1. Dusty says

    @Jersey We could legalize gay marriage, find a cure for AIDS and elect a gay president all in one day and the bitter queens who comment on this site would still find something negative to say.

    In regards to his new look…. not hot.

  2. Ryan says

    Britney Spears moment? How about “Male Pattern Baldness” moment? I’m glad he did it, though, he looks great! More guys should choose to ‘bald gracefully’ and keep it buzzed or ‘bicked.’ Your head won’t look as weird as you think it will.

  3. Joseph Singer says

    That’s not a shaved head! It’s a close cropped cut, but it sure isn’t shaved. You can see fuzz on the top of his head. It looks good on him besides.

  4. EJ says

    Look . . . he has a great reputation,
    he has proven to be a really nice guy,
    leave him alone . . . what wishes to do with his head is his choice.

    Enough is enough all you bitchy queens !

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