Tom Colicchio to Ride on Bear Float in L.A. Gay Pride Parade

Following an appearance on Andy Cohen's Bravo talk show in which he was asked about being a Bear icon, chef Tom Colicchio is now booked for next year's L.A. Gay Pride parade.

Colicchio The Dallas Voice reports:

"Short, shaved-headed and stockily built, Colicchio has been a sex object to gay men, especially in the bear community, almost since the show first aired. It’s a role the straight chef accepts with humor and grace.

'I was on Andy Cohen’s show on Bravo [Watch What Happens, which films in Los Angeles] and said I was mad at the bear community: The gay Pride parade was going on, and no one had asked me to be on a float,' he says. The show was soon flooded with calls, including the editor of Bear’s Life magazine. The end result? Colicchio is already booked to ride on a bear float in next year’s L.A. Pride parade."

(via eater)


  1. Lars says

    Well, I must say I haven’t given Tom Colicchio much thought until now.
    Way to go, dude! Good for you.

  2. TANK says

    Ya know for italians, this [riding a parade float] is considered skilled labor…yes, it’s wrong…but it was funny in caddyshack.

  3. daws says

    Tom is a cutie. Beautiful, beautiful eyes. I’m a big fan of the show since I like to consider my self a chef. Toast and cereal being my specialties.

  4. says

    It’s nice that Tom, who I think is married, has signed on for LA Pride 2011. Having said that, I stopped watching Top Chef regularly after Season 4. I may not know the intricacies of ho cuisine, but I know when a show is just plain unwatchable and snobby. I don’t find any value in watching already established chefs battle it out for $100,000 “to make their culinary dreams a reality, furnished by GLAD” and “a spot at a Food & Wine festival” while acting like major league assholes.

  5. TANK says

    I don’t really watch any of the “chef” shows. My father had me a dish dog when I was twelve (“gonna teach you the meaning of a hard day’s work, pussy!”), and I’ve worked in kitchens in basically every capacity…and these shows are just…it’s just not reality. I’m sure many are good chefs in their own right, and who would watch what really goes on in your average restaurant kitchen…but I don’t like these ridiculous competitions, because it doesn’t prove anything…and no truly amazing chef would do these things for the most part (ming tsai excluded–though he’s never had to prove) would do this shite. Most great chefs are below the radar…and for good reason…mean drunks with great senses of humor that would never pass censorship (and then there’s the rest).

  6. SCV Malcolm says

    I know that TOP CHEF Tom is married…BUT…

    married to a man OR to a woman?