Andy’s Not Back Just Yet…

SteveHey everyone, Steve Pep, your weekend guy at Towleroad here. I'll be filling in for Andy today and, as always, I'll be taking care of my Saturday and Sunday duties as well. Andy'll be back here, I hope, well rested and ready to take the helm again at the crack of dawn on Monday. 

Until then, there's plenty of news we need to get through. Let's get to it.


  1. Marco says

    I’m somewhat disappointed. This is Andy’s blog and I know how exhausting it is for him to run it 24/7, but I’d rather him post a lot less during the weekend that have someone else take over. No disrespect but I come to Towleroad because I like Andy’s style and wit .. if I wanted Steve Pep, I would go to Steve Pep’s blog. I can’t wait for Andy to come back.

    P.S: Friendly advice Steve: When you post a headline pic, make sure you leave a space between said pic and your writing. The clutter is a little jarring for the people who are used to Andy’s “clean” blogging style.

  2. Greenthumb55 says

    Marco: Stop whining. Deal with it. You can live with it for a day or two a week. Maybe spend less time at the computer, go outside and play or something. Having someone that retardedly obsessed with a gay blog to the point that they’re up in arms because someone different is going to run it over one or two days is just plain pathetic and unhealthy.

    Andy deserves days off just like the rest of us do.

  3. chris says

    Word! I’m sure you will do a kick ass job this weekend. I hope Andy is having a great time in p-town or where ever he is. Re-charging of the battery is essential.

  4. Paul R says

    I enjoy and appreciate the weekend posts and agree that Marco sounds like a jerk. I love this blog (it’s the only one I read), but I would actually prefer that Andy show his wit more often (I know it’s there). He’s often surprisingly journalistic and objective unless the subject is revolting or flat-out farcical.

    And I wondered how long it would take for the “cute” comments to come out. Not long!

  5. says

    Damn, Marco…..can anyone say “PMS-ing”? You’re just jaded because you’ll never have a shot at Andy or his success…….sheesh…..

    Thanx for the updates on the weekends Steve – I always wondered how Towleroad operated weekends. Love you updates – keep up the good work!!!

  6. Daya says

    Steve — Thank you and Matthew for both keeping with Andy’s style yet adding yourselves to the blog. I am sure Andy would not have asked you guys to cover for him if you were going to do something way-out from his style. Thank you for doing a great job.


  7. kybarsfang says

    Let me add to the “you’re cute” crowd!

    Also, I rarely ever notice if Andy is gone, either. You guest bloggers do such a great job!

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