1. Bob R says

    Given the level of hate and inequality experienced here in the US and the progress so many other nations are making in the area of gay rights and marriage rights, perhaps it is time for American gays to think about becoming expats. I think about it often, but I’m too old and too ill now and my survival is tied to Social Security. But, I will say if I knew in my twenties what I know now, I would have sad farewell to America many years ago.

    I’m really not a good capitalist. I don’t have that greed and lust for wealth and tons of material things that make America popular. I’ve always lived modestly.I’ve always been comfortable and able to get by, which I know I could do in almost any country I would have chosen. My military duty gave me a chance to see other cultures and countries and I learned first hand America is not the greatest place on earth. Unless of course you crave wealth, then it does present more opportunities than most other places. But for living and living well, there are many better places on the globe.

    I congratulate Argentina on its social progressiveness. Your national leadership had the courage to defy the Catholic church and the powerful influence of the Mormons. I have no doubt they will seek punishment and retribution in one way or another. I only wish America had such courageous leadership. But we don’t, and there is little if any hope of finding such a leader on the horizon.

    I also cheer on Spain and Portugal and a host of other nations that have also shown the courage to defy regressive religious poison to become socially more progressive and enlightened. As with slavery, America will be one of the last if not the last major industrialized nation to change. Aside from the ability to become the next Bill Gates, America doesn’t offer its youth very much hope.

    For true freedom (not the kind America propagandizes about), better health care, education and just plain lifestyle, look elsewhere than America. Now I know I’ll get flamed as unpatriotic and encouraged to leave it since I don’t really love it, so be it. That’s my opinion and for the time being I’m entitled to it. But just imagine, Argentina can now look at the US and call us a Banana Republic, a corporate run oligarchy becoming ever more regressive, while so many other nations around the globe progress socially, morally and economically.

    I wish Argentina every success and will not cry for you. Instead I cry for America and what it’s becoming.

  2. candideinnc says

    America is a political and intellectual backwater. I agree with the previous writer. If I weren’t in my 60s and needing the benefits of Social Security, I would leave in a heartbeat. Argentina has enlightened leaders. We have Blue Dog Democrats like Obama and Neanderthal Rethugs.

  3. Congratulations to Argentina!!! says

    Ricky Martin:

    #Argentina votes yes on gay marriage law! A great nation making history
    about 6 hours ago

    #Argentina, nacion pensante, tolerante y justa hace historia al decir SI al #matrimoniogay! Ejemplo para el resto d latino America! Felicidades!
    about 5 hours ago

  4. jack says

    @bob r you can keep your social security as an expat in many countries, and at least costa rica has availqble nat’l health insurance and first rate medical facilities. cost of living, while rising is still far lower in the states. i will soon be 67 and expect to be in CR before i am 68.

  5. Jeff R. says

    America: “Liberty and justice for all”… but, if you’re gay? Forget! We are treated as second class citizens in this country(WE CAN’T EVEN DONATE BLOOD!!!) I’m so ANGRY! Aren’t you?!? Our equal rights have been put on the back burner by our President once again. If Civil Rights had been put to a vote, state by state, it would have NEVER passed. Happy for Argentina? I’m jealous and filled with more anger against our country.

  6. Fahd says

    How great that an Argentine government was able to rigorously debate and come to a decision. I worry about the stability of their governments however. Let’s hope some right-wing crackpot extremists don’t take over in a couple of years and they round up all these newly married couples and they “disappear” (see also Iran and Iraq).Uruguay is a safe haven I’d trust more.

    I like because it documents the struggle both here and abroad.

    It does seem that America among nations is turning more and more into the early retiree in his boxer shorts watching fox news and yelling at the TV, but I haven’t had my coffee yet.

  7. Martin FLL says

    to Bob and Jack

    Bob you are very courageous to speak like this.

    I personally (from Germany) need UAFA to pass in the US before anything else… Gay civil unions or marriage in the US are further down the pipe of changes. But that can of worms has not really been opened yet. But when?
    I can’t be with my US partner and have to fly back and forth between Germany and US and I do this now for the last 10 years… I bring my own healthcare which is good for any doctor, hospital or drug in the US, money, I am retired… I bring money to the US but immigration gives me lots of problems.
    Because of immigration we moved to Costa Rica. My partner got very sick (cancer), treatments were not available, his Medicare drugs could not be shipped from the US to Costa Rica (CR did not let them in). Healthcare of CR is a myth! Public healthcare is a nightmare. If you have a private contract which covers hospitals like CIMA, Clinica Biblica… that’s another picture but also another price tag!
    We moved back to the US for the sake of my partner’s health and had high hopes… Obama…
    We could have moved also to Europe as we are legally partnered in Germany, he would have gotten access to healthcare in Germany (for all the European countries)… but my partner’s health needs tropical temperatures… so we are stuck in Florida and I am stuck with immigration.

  8. Doug says

    I dare anyone watch these powerful, powerful videos and not cry. I am not one who cries easily…but DAMN…that was truly one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen (favorites folder …click!)

  9. Maximiliano Novoa says

    we argentinos are pretty happy about that!
    it’s feels son wonderful i hope this wave start changing america.
    and let me tell you guys something, our budget is way to small than the us Non profits.
    so it’s not about money it’s about hard work .

  10. Clifford Gbur says

    CONGRATULATIONS ARGENTINA I am retired in the USA and trying to become an EXPAT and live my last days in a decent country.

  11. SFshawn says

    Having visited your beautiful country years ago I applaud your DEMOCRATIC process and for demonstrating to the world that equality,fairness and mutual human respect can still be achieved even against centuries of religious dogma,inept and corrupt politicians,corporate greed,etc.

    Congratulations to all those who made this achievement happen.

  12. Dev says

    Beautiful country with beautiful people. I guess that settles where my next vacation will be.

  13. Bob R says

    @Jack: I have had friends go to Costa Rica and not recommend it. It has become way too popular with American retirees and so the cost of living is going up and medical care is not that great if you don’t have a good income to contract for it. I have been told Nicaragua is a better choice and that you can live very comfortably on about $1200 a month. I’ve also been told Ecuador is also very nice and inexpensive. I have CHF/COPD and diabetes which require daily meds. Right now I get those via the VA for pennies. I couldn’t do that outside the US. Medicare outside the US is another matter, so I would have to purchase a number of medications just to make it from day to day. My partner is Poz and depends on ADAP and Ryan White for medication and treatment, so that adds even more problems to the mix. I could leave him and move on my own, but we’ve been together almost 30 years, and we are committed to “til death us do part” although not legally or officially. Plus, we’re still in love, although some days more than others. So, I’m pretty much stuck here, but we’ll survive. Still, anyone with the where with all to get out of the US and move to Canada or Europe, I would encourage to do so. I wish I had. I often dream of what my life would have been like in France or Spain or Italy, but now I’ll never know. Good luck to you in CR.

  14. Lexxvs says

    You can not imagine the amount of energy invested by the last forces of evil –the religious right and the old fashioned fascists in disguise- against this law and even so they lost. They are a minority and had little accord with the rest of the population but even so they tried so hard to avoid this law, wasting their last bullets against this fundamental right that ultimately turned against them as they were seen as what evidently they are: intolerant wackos.
    I never thought Argentina –who saw one of the most grueling dictatorships of Latino America- would became so tolerant about that theme, jumping above those euphemism as the civil union for the entire country. So there’s hope for everybody people. Don’t get silent. Don’t concede. Don’t surrender.

  15. TO BOB says

    for those of us who have fought to become naturalized Americans, you are living some sort of fantasy only in your head. I live, cherish and I’m extremely proud of being a part of this country. The capitalistic system is what you make of it – its up to YOU whether to partake in it to the extent that this country offers it. BUT, i much rather have the option of participating in a vibrant competitive economy than living in a country of hopeless economic turmoil. If you believe life is better in Argentina and are incapable of believing in the key, core foundations of this country, move there! many of us foreign borns,are willing to die to partake in the “life. liberty and pursuit of happiness” that those courageous British rebels fought so hard to achieve. Yes, it is not a perfect country, but I much rather be here than anywhere else. A country of freedom, overall prosperity and yes there is still more opportunity here than most places in the world. Try the Argentinian public health, educational systems and labor market – the three of them are awful! I found your comments extremely offensive and obscene, fight to stay in this country for its well being, and prosperity not by turning away thinking the world is better elsewhere. You truly do not deserve American citizenship!!

  16. TO BOB says

    ..yes, if you have experienced hate and inequality here in the US, fine, fight for equality and stop wining! have you joined the HRC and or similar groups? Google them and you’ll easily find them! Yes, we have a long way to go towards gay equality in this country, but we are making progress. Just the fact that we are able to gather, ponder, and openly challenge federal and state govt with our issue(s) is in my view: AMAZING for such a young country. Change does not happen overnight and persistence for equal rights in America have payed off in droves. The level of harassment and social ostracism towards gays in the majority of countries in the world is unspeakable – try any middle eastern country, most countries in Africa, caribbean -your anti american comments are frankly terribly disappointment for a foreigner like myself who not only values American history and values but is FREE to live as I please as an openly gay person. More FREEDOM in America (despite its obstacles) than most places on earth. How blind can you be?????????????