1. Christopher says

    Can we PUHLEASE invent new chants? What do we want? Something clever and memorable. When do we want it? Yesterday.

  2. Joe says

    Pathetic. These anti-equality people need to give it up already. They are fighting a losing battle.

  3. Mike in Madison says

    What’s even better is that there were well over 100 people on the other side of the Capitol attending the free lunchtime concert. The Ratio of Marriage Equality Supporters to Random lunch-eaters and music-listeners to Crazy Bigots was 8:2:1.

  4. Jon B says

    Hmmm… Maggie doesn’t have a wedding band or engagement ring on. Is that normal? Guess it really makes sense that her husband never shows up.

  5. ge says

    Small crowds, big crowds. The ordinance in South Bend went nowhere. I’m sure NOM calls that a victory, and it is for them. Sad for decent people.

  6. Bart says

    Always interesting to listen to bigots. They never have an actual reason as to why their side is correct. Maggie’s reason to the tiny audience, “Because we know better.” Really?!? That’s it?!?! Because Maggie and her crowd “know better?” Better than what? That’s like my four year old using the retort, “Because…” when I question him about something he did wrong.

    But the right wing has become amazingly
    good at one things — playing the victim while they’re kicking the shit out of someone else, usually a minority. Maggie states that those who believe in opposite sex marriage only are having their liberties crushed by same-sex marriage. But when it comes down to why and how that would be, she then states that it’s because if same sex marriage is approved, then her RELIGIOUS beliefs come under attack. Wow, quite a jump: from civil liberties to theocratic religious dogma. I miss the connection.

    Bottom line, Maggie and her addled, vile ilk believe that a) their religious beliefs should be law. b) not wanting to live your life by HER religious beliefs takes away HER civil liberties. c) That her religious faith (which seems to be that God is white, straight and sleeps with a blanket made out of the American flag with a automatic rifle under the pillow…) trumps everyone else’s civil liberties.

    That’s why they’re only pulling these pathetically small crowds and that this thing is costing them a fortune to pull off for little reward. Anyone with common sense knows it’s bullshit and she’s a sad, hateful soul. And quite frankly, I don’t even believe that she believes what she is saying anymore. There’s no conviction in her voice, there’s nothing that says she’s proud of what she’s doing. Everything about her says she’s defeated and hiding from any truth. What a pathetic, morbid existence…

  7. CKNJ says

    Dumb stupid witch! YES, Slaggie, you ARE a bigot… you and your disgusting cohorts!

  8. Michael A says

    My big problem with body counts is this:

    Wisconsin’s constitutional ban against marriage equality is going nowhere, because these large crowds of equality supporters don’t translate into political power. For whatever reason, the enthusiasm of Madison progressives isn’t representative of statewide sentiment.

    We have similar problems in Indiana and other states with constitutional bans: Protest-crowd counts don’t measure current or near-future political influence. NOM doesn’t need large turnouts to successfully promote bigotry, especially among churches.

    If you count the number of people who attend antigay churches every Sunday in Wisconsin or Indiana, those body counts will be far larger than that of the Madison equality supporters.

  9. James says

    Maggie’s consequences of Same Sex Marriage =

    1. It will be hard to raise boys to be good family men in a society that teaches the next generation that the ideal that a child needs a mother and a father is a form of bigotry.

    I don’t even understand this sentence. What I do understand is study after study shows that a 2 parent household, regardless of the sexual identity of the parents, is more beneficial to a child than growing up in a single parent household. So you can stop the bullshit about protecting children when your doing the opposite by stigmatizing love and devaluing the relationships of people that already have children.

    2. Religious liberties will be in danger, in ways we’ve never seen before.

    The only religious liberty that is in danger is your freedom to not like other people, which regardless of religion persuasion is usually not the cornerstone of any valuable faith. Even when we take the religious aspects out of marriage, and clearly state that marriage is only defined by the government, and that religions are free to behave however they way, you still go out of your way to stop people, and parents, from having their relationships protected.

    These people are on tour because no responsible media will continue to give them an outlet. The arguments they make are no longer valid, or reasonable.

  10. KFLO says

    Has anyone caught that she’s wearing the same horrid black outfits but only changing the colored open shirt on top? What a slob.

  11. says


    I think she’s trying to be like Ann Coulter – same old black short skirt, and I doubt she ever washes it.

  12. TANK says


    That’ll do, pig, that’ll do. Why doesn’t someone have a megaphone for that?

  13. jakeinlove says

    I don’t understand why so few show up at their rallies but they’re able to raise so many funds for their causes. Must be a lot of ‘hooded’ haters out there.

    Good for WI.!

  14. says

    @JAKE: Yeah, that is interesting. Sorta like people who only say the “N” word in private around their friends.

    Yo Haters!

    Come out and show us who you are!

  15. says

    NOM is doing a great job mobilizing marriage equality folk in the heartland. Now we need to use the momentum to get the numbers out in Nov. for candidates who are willing to go to bat for us.

  16. SCV Malcolm says

    If Mag the Hag is so pro-marriage why doesn’t she wear a wedding ring? For someone who was SO strong an enemy of marriage equality, this bus tour is mobilizing the complacency of gay people and our supporters with regard to Prop.H8. This time we are really “coming out”.
    Thanks NOM, and Mag!

  17. ChrisM says

    This traveling circus isn’t generating any support nor is it collecting any money. The best of both worlds – they can’t attract a crowd and they’re spending a small fortune while not doing it.