1. TampaZeke says

    To be completely accurate and in tune with the existing NOM symbol, the red and blue nooses need to be interlinked.

    Besides, it would make it so much warmer and fuzzier.

  2. Hue-Man says

    Since we’re talking extermination of millions of people, should add the word “permanent.” Get the trademark application in quickly, the red and blue can easily be replaced with Ugandan or Zimbabwe stripes or Vatican yellow…

  3. stephen says

    I DID see that…

    Next thing you know, the tea-baggers will be saying only SOME of them are racist!


    This graphic is too sexy though, truth be told, the image of that man should be circulated with a caption like, “does this man represent YOUR America? Support Marriage Equality”

  4. Craig says

    You know, I’d really have a lot more respect if they just did something like this and admit what they really want. I am so tired of the lies these people tell while hiding their actual agenda, that no one would ever go along with. What disgusting people. Great graphic!

  5. comodude says

    This post is way unfair. Both sides of this debate have crazy people, and we shouldn’t try to paint their entire organization as supporting the noose concept unless we’re okay with them picking someone out of a pride parade and claiming it represents ALL gays.

  6. TANK says

    comodude: FUCK YOU, KAPO! This is a radically bigoted antigay organization that opposes gay rights. this is the natural progression of those beliefs.

  7. says

    “Both sides of this debate have crazy people . . . ”

    Really? Are there people on our side of the “debate” seriously suggesting that straight people should not be allowed to marry because a family that includes straight people can never be a real family? Because THAT would be the other side of the debate. And who in a pride parade is trying to deprive anyone else of rights? So much self-loathing (or trollness) in one comment,, it’s hard to know where to begin . . .

  8. says

    Actually, I was being too kind, Comodude. The people in the pride parade would be calling for the death of straight people. If that were the case, your cry of “unfair” might have some justification. Otherwise, it’s just another example of a gay person bending over and giving the opposition dignity they don’t deserve. Fortunately, they’ve done more on their little “straight love tour” to make themselves obsolete than we could ever do. Way to go, NOM!

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