Sarah Palin Responds to News of Bristol – Levi Engagement


In a statement to the Today show, Sarah Palin responded to news of her daughter's engagement to Levi Johnston.

Said Palin: "Bristol at 19 is now a young adult. We obviously want what's best for our children. Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives."


  1. Strepsi says

    @ ANDY TOWLE: I can’t believe you didn’t include the rest of her response! The full statement:

    “Bristol at 19 is now a young adult. We obviously want what’s best for our children. Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives.

    I myself do not have that level of belief: I’d like to get the backstabbing little daughterfucker in a half nelson and poke his eyes out with my acrylic nails. Then, while he’s blind and bleeding, I’ll strip him off, throw him on the bed and ride him angrily all night, like I’ve always wanted to.”

  2. Bob R says

    Is there anyone who doesn’t believe this entire affair has been perpetrated by Sarah Barracuda and her political minions in preparation for a 2012 presidential run? Levi’s a loser and fits in with that clan perfectly. I’m sure Levi’s mom will benefit too, as part of the deal. Well, at least the baby won’t be a bastard child much longer, so there’s some good to come out of it all. I’m curious to see where mom-in-law puts Levi to work this go around.

  3. Butch says

    I’m dreading watching the 6 o’clock news tonight; will there be Iraq, Afghanistan, unemployment? Nah. We’ll get all Bristol/Levi, all the time. And the real question is, who cares?

  4. tyler says

    Poor Levi had his brief moment of clarity and a brief moment to escape. Unfortunately, he has fallen back into the darkness and will become “one of them” very shortly. Expect his condemnation and born-again status to be revealed soon.

  5. slippy says

    “Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives…”

    yep-she’s PREGGERS again. Obviously just say “NO” means NO —don’t stop pull it out DEEPER

  6. Bastian says

    This is all a very transparent orchestration by the Palin camp to remain in the news, advance themselves, and make money. Any claims to the contrary are laughable.

  7. jamal49 says

    Gee, I can hardly wait for Larry King to devote a full hour to Levi and Bristol. Better get myself lined up in the phone queue. (I wonder how Kathy Griffin is taking all this. Poor girl must be beside herself right now.)

  8. Harry Hornee says

    Oh, my, how fickle is towleroad. Not so long ago, when he was being paid to trash the family, everyone here was horny for Levi and panting over the prospect of seeing him nekkid and giggling over the anti-Palin stories someone had scripted for him (you know he can barely write).

    Sure he’s a dope, but he was a dope when he was with the family and when he was against the family and he’s still a dope now that he’s with the family again. And no one at towleroad really gave a damn about him at any point, they were just politically-motivated users like the the Republicans were.

    I don’t and never did pretend to care about this stupid family myself, but if I did I would want the oafish yokel to have a good relationship with his child and the woman she knocked up. He doesn’t owe me anything politically.

  9. john b says

    They must have paid him a BOATload of money! This is a sure sign that Sarah is going to make a run for President. Bristol and Levi even admitted after the last fail election attempt, that they had been broken up for a while, but continued a farce for the press. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the cameras are not around. I’m sure they still hate eachother!

  10. TANK says

    well meemaw weighed in at the trailer park meetin’…what’s peepaw hafta say about all these doins?

    I can’t stand these people. Not even interesting in a trashy tabloid way.

  11. FrancoisTrueFaux says

    @Bob R

    No matter how much I agree with your resentment of the Palin clan, your usage of “bastard” perpetuates an outdated heteronormative concept that is condescending to couples (gay and straight-unmarried alike), and I would urge you to rethink it.

  12. ChrisM says

    Think I’ll wait a couple weeks and see if a wedding actually happens or if this is just another publicity stunt perpetuated to keep the Palin clan in the spotlight. I don’t think Levi would be involved if it was intended to benefit Sarah but I’m not sure he’s bright enough not to figure out when he’s being used. Also, be interesting to see how long before the next baby arrives.

    As for Sarah’s 2012 Presidential aspirations I honestly don’t believe that she wants, or intends, to run for President. Right now she is a money making machine ($12 million in 2009) and she won’t be able to make that kind of money if she’s running and/or elected. Money is like a drug and once you’ve gotten a taste of it you never want to go back. She has very effectively avoided voicing her future political intentions and I think that is because if she says she isn’t going to run the money will dry up and if she says she is going to run it will be difficult for her to continue on the gravy train because many shelling out the big bucks for her appearance will have to reconsider due to legal restrictions placed on candidates. Guess it all comes down to which is more important to Sarah – the money or the fame cause regardless of her decision it will be all about Sarah.

    However, should she decide to run it will be vital to pay attention to whom she chooses as VP because we all know that 18 months after being elected she’ll quit and we’ll be stuck with her VP being elevated to President.

  13. Tom A. says

    Does anything think this is NOT just a publicity stunt? They are on the cover of US Weekly. They would NOT be if they went on hating each other.

    It reminds me of the whole Ben Affleck J Lo thing a bunch of years ago. It was all done for the publicity, but we all knew they’d never actually get married.

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