Variety Ad: GLAAD, African-American Groups Call on ABC and ‘The View’ to Publicly Correct Misinformation on Black Men and HIV


GLAAD, the National Black Justice Coalition and the Black AIDS Institute today published a full-page ad in Variety calling on The View and ABC to publicly correct disparaging misinformation from Sherri Shepherd and D.L. Hughley on a June 22 episode (see third video) of The View blaming Black men for increased rates of HIV in Black women, despite evidence to the contrary from the CDC.

More than 3,000 people participated in GLAAD's original 'call-to-action' yet no action has been taken by the show's producers or its hosts.


  1. DeWayne says

    I don’t think the View and ABC are necessarily responsible for the opinions of D.L. Hughely and Sherri Shephard. After all, isn’t Sherri Shephard the one who maintained that whether the earth was flat or not was a matter of opinion? This just seems like a case where a small (3000 + petitioners)number of people are upset because of an unfair criticism directed at black men, who take enough unfair criticism as it is. But again, it wasn’t ABC it was Hughely and Shephard, who prolly have their own internalized racism. When blacks say dumb things about other blacks it isn’t racism its misinformation I guess.

    Also, it seems to me that “downlow” African American men are not going to self-identify as either gay or bi, so any survey, etc. regarding this matter is going to be questionable. (Certainly from what I’ve read culturally homophobia is more ingrained in the African-American community than it is in American culture as a whole.) Moreover, I would suspect that there are a significant number of African American men who are HIV+ who have not been identified by the CDC. Don’t we have 40 million uninsured? I’m guessing — hopefully without racial prejudice — that a disproportionate number are African American men.

    Where’s the outrage about people being able to vote whether their fellow men or women can marry, based on their sexual orientation? This seems trivial in comparison. Sorry if I have offended anyone, but that’s the way I see it.

  2. Jeebus says

    Okay so Miss Dewayne is starting up with her idiotic stupidness!
    I can just imagine the racism that is getting ready to gear up on this thread!


  3. daftpunkydavid says

    yes, there are bigger problems in this world; however, i’m very happy they decided to do this. a someone in the health sciences, who once had to correct a teacher spouting the same fallacies, i am glad it’s getting this kind of attention, so that easy conclusions like “them bisexual black guys are fueling the hiv/aids epidemic” are finally put to rest. we are all entitled to our opinions, but facts are objective.

  4. Jeff says

    I watched that show and caught that little tit-bit right away. A gay guy sitting next to Miss Shepard tried to correct, but as usual, she just yelled louder over him.

    So how many people with DIE because of this?

  5. Bryant says

    I realize that this is a talk show rather than a news program. But people still LISTEN to the hosts/guests on this show and form opinions and ideas from what is said there. Because of that fact alone, the hosts and producers need to realize they have a RESPONSIBILITY to their viewers for the things that fall out of their mouths, especially when it may effect a person in a matter of life and death. Expressing an opinion is one thing. Distributing misinformation to the public is another.

    However, I don’t think ABC alone should be responsible for the misinformation being spouted on the show. I also think the producers of the show and the hosts should be held accountable as well. But since this is a show shown and produced by ABC, the buck stops there. Corporate America would hold a parent company responsible if an employee was giving the company a bad name so why not a television network. Corporate America would also fire employees for making them look bad in the public eye. Looking bad means they loose money. I am sure that won’t happen to the hosts from this particular program (since stirring the pot gets them ratings) but it makes you wonder. I guess ABC and their corporate sponsors need to be hit in the pocketbook a few times to get them to see reason.

  6. Jane Roe says

    “Certainly from what I’ve read culturally homophobia is more ingrained in the African-American community than it is in American culture as a whole.”

    Another myth that needs to be disabused. White culture is cruelly and systematically homophobic. Who are the those politicians writing and signing state and federal laws that discriminate against gays?–not black people.

    In every single state that gay marriage has come up for a vote, it has failed. This country is still about 70+% white. It’s fun to pin the blame of homophobia on minorities. It lets white gays let their friends, families, neighbors, etc. off the hook.

  7. Max says

    Jane Roe claims that “White culture is cruelly and systematically homophobic.”

    Is this true?

    Same-sex marriage is legal in Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, as well as Mexico City and parts of the United States (CT, DC, IA, MA, NH, and VT).

    CT: 84.3% white, 10.3% black
    DC: 40.1% white, 54.4% black
    IA: 94.2% white, 2.7% black
    MA: 86.2% white, 7.0% black
    NH: 95.5% white, 1.2% black
    VT: 96.4% white, 0.9% black

    Same-sex marriage is recognized, but not performed, in Aruba (Dutch only), Israel, Netherlands Antilles (Dutch only), and parts of the United States (MD, NY, RI).

    MD: 63.4% white, 29.4% black
    NY: 73.4% white, 17.3% black
    RI: 88.5% white, 6.4% black

    Civil unions and registered partnerships are legal in Andorra, Austria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Hungary, Luxembourg, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Switzerland, Wallis and Futuna, United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

    In Africa, only South Africa and Reunion recognize any kind of same-sex relationships. The BBC estimates that homosexuality is illegal in 38 African countries. It is punishable by death in Mauritania, Sudan, and parts of Nigeria.

    Wikipedia (same-sex marriage info)
    U.S. Census Bureau (race demographics in the U.S. by State)

    With few notable exceptions, generally, white culture is far more accepting of homosexuality than black culture.

    Jane, I suggest you check the facts before you open your filthy, racist mouth next time.

  8. JT says

    Max : Some people can’t handle the truth if it doesn’t go along with the pre-set agenda. Gays especially. They don’t think, they just REACT : must hate : Republicans, Jews, most Italians, Israel, Catholics, American southerners, Irish, Irish-Americans, dogs. Must love : Palestinians, Vermont, African-Americans, cats, Baby Jane, Democrats. All of this would be fine in many cases, but with gays you don’t veer from it no matter WHAT. Don’t think. Just go along with it. Or else you’re not being a gay-gay!

  9. Dizzy says

    Why take an ad out in Variety, an industry mag that View watchers don’t see? They shouldve gone for US Weekly or even USA Today. I get that maybe they wanted to reach Hollywood insiders but raising awareness among average Americans is how we’ll win our struggle

  10. Bryant says

    @ JT: I totally agree. But this a problem that afflicts most people, not just we gays. Everything has to black and white. What most don’t realize that the world is mostly made up of shades of grey. I guess gathering information and comparing facts before making a decision is just to hard and complex for most. Or we have just become to lazy to think for ourselves.

    I also believe, until the gay movement starts changing things instead of reacting to them, we will not make a difference in our own lives and others.

  11. JT says

    I agree, Bryant, that lots of other people in the hetero majority don’t understand the shades-of-gray nature of the world, but I’ve found gays to be especially guilty of it in the most robotic manner.

  12. Jane Roe says

    Max and JT, two Republicunt racists and ardent defenders of racist, utterly and hopelessly homophobic whites. We get it, you guys have tribal loyalties which you defend. That’s really cute. It really is.

    Look at the House votes for DOMA, for example. The nay votes largely come from the Congressional Black Caucus–you know those people represent the backward homophobic blacks.

    The yes votes are a bunch of Saltines from both parties.

    But blacks are more homophobic. You tribal sentiments and white sheets will have you believe that not matter what.

  13. B says

    LOL, clearly max has sherri shepard syndrome. Last time I checked, those states, well and I guess the other countries too, passed marriage equality/ gay marriage recognition through bills that weren’t voted by the public, so I don’t know why you posted Wikipedia racial breakdown statistics kiddo. (and statistical surveys/census classify spanish/hispanics of non mexican heritage as white, correct? So…)

    As for the whole, my culture is more homophobic than your culture talk, like religion, there can only be one correct answer right? I mean there’s some contradictory information going on. Suffice to say, no religion is better than the other, they all suck. and bigotry transcends all color lines, but every individual is responsible for their own thoughts/actions.

    So in conclusion, dewayne, max and jt, fuck you, fuck you and fuck you. =D

  14. Chris says

    Well Max or John In Boston or whatever,

    If whites are so fucking accepting to Gay Culture and Marriage then you and Miss JT answer this. Blacks don’t control shit in the Gay Community, or in American Society. So why is it a white politician that keeps striking everything down?

    It’s not Blacks in Hawaii, It wasn’t Blacks in Maine and It wasn’t Blacks in Arizona and Missouri who had it put into their constitution to NEVER allow Gay Marriage. Those were voted on by majority CAUCASIAN citizens of those states!

    But we can’t get girls like you and Miss JT to only admit to it that would be shameful to admit that white people have the power to keep the LGBTQ Community down. So you use issues as such to prove your racism behind a computer screen of course.

    Before you continue your vileness of your rants clean up your own dirty house before talking about someone else’s

    Reading is fundamental fag. Read what a white professor says about Prop 8 statistics NOT TRUE you know that CNN shit everyone keeps using as the holy word you fucking idiot

    I’m done with Girls like you two!

  15. Max says

    Jane, do you ever think before you post? First, you call everyone a racist if you don’t like what they say, then you use words like “Saltines” or “cracker” (from a previous post). *You* are the racist, and you proved nothing with your link. Who are the members of the Congressional Black Caucus? What percentage of these members voted “nay”? Can non-blacks join this Caucus?

    B, two points:

    1. You are correct when you state that “bigotry transcends all color lines, but every individual is responsible for their own thoughts/actions.”

    2. You state: “I guess the other countries too, passed marriage equality/ gay marriage recognition through bills that weren’t voted by the public.” In other words, you don’t know, but it’s not relevant anyway. We vote for representatives who pass laws for us. This is more common than a referendum.

  16. TANK says

    This is so much fun!

    I’m so sick of the SICK defending the causes of hiv/aids with whatever weak justification that they can come up with for seroconversion. It’s a horrendous illness that will kill you in a gruesome way. And in the meantime, you can take expensive medication regimes with side effects until that happens. Awful.

    As to the higher rates of hiv/aids amongst black women in the AA community in the u.s. (compared to white women), to insist that the main cause is anything other than closeted black men is making excuses for what amounts to manslaughter…and when they knowingly infect, murder.

  17. TANK says

    And I don’t any white person who gets offended by being called a saltine, or a wasp…if you do, it’s…well, it’s alien to me.

  18. DeWayne says

    I thought that Andrew Sullivan demonstrated that the strongly pro prop 8 vote among African Americans in California was what decided the election. I have ridden public transportation with enough church ladies to know that they are not approving of homosexuality regardless of race or creed.

    Let’s get real.

    Another example of the effect of homophobic culture on an increase incidence of aids is the Dominican Republic. Look at the statistics. They are truly frightened, and I think many people would attribute it to the men mostly for economic reasons swinging both ways with tourists.

    Sorry, but “down low” activity does cause for aids, I don’t give a flying f*ck what the CDC says.

  19. GrabbinNewscum says

    I love it how someone posts basic statistical facts proving wrong the assertion that “white culture is systematically homophobic” by showing that in fact there are majority white states and countries that have passed pro-gay legislation – And then that person gets accused of racism and not toeing the Politically Correct line that white people are Devils responsible for all evil in the world.

    Seriously, people, learn the facts and shut your fat flappy lips shut.

  20. TANK says

    “I’m so sick of the SICK defending the causes of hiv/aids with whatever weak justification that they can come up with for seroconversion. It’s a horrendous illness that will kill you in a gruesome way. And in the meantime, you can take expensive medication regimes with side effects until that happens. Awful.”

    that said…I always feel compelled to temper my hatred of hiv/aids (and I hate the disease…I fucking hate it)…with compassion. One of my best friends seroconverted at 22, and you can still live a LONG life WORTH LIVING with hiv/aids. It interrupts my overarching message of wrap it up, wrap it up, whatever you do, wrap it up…but I don’t hate people with hiv/aids; I hate the disease and what it has done to my people. HIV/AIDS has done to the gay community what crack has done to the black community…and it breaks my heart.

  21. Bruski says

    Miss Dewayne, Allow me BITCH to define termination based on race.

    Blacks, Latinos= Down Low
    Whites= Discreet you know the chatline ones (I’m a Bi-discreet married bottom looking for raw dick)

    How many of them are being tested, How many of these motherfuckers in OPEN relationships are being tested. The “OPEN” thing is very prevelant in white Gay Male circles.

    I have that answer for you….NONE!

    And if folks are the “DOWNLOW” so to speak why would they get tested????

    Think about it faggot everything the CDC, or whomever else say is NOT always concrete. But this has been a great tool for fags like you and Max, and JT to spew your hatred about African Americans! Like they really care.

    Would you care to do it LIVE IN PERSON?