1. Cory says


    Is her cleavage photoshopped in the chicken picture.

    The last pic looks like a composite too. Specially the guy in the back with the hat on the right.

  2. says

    I absolutely love these pictures and frankly all the old-style pictures she’s been doing for various campaigns and magazine layouts lately. Photoshop or not (likely) you still have to have the look to make it work, and she DOES!

  3. Matt says

    Love the concept but the overthetop photoshop is distracting – her neck is so stretched out! It’s a little weird. [last pic] just make her a giraffe, already.

  4. says

    @Matt, what you’re seeing is not stretched. It’s the shadowing they added to give her a more stoic appearance. Either that or to cover up a burgeoning sausage neck.

  5. sal says

    love it it really shows how the clothes can fit in and be very casual yet glamorous and to the madonna hater person who said something about sausage neck well i hope when your ass gets older(or you’re already there)someone makes a big woop about your neck…oh right who would give a shit?keep on talking make her even more legendary

  6. Kyle says

    Look how much Lourdes looks like her in the third picture down. Incredible. I think these are good pictures. Can’t wait to see them in a magazine.

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