Oil Seep Detected in Gulf Sea Bed Concerns Officials

The integrity of the capped BP oil leak in the gulf is being questioned as seepage in the sea bed near the well has been detected, the Miami Herald reports:

Seep  "In a letter to BP official Bob Dudley, retired U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said that a seep was in the sea bed, and he told BP that monitoring of the seabed is 'of paramount importance' because of the seep and 'undetermined anomalies' at the wellhead. The letter asked BP to quickly tell the government of any seeps and requested a plan for quickly opening the well's choke valve to allow oil to flow -- and likely be siphoned up to boats -- if there's a leak. If the well leak is confirmed, the well cap will likely be reopened to prevent the environmental disaster from becoming even worse and harder to fix. That means oil would likely gush once again into the ocean after three days of no new oil. Allen gave BP 24 hours to give him a written update of 'your intentions going forward'' and said the he is 'concerned that all potential options to eliminate the discharge of oil be pursued with utmost speed until I can be assured that no additional oil will spill.' He reminded BP that finishing two relief wells should be its priority and told the company to 'provide me your latest containment plan' in the case that the current cap's test is suspended. The letter was released late Sunday."

A video shot on Friday which shows some seepage, AFTER THE JUMP...