1. Michael @ says

    IF, as Pentagon Parrot Geoff Morrell insists, the survey ISN’T homophobic then why frame gay servicemembers as childlike sex maniacs who MIGHT only be able to control themselves if the straights they might share sleeping quarters or showers with sit them down to:

    “Discuss how we expect each other to behave and conduct ourselves”?

    IF they are ABSOLUTELY not considering ANY type of segregation why ask 400,000 troops if they believe they could only succeed in combat with an ALL HETEROSEXUAL unit?

    IF they’re NOT even CONSIDERING facility changes, why did Chair of the Joint Chiefs ADM Mike Mullen say to the Senate Armed Services Committee on February 2nd that:

    “even infrastructure changes to be made certainly seem plausible”?

    IF Morrell is tell the truth and it’s just a matter of the Great American Shower Curtain Gap, then it is time for every gay American to show their patriotism and enlist in my campaign to PUT A CURTAIN IN EVERY SHOWER from the “Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli; we’ll be there, followed by more; farewell to college joys; for where’er we go, you will always know that a shower curtain is waiting for you!”

    Share with some of OUR people some of those millions of taxpayer dollars they’re spending! Nate Berkus has his own line of shower curtains! GIVE HIM THE CONTRACT and Obama First Fan Oprah could dedicate a week to “Military Makeover” shows featuring Nate. And everyone in the audience could go home with their own Nate Curtain. WIN-WIN!

  2. Jonathan OZ says

    OK, Senator, let’s try this as an explanation. Let’s suppose 60 years ago your family had wanted to move into a community with a restrictive covenant that excluded Jews, African Americans, maybe even Irish Catholics and Asians. Would you have thought it fair for the people deciding whether your family ought to be entitled to buy a house in the community to base their decision based upon a survey written by a racist and anti-semite and directed only to those within the community with the restrictive covenant?

  3. Observer1000 says

    If bathroom decor is such a problem for the military then maybe you should allow gays in your military, don’t ya think. If these bozos can’t even design the heads properly then I shudder to think how they design a missile defense system.

    How’d that ‘shock and awe’ work for you?

  4. Dan says

    The Pentagon never conducted a survey when women were on the verge of entering the military. Of course, I’d love to read what they would have written had they chosen to circulate a survey on female integration.

  5. scott x says

    Uhhh, Jonathan….Levin is not your enemy. He has been out front on this issue for the gay community. He noted that he get’s that the gay community has a right to be outraged about the survey. He noted that troops weren’t surveyed about women. His comment about it being good to get feedback is balanced by saying that this information gathering needs to be clear that it’s not a means for derailing the change. It’s very common practice when instituting a systems change to find out the baseline knowledge or attitudes of the systems participants, to both create a sense of buy in and to identify potential barriers to systems change.

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