1. Bryant says

    And the sky is blue.

    Why does everyone keep giving this guy publicity? Just let him vanish into obscurity where he can wallow in his hate alone and forgotten.

  2. Tone says

    He might be rich, he might be talented. He might once have been a box-office draw. Today he’s a sad and pathetic has-been filled with hate and anger. Move on people nothing more to see here. There are many fine performers more worthy of our attention.

  3. adamblast says

    It’s about TIME the public noticed what a Nazi this guy has always been. I suppose that’s what comes from being born into his Dad’s Phelps-like Catholic offshoot cult. It’s not by accident that Mel had to found his own church to enjoy his toxic doctrines.

  4. Quueny / San Francisco says

    When a man has made a good living based on his good looks (& minimal acting skills) , I think that man will melt down as he looks in the mirror now. He looks like a gray elephant with his pale skin.
    I think he’s spiraling down into a bad mess.
    I was an alcoholic for 15 years & lost many friends because they said in the final years, I got very mean. Booze is poison.
    I’ve been sober a long time using Rational Recovery. No meetings, no sponsors, no “higher power”.

    The best thing to do is never ever see or rent a M.G. film. Money talks.

  5. Garrett says

    *Sigh* And he was so pretty to look at in “Gallipoli” and “The Year of Living Dangerously.” Tone is right — “sad and pathetic . . . filled with hate.”

  6. Bart says

    Does anyone other than the companies that are set to release Mel’s new movies really care about Mel Gibson anymore?

    Most people in Hollywood know he’s always been an asshole but most were too afraid to confront the nice Catholic alcoholic. Took his baby mama to bring him to his knees. Hope she gets a sizeable chunk of child support and is smart enough to climb out of the toxic sludge that is Mel Gibson.

    A downfall long coming and well deserved. Congrats Mel, you’ve always been your own worst enemy and the world has been enlightened to your charm.

  7. Wes says

    Of course no one cared when it was just homophobia, he was still America’s darling. Hell he won the best picture Oscar that very year. With the sexism, anti-semitism and now racism though, he’s crossed a line that just cannot be tolerated.

  8. anon says

    I don’t think we can blame the booze, probably was Mel all along. I’m sure the emotionally troubled childhood did not help.

  9. Jubal Harshaw says

    I’ve heard that his agency has now let him go. Poor, misunderstood Mel The only reason he’s so misunderstood is because he’s ranting incoherently.

    Goodbye you washed-up has been.

  10. DN says

    I think Mel Gibson is a true Christian. After all, every red cent he made off The Passion was donated to charity.

    Oh wait, he didn’t? He bought a private island in Fiji instead? Oh.

    I guess that whole “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle” thing wasn’t what Jesus meant when he said it.

  11. Jack M says

    On behalf of all the gays on Earth, Mel, we are SO glad you’re not one of us! On the other hand, so sorry you were able to reproduce.

  12. Garst says

    Actually, he kind of resembles those old guys that are profiled in the police blotter because they went cruising in the woods and got caught.

  13. Piper says

    Who cares what he thinks about us??!! At this point he has ZERO credibility. Those in the business distanced themselves after his last tirade. He’s no longer bankable and a huge PR risk. His last film only grossed enough to make up its cost. He’ll be remembered as a bigoted lunatic. Good riddance!

  14. Disgusted American says

    he’s such an asshole…what a scumbag…bi-polar much??? pathetic….

  15. robert says


    completely agree with you. fun factoid, though: most hollywood movies are ultimately a financial loss (i.e., they cost more than they bring in). the studios depend on a couple big blockbusters a year to make up the difference and to generate profit.

  16. jamal49 says

    Gee, Mel, what a shame. You’ve gone from Road Warrior to road kill. Get help, Mel, before you kill yourself.

  17. says

    William Morris Endeavor dropped him. He’s finished. Limato is dead – and so is Mel Gibson’s career. Let’s let it go.

  18. says

    Why are we jumping on this bang waggon?

    Seriously this is the last story I had hope to read here, but I guess that playing the victim never gets old.

  19. Rovex says

    He is a vile human being, its such a shame he was soo attractive when he was young. I feel guilty watching his early films now.

    Robert.. Most movies do make a profit, they just dont make a profit from domestic take and first run release alone.

  20. Wes says

    ♂… defensive?

    “bandwagon”… “playing the victim”

    There’s a massive douchebag elephant in the room. Of course we’re going to talk about him.

  21. neverstops says

    oh please ♂

    he even went after Vegas whores :(

    no one escaped the wrath of Mel unscathed

  22. chris says

    My question is why Jodie Foster was the last person in Hollywood who was still willing to work with Gibson, and call him her friend? (My friend’s theory, totally unsubstantiated: He’s her children’s spermdaddy.)

  23. Hollywood says

    Britney Spears used to live next door to him and the paparazzi drove him crazy. Too bad it didn’t last.

    Its time for Mel to go away (maybe back to Austrialia’s outback) for several decades.


  24. Tony says

    I mooned over him when I first saw Mad Max. Who knew then what a vile pig he’d become (or always had been). I hope Octopussy rips him a new one.

  25. Hollywood says

    Mel had several children and unlike most Hollywood parents he has given them at best stingy allowances, at worst nothing. I’ve been told they don’t love or respect him. Its a sad scene with all his money.

    It’s all over Mel. Adieu!

  26. mel's homophobic ass can rot in hell says

    Don’t forget the horrible homophobia in “Braveheart” and “Bird on the Wire.”

    Oh, but he’s a Christian!!!!!

  27. says

    Mel Gibson hates everybody.

    I’m just waiting for him to rant against straight white guys and I’ll be 100% right about that statement.

  28. dms says

    not to make excuses, but this guy is clearly sick.

    BTW, if he hates gays so much, how is it he is such good friends with jodie foster? or are lesbians ok?

  29. Captain Underpants says

    @ wes
    Well put
    when he just publicly hated on queers no one cared
    for years he was very public with his homo hate
    it didn’t impact his back office
    but as soon as he comes out as hating on jews and blacks too
    well suddenly he’s toxic
    he should have just stuck to hating homos
    in a Hollywood full of closeted ones
    then he’d have been still sitting pretty
    Note that his homo hate was said publicly
    While his other hate came out in private encounters

    he’s a poster child for Christian hate
    fuck him and his hate
    lets hope he dies broke

  30. Jerry6 says

    I never understood “Road Warrior”, nor thought much of his “Line Reading” which was just that – reading lines. (His “Acting” never convinced me that he WAS the person he was portraying.) I must confess that I have only seen three of his movies. I just did not want to waste any more money on someone who was not convincing.

  31. Frank says

    I never and I mean never spend one cent on any of this tired old has beens movies. I was suprised at all the church people who fell for his movie the passion. I am afraid when he stands in front of God and gives account it will not be pleasant for him. And he in no way represents true Christianity. Sad man.