News: Michael Jackson, WikiLeaks, Twitter, James Franco

 road "Study":
“People who either identify themselves as homosexual or bisexual, or
have had a same-sex encounter or relationship, tend to come from more
disturbed backgrounds." Yeah, right.

 road WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning was closeted military man who leaked documents after a big argument where he was "lectured by ex-boyfriend." Would the leak have occurred if DADT didn't exist and Manning had more of a support system in the military?

 road Lindsay Lohan keeps dressing up as Marilyn Monroe.

 road New Michael Jackson album featuring "sensational" leftovers from his "Bad" album due in November.

 road Jersey Shore's Snooki leaves the pokey.

 road VA AG Ken Cuccinelli on letter he sent our earlier this year calling for removal of anti-discrimination laws:  "Could we have dragged our feet and made it take longer? Yes. Should we have? Yes. Should it have been written less like somebody who's a cold-blooded, objective engineer wrote it? Yes. The one thing we got right in there was: the law."

 road Lack of money in the register, not Jesus, prevented this cell phone store from being robbed.

 road Matt Bomer shoots new scenes of White Collar with a pink collar.

 road Andy Cohen and Steven Colbert re-enact a Housewives cat fight.

 road Politician sends out flyers with opponent's "face superimposed over a rainbow flag, with two male figures holding hands." She also lied claiming he wants to legalize public sex in restrooms.


 road NY Mag on James Franco: "Franco, you might say, is queering celebrity: erasing the border not just between gay and straight but between actor and artist, heartthrob and intellectual, junk TV and art museum. His obvious relish for gay roles challenges the default heterosexuality of Hollywood leading men like Clooney or Pitt."

 road Twitter marks a big milestone: 20 billion tweets!

 road Yes, there is a difference between jazz hands for spirit fingers.

 road Well that was quick. Levi Johnston
and Bristol Palin's engagement has been called off.

 road Apparently Prince Charles thinks he needs to save the world.

 road Irish transgendered woman says she will apply for refugee status in Canada if that country tried to send her back to Europe.

 road Report: "The Vancouver School Board has significantly downsized its anti-homophobia and diversity consultant's hours, despite calls for greater anti-homophobia education in schools."