Ruben Diaz Sr. Calls on Biblical Warriors to Fight Gay Marriage

Anti-gay New York State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., who was targeted today by Fight Back NY because of his ongoing battle against marriage equality, remained defiant, telling the Gotham Gazette:

Diazsr “The people of my district are very smart people they aren’t going to change senators from one who brings them housing and resources for a person who is just going to bring them gay marriage. It’s stupid– what they doing is making me stronger and i love it. They make me stronger, they should keep on doing it.”

But it's clear from a letter that Diaz sent out today that he is obsessed with gay marriage, calling on his God-fearing supporters to come to the defense of his fellow anti-gay bigot legislators!

July 28, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

On Tuesday, September 14, 2010 primary elections will take place in the Democratic and Republican parties to re-elect or elect people to represent our communty (sic) in the New York State legislature.

These election results will be vital to us as Christians and God-fearing people to keep our family, moral and traditional values that our ancestors left us and that the Bible teaches us.

Senators Shirley Huntley, Frank Padavan and Hiram Monserrate were instrumental in joining me to defeat the gay marriage bill in the New York State Senate. Today the State of New York does not have legalized gay marriage and we have to praise God and thank Senators Shirley Huntley, Frank Padavan and Hiram Monserrate.

They all risked their chances of being elected in order to take this stand.

We in the Christian community – and all God-fearing people – owe them our support, our respect and our help.

The homosexual community has targeted the three of them and put candidates – funded with money from the homosexual community – so their candidate can vote for gay marriage next year.

Therefore, I am counting on all of you to not only pray for Senators Shirley Huntley, Frank Padavan and Hiram Monserrate, but to also offer them all of the support and help that you can give during their re-election efforts or elections to another position.

As a State Senator, a Pastor, and a Christian, I need Senators Shirley Huntley, Frank Padavan and Hiram Monserrate back in the New York State legislature for next year when the gay marriage issue will take top priority in New York State. We do not have the luxury of losing these three legislators who have fought so hard for our family, moral and traditional values in the State legislature.

Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz



  1. Mike says

    What a truly sick individual. Imagine how much hate he is living with and how it must manifest itself in the lives of those closest to him. For his own sake, I truly hope he gets whatever help he needs.

  2. Brian says

    Yeah Ruben. While you’re thanking Hiram Monserrate, also thank him for beating his girlfriend and getting himself kicked out of the senate. Stand up with him all you want, it makes you look really good.

  3. One of the CA 36,000 says

    This asshole is a Pentacostal minister who brings ample pork to his district. His appeal is to the fundamentalist fascists in his district as well as those who feed at the public trough.

    He’s a pig through and through, and is happy to betray his party and his constituents as long as he keeps his power in the New York Senate.

    He’s dangerous and needs to be removed from New York State politics.

  4. bobbyjoe says

    Fight Back NY is on the right track, though. Politicians like Diaz almost always have some major skeleton in their closet, some corruption or subject they really don’t want people talking about. It’s usually why they sqwawk so much about things like gay rights, ’cause they think that keeps the bigots frothing about that rather than finding out the politicians are up to something immoral and/or illegal. And usually, because we play into their hands of fighting them back on the ground they want us to play– that of gay rights– they win.

    But Fight Back NY is saying “instead of pretending we’re “debating” them on gay rights, let’s look at what it is they don’t want us uncovering and talking about. And then keep pushing that in public and the media.” That’s exactly how to defeat these bozos. I hope they find something juicy on Diaz. Chances are, there’s something there.

  5. alguien says

    it seems one issue that needs to be underscored, highlighted and bolded is the issue that he supported hiram monseratte the guy who beat up his girlfriend on camera.

  6. Rich says

    Ugh. What year is this? His letter reads like something out of the 1980’s. Someone has probably tried to educate him about gay marriage (which doesn’t threaten traditional values at all), but he’s so close-minded and self-righteous it didn’t and can’t help.

  7. Robert says

    What a bullshit letter…why doesn’t he talk about how ALL the folks in Albany can’t get a goddamn thing done…like a budget…instead of the standard distraction of gay marriage…I pray they all lose so the state can function again…vote him so he can vote down gay him out because this putz couldn’t care less about NYS or it’s people.

  8. John says

    Of course there are enlightened Blacks, but lest we forget, it was the Black voters who defeated the Gay marriage proposal in CA. Blacks are much morel likely than Whites to be Fundamentalist Christians and very opposed to gay rights. This doesn’t surprise me.

  9. JT says

    That’s why Diaz is so opposed to the Arizona laws that got everyone in a tizzy. He wants more followers right here in the U.S. Interestingly enough, all the polls show that Catholic Latinos and Hispanics are pretty gay-friendly, whereas the Protestant and Pentecostal ones definitely are not.

  10. says

    John, you might as well say because he is a man or over the age of 45 he is more likely to be against gay marriage. This isn’t a war with blacks, men, older folks, or even Christians. It is a war with a certain mind set that some of those people have some of the time. As do some whites, women, young people, and non-believers. It also may come as surprise that some gay people work overtime to fight gay marriage while a lot of heterosexuals support it. This us and them mentality isn’t very helpful if it’s about anything other than the support for equality.

  11. Anonymous says

    There isn’t a snowballs chance in hell that Diaz will be defeated in his district. As much as we despise this man, our resources and effort are better spent on other races.

  12. walter says

    the man is an out and out bigot. he serves in one of the most corrupt political enities in the country. they are over 90 days late delivering a state budget. they closed the senate down bexause they couldn’t even chose their own leadership. it is time for term limits in new york and recall all these losers. monseratte beat his girlfiend became a repuk to ain control bounced from the senate and now wants to run for the assembly. goes to prove how far they will go to keep these plum jobs. time to add all these bastard to the unemployment rolls.

  13. Eboogiedown says

    Unfortunately, it is likely he will get re-elected. His challenger is not making that many waves and his his son (who’s views apparently differ from his fathers) is the Bronx Borough President and very well liked. His son has tried and failed to enlighten his father. This man needs to go, he does not seem to remember that this country was founded on SEPARATION of church and state precisely because they didn’t want religious conservatives or extremist to lead the community in that direction. How a Conservative Reverend can stay in office in such a diverse community baffles me. I know my community and the religious conservatives can organize very well and they vote in high numbers in this area of the Bronx. The final hope, and the enlightened light at the end of the tunnel is that I think the offices of Bronx Pride are located in his district so he obviously has a lot of LGBTQ constituents who he denies to serve. He DOES NOT represent his community well at all. I hope the voters vote him out in the primary!

  14. RED DEVIL says

    Of course there are enlightened Blacks, but lest we forget, it was the Black voters who defeated the Gay marriage proposal in CA. Blacks are much morel likely than Whites to be Fundamentalist Christians and very opposed to gay rights. This doesn’t surprise me.

    Posted by: John | Jul 28, 2010 9:10:52 PM

    UMMM John you dumb white faggot….Diaz…..he’s HISPANIC but your idiotic ass just can’t let go of CA and Prop8!

  15. Alex says

    Black people suffered terribly at the hands of the christian bigots.

    but many of them are the children of those christians, who raped black women slaves just to show their power.

    Being gay is built in, just as being str8 is built in

    Unfortunately it looks like hatred is genetic also.

    As they are singing down below while stoking the furnaces for Diaz and his kind………….

    Burn baby burn.

  16. Dave says

    We need to strip the tax-exempt status from religious institutions and we need to do that now. It’s ridiculous that we the people subsidize these fools. They need to pay their taxes same as the rest of us.

  17. E says

    Charlie Ramos is the guy we need to be takling about, the one that needs to replace this fool. Let’s give Charlie Ramos the publicity and a platform for discourse!
    Help to support him! He easy on the eyes too! A good debate will shed light on how inappropriate Diaz is for this office.

  18. stephen says

    pls don’t scapegoat black people for the loss of marriage equality in CA… it was a confluence of consensus from religious types; mormon, katholic, other.

    Oust this guy, for sure, but leave the race-politics out of the mix.

    Moving on…

  19. steve says

    With all that faces the world right now is witch hunting the gays really our top priority? I am so sick of these creeps using us to forward their “agenda”

  20. Chitown Kev says

    “i wonder if this horrific person will ever realize that he is standing against everything our founding fathers fought so hard for?”


    So many different ways I could take that statement (with the exception of a few of those founding fathers; Benjamin Franklin would be one of them)

  21. One of the CA 36,000 says


    Rubén Díaz is ethnically PUERTO RICAN. Race matters little here– what matters is he represents a heavily Puerto Rican district as a fire-breathing Fundamentalist “Christian”. A lot of poor immigrants to the US fall victim to fundamentalist cultists, who give them food, shelter and help with the whole paperwork mess– in return for life-long tithing and submission to their psychotic teachings.

    And BTW: For the LAST FUCKING TIME, the African-American vote did not really matter AT ALL in Prop H8’s results. Old religious white folk really swayed the vote here in CA; and those stupid fucks are dying off, so it’s simply a matter of time. We also need to blame overconfidence caused by pre-election polls showing support for our side (there was a clear Bradley effect; hypocritical people SAID they were on our side to not seem like the backward bigoted fucks they were, then they voted FOR Prop H8– the stupid assholes).

  22. Kenn says

    I live in Bayside, Frank Padavan’s home turf. I never voted for the bastard in the past on other issues, but I am actively supporting the opposition. My husband of one year (we married in Provincetown last 8/20) and partner of almost 31 years (this Sept.) have owned a home in Bayside for 26 years and deserve every single right that marriage bestows in the state of NY. It is a civil right that has nothing whatsoever to do with religion. At the end of every ceremony in every state, the words begin, “by the power invested in me by the STATE of…not by the power invested in me by Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Adonai, etc. We really need to get past this in our daily lives as citizens and devote the energy to health care, housing, JOBS…

  23. jamal49 says

    The really sad thing about this is that, demographically, Sen. Diaz’ candidates will probably get the voter turnout needed for them to win their primary races.

    The Bronx, Corona-Elmhurst Queens, Washington Hts., various parts of Brooklyn are hotbeds of evangelical christianity. More than any other group, traditionally Catholic Latinos have been going over to the evangelical side in huge numbers, not just in New York but nationwide.

    Also, in my area of Queens, the Koreans are also becoming very evangelical. The Koreans take their evangelicalism very seriously and they are very anti-gay marriage.

    The African-American church community, especially in Queens and Brooklyn are virulently anti-gay and on these types of social-cultural issues where religion can be used to foment distrust of, aversion to, and even hatred against LGBT people, the Blacks and Latinos march in lockstep.

    Ruben Diaz, Sr. is a vile man, probably one of the most unhappy and soulless persons ever. It’s odd, too, because his son, Ruben Diaz, Jr., is a real sweetheart and has been very supportive LGBT issues.

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