever, National Council on Alcoholism and at least one fundamentalist Christian.
    Phase 4, Expression of outrage by Pole Dancer spokeswoman Linda Labea.
    Phase 5, Public expressions of remorse by everyone present in the hotel room during this “sad and unfortunate incident.”
    Phase 6, An announcement by Skarsgard that he is entering treatment for alcoholism and sex addiction.
    Phase 7, Public expressions of support from scores of sober, B-list celebrities saturating the chat shows.
    Phase 8, Announcement of impending nuptials between Skarsgard and Lindsey Lohan upon their release from Promises.

  9. virtualdespot says

    Kyle, your perpetuation of fictitious, mass-media derived stereotypes about Kentucky is embarrassing. (For you, I mean – not my home state.) Your casual ignorance is only compounded by your inability to get “get a ping”, whatever that means, from Skarsgard.

    Anyway, forget pings. Focus on getting a clue.

  10. xexe says

    Ok sorry, I’m a straight girl lurking, but I think this is real hot lol. It’s not a Jager frat party in Kentucky, he’s not your average dude stereotype, this is just honest fun. and he doesnt have to dress up to be sexy to me. 90s boyband thermal wear will do ’cause it’s not about that. he’s got this seething sexuality which is like pouring out of him and I love a sexual guy lols. If you look at his eyes in the molesting parts he looks pretty into it, not that that makes it gay, but he’s just a sexually comfortable person. Don’t care that much about his orientation even if I wish he is bi if anything haha. Who knows, he’s hot, however.(teehee)

  11. Lexxvs says

    Is it only me that thinks that Alexander is into dope? His face looks haggard this year. I guess there are some problems in there. Time will tell.

  12. b.mclane says

    PEOPLE……ITS CALLED “ACTING”…….Its a scene in a Swedish movie called “Beyond the POLE” as in NORTH POLE not stripper pole. Its a comedy. Some Swedish friend of Alex’s did it a couple of years ago and he helps out in a small part.It even says it in the text of the video you oversexed pontifs.So much for the reading comprehension skills of the masses. The Internet is a breeding ground for numb nuts to express their completely uninformed opinions and pontificate. I hope Alex continues to live his life above all this white noise.

  13. emjayay says

    It doesn’t have to be hot. It’s two big deal young actors being totally believable as moronic young guys partying, filmed in a verite style. My only criticism is that I guess to make it look low class and un-fake movielike, it’s lit too brightly for a party scene. Wouldn’t even these people turn a light or two off while partying? No one likes bright light when they’re drunk and stoned or whatever they’re supposed to be.

  14. Mikey says

    To quote Meg Ryan, I’ll have what he’s having.

    P.S. I think Skarsgaard sucks. I certainly hope so.

  15. steven says

    and the point was….
    but to be truthful, this guy is seriously going to have to watch what he eats as he ages. I see a future fat drunk there.