1. Bill says

    Matt looks sexy, there is no denying that. I expect a lot of jeaulous gay men will write negative comments after me. They can’t handle an attractive gay man. They have to repeat heterosexual prejudices that gay people are never good enough.

  2. E. says

    Matt Bomer makes me crazy! It seems mean of the universe to create a guy so incredibly sexy and then keep him totally out of my reach!

    Seriously though, he’s great and so is his show. Looking forward to season 2.

  3. brandon says

    I don’t have anything negative to say about him, he is gorgeous (although i suspect he has the personality of a used car salesman, theres always a catch with guys this hot)

    But he does need to fucking come out. The whole staying in the closet for female fans is utter bullshit.

  4. TANK says

    It’s not bullshit, and he should not come out. But I don’t think I need to tell him that. If you have aspirations for a-lister, don’t come out of the closet…because it won’t work for you. There are no openly gay a-list celebrities. And as to happiness..rupert everett’s really happy, isn’t he?

  5. jimstoic says

    Is it time for him to start capitalizing on his sexuality instead of keeping it under wraps? I’m sure that should be his call, but I’m pretty sure the gay community would be happy to have another Super Gay Celebrity.

  6. says

    Thank you for making me completely forget everything I was working on — I shouldn’t check my feeds at work!

    Maybe if I look again I’ll forget to feel guilty :)

  7. Paul R says

    Oh come on, everyone knows he’s gay. He basically said so, and he lives an openly gay life.

    I honestly can’t decide if his show is any good or if I just like watching him. He’s perfect. I’m surprised they don’t expose his body on the show, since they do everything else they can to exploit his looks (which is fine by me).

  8. Spike says

    Um, Matt has never been in.

    And I don’t think he needs to tell every media outlet across the country whether he’s top or bottom just so some queen can sleep better at night.

    Sometimes people are the best examples when they just *live their lives.*

  9. says

    “If you have aspirations for a-lister, don’t come out of the closet…because it won’t work for you. There are no openly gay a-list celebrities.”

    So tragic about Jane Lynch and Neil Patrick Harris, isn’t it? They’ll never be offered top-drawer movies like “Knight and Day.”

  10. freddy says

    No out A-listers? Ellen and NPH? Rosie?

    The less celebrated ones rumored to be gay will start the wave soon. Closet living is done, as far as the young talent is concerned. It’s the press people and reps that are perpetuating all of the smoke and mirrors.

  11. TANK says

    NPH is not an a-lister. I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing him, but he was never an a-list celebrity who could command leading man status. He’s a perfectly competent actor in his own right, but by no means a super celeb.

    As to rosie and ellen, they’re not leading men, are they? They’re talkshow host comedians who’ve achieve a lot. No gay man has done what rosie or ellen have done.

    I’m not defending the closet. You have a choice. If you want to be true to yourself and open about your sexual orientation, by all means…come out. If you understand the sacrifice it will take to keep that from the public, but are willing to make it for money and status, stay closeted. Of course it would be great if tom cruise and john travolta, and everyone else in the closet came out…but it wouldn’t be great for them.

    As to jane lynch…more power to her (one of the few lesbians who can actually make me laugh in some of the roles she’s been in), but she’s no headliner.

  12. TANK says

    And don’t you think I’d like to be wrong? I would, of course. America is a very bigoted place, and extremely hostile toward its lgbt citizens. Not as hostile as backward shitholes like Iran, but pretty hostile for a developed nation. Its people are largely retrograde on human rights issues (by historical comparison). It’s christianity, and don’t forget that america is a christian country (by popular affiliation).

  13. TANK says

    Yeah…closeted. Only in your most feverishly satisfying dreams, DE. Look, fatold, just because I don’t have sex in public and enjoy bathhouses doesn’t mean that I’m a closeted freak.

    As to the content, old man, how many a-list celebrities (don’t redefine it and talk past my point) are out and proud? How many? Yes, none. We can’t even get out men to play our civil rights heroes, e.g., harvey milk.

  14. dave02657 says

    “Look, fatold…As to the content, old man…”
    Posted by: TANK | Jul 2, 2010 10:18:35 PM

    …hah. Not much hostility and self-loathing anger there, much, huh, oh wise and thoughtful one?

    “You’ll insist you’re right with you’re last self-loathingly closeted breath.
    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jul 2, 2010 10:06:02 PM

    …nail. Head. Meet hammer!

  15. Paul R says

    As much as Tank can get on my nerves, I often respect his views. I’m far more tired of David Ehrenstein accusing everyone in the world of being self-loathing and closeted. It’s constant.

    As for using real names, I stopped using mine when some psycho on this very site started linking to my profiles on social networking sites. I’ve no desire to be stalked, and it started happening. No thanks.

  16. walter says

    coming out has to be his own decision can’t we just enjoy a good show and hot hunk without always be about being out. people come out in their own way and time. matt is bashing anyone so just sit back and enjoy the scenery.only ones that should be outed are the closet cases who preach hate ie george rekers ted hagard linsay graham and the likes of them.

  17. nic says

    TANK is the michaele salehi of towleroad. the bitch was not invited; she is not welcome; yet she pops up like a pimple on the nose of discourse. and what does miss tank have to offer? she offers nothing more than cheap, crepuscular comments about another person’s age. what a sad, big, bloated thing she is. oh well, if you’re gonna go down in flames, you better make a bonfire. pity that it will be her only claim to fame. @PAUL R, how can you stomach that piss-ant? oh wait, you’re a log cabinette. you will swallow everything.

  18. says

    “coming out has to be his own decision”

    And letting him stay closeted when we know otherwise (becuase he’s “essentially out”) is our decision?

    Include me out, as Sam Goldwyn used to say.

    “TANK is the michaele salehi of towleroad”

    Love to see him in Michelle’s red schmatta.

  19. Scorchy says

    Oh tank, tank , tank. You are of the ilk of the Dan Savage loving variety. A garden grown pseudo-intellectual butt blug. A lavender Jesse Jackson. I’m certain you must offer yourself up, boner in hand, to the alter of Danny, Our Lady of the Demagogues.

  20. BBW says

    I really don’t get how he’s closeted.

    He lives openly with his male partner and their kids (and wears his wedding ring in public and at events), he supports gay arts and causes (he presented at an event for the Trevor Project the other day in NYC, with Dustin Lance Black), and he has never denied being gay.

    That, and of course all his fans already know he’s gay, and he lives his life so as to confirm that fact as far as possible.

    The only thing he hasn’t done is make some kind of announcement about his orientation.

    I’m assuming that is the only thing that would keep his detractors happy: he has to make a political statement in order not to offend your sensibilities. Living his life openly and honestly isn’t enough.

    Well, it’s plenty for most people.

  21. TANK says

    DE’s outing people who aren’t even gay. He’s furiously photoshopping heads and faces of people he’s outing on pornos and sending them to people they know. Indiscriminate outing. he shows up to movie premiers and screams “fag! fag! fag!,” at anyone walking down the red carpet…even paparazzi.

  22. Paul R says

    @Nic, for you to call me a Log Cabinette shows you to be, excuse the language, a fucking idiot. How did you possibly come up with that? I mean, really? I couldn’t possibly disagree with the GOP any more than I do.

    As I said, I respect Tank at times. At others he pisses me off—a lot. But that’s his goal, so I really don’t get too upset about it. I suggest you try to do the same.

    The least original posters on here accuse others of being closet cases or Republicans. I’ve been out 25 years (since I was 13) and have never voted Republican, but people love to claim that BS. Newsflash: it makes you sound like an idiot.

  23. nic says

    @PAUL R,
    your statement, “I couldn’t possibly disagree with the GOP any more than I do.” how does that make sense? parse it out for us.

    as to the “TANK” conundrum, you are on your own with that. i really don’t see a redeeming quality in him. nevertheless, i apologize for judging you hastily. perhaps it is owing to the guilt by association fallacy.

    do you actually think that i am a “fucking idiot”? i don’t think you are.

  24. nic says

    @tank, coming from you, why would it be a consolation? you are a stupid, stupid person. my comment was addressed to PAUL R, not you. you are a waste of time. no one cares what you think. from your user name to to your online persona, time and again you prove your insignificance: the sound and the fury signifying nothing.

  25. Landthat says

    @David Ehrenstein

    He’s out enough for me. People have to make a living.

    I just think that there is a time and place for people to be out. Maybe the time isnt right for Matt.

    NPH – His brand was well established before he was out. Everyone relates to that child star and probably views him as asexual (playing a hetero sexual guy).

  26. Paul R says

    @Nic, it means I disagree with the GOP on pretty much everything. Thought that was self-evident.

    Thank you for the apology; it’s rare. I don’t know you well enough to judge your intelligence, but I don’t know how you concluded that I was a Log Cabin member.

    My relationship with Tank depends on how argumentative I feel that day. I’ve spent a lot less time on the comments here lately, so I don’t really find myself arguing with him much. It’s pointless. That said, he’s not stupid; he just likes to belittle people, which is a major reason I don’t engage with him too often.

  27. BenLa says

    Looks, brains, talent, class, committed relationship – Bomer is perfection. And looks like we have some queerty loser regulars here – get a life and live it instead of preaching your bs to others.

  28. Rob says

    Matt Bomer is the ideal role model.He has worked hard at his craft and been rewarded with rave reviews and high ratings.He is educated and speaks in complete sentences, a novelty for many actors nowadays.He lives an exemplary life in a long term relationship raising a family and is quite charitable to varied causes, many of which are gay.All this while looking like a super model without the attitude.He will be the first ‘A-List’ gay actor, no doubt.To his detractors I would say focus your tragic and rather silly sounding rants on those that truly hurt the ‘gay cause’ not someone who is living a life others should emulate.And BTW, if you don’t like him, too bad – better get used to him – he is going to be a very big star and around for a long time!

  29. Mitch says

    Have never commented here before but some of these comments are just amazing.This guy is smokin’ hot and a great actor.Why is it always Bomer that brings out the rants and demands?I don’t recall the moral idignation and demands directed at Taylor Lautner,Zac Efron,Queen Latifa,Zach Quinto,Lee Pace and many others.I guess we are shallow and discriminate against beauty.And BTW on previous comments – Jayne Lynch – love her but far easier for a woman to be out in the biz, and NPH (now the patron saint of all gays) – I love him but he is no Bomer – NPH is an asexual good ensemble actor – Smurf movies,award shows and glee will do him fine. Bomer is a leading man, “actor’s actor” type so no apples to apples compare possible.And David Ehrenstein, find yourself a man dude and quit dumping on others!

  30. Jane Ballard says

    It must be tough to be out and then to go back in for the sake of the network and the show, as he has said. It could be actually a very painful sacrifice for him. Being closeted is so difficult; I feel bad for him.

  31. JeffBH says

    @Jane: Gee, he doesn’t appear ‘in’ when I see he and his partner and family at Gelsons, Coffee Bean, hollyood charity events, etc. with their wedding rings on looking like a model American family. Strange, you must go to different places than I.No need to feel bad for Matty – he is THE most sought after actor in the biz right now – he will break the old stereo-typecast mold with his talent and looks.He is handling this incredibly smart – any PR/buzz is good PR/buzz.We should all just enjoy this gift of talent and looks.

  32. Jake says

    seems out to me.maybe he chooses not to be a poster boy for our fickle community – smart idea – i would decline that dubious honor based on some of the crazy crap woven in this thread.he seems like solid guy and god knows nothing worse than a preachy out show biz type.

  33. Julianna Cooper says

    The character that Matt Bomer plays on White Collar is suave, intelligent and cunning. I like the part. I don’t care about his personal preferences.

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