1. jack says

    can this statement be used to establish outright animus and involvement by mormons here in the US? tied in any fashion to the activities here? it’s the same cast of characters, the same leadership group and the same tactics.

    just asking?

  2. smallhandff says

    Is the Mormon church bankrolling worldwide Catholicism? Does Mitt Romney count among his business holdings a part-share in the Vatican?

  3. Lexxvs says

    You gotta love da gays. People that would usually hate each other –conservative Catholics and Mormons- making a front together against gay love. Well, add evangelist in general, even more that Mormons I would say.
    The opportunity was lost –yeap, already- thanks to the Opus Dei and the Senate, an institution that only represents strange interest embodied in old, old people.

  4. jamal49 says

    The Catholic Church IS the “whore of Babylon”. It will prostitute itself on the altar of convenience in order to keep its anti-joy, anti-human, anti-love agenda in place and maintain some semblance of influence over the secular, private lives of people–Catholic or not. The Vatican aligning itself with the Mormon Church shows the desperation of reactionary christians to prevent what is the moral and right thing to do. And that is: to honour the sincere love and devoted commitment two people may wish to share with each other. The reactionary christians continue to make a mockery of Christ’s teachings.

  5. Logic&Reason says

    This is exactly how the move to allow “Blacks” to become Mormon began. Once race could no longer be defined or confined by continents and/or borders the Mormons had to accept everyone regardless of skin color. Love can no longer be defined or confined by Mormons or Catholics and unless they choose to embrace us they will cause their own extinctions.