1. Drew says

    Hunter’s right; larger dumbbells should be used during the workout to make this seem more sincere. Maybe the ad creators thought that would make him look more like a ‘meathead,’ which has a negative connotation to many.

  2. jaragon says

    Nice looking guy but really the spritzing should have come after (not instead) of a shower- now do a sequel in which he strips and drops the soap… : )

  3. ChrisM says

    I find this disgusting. And because of products like this (thanks to the makers of the awful smelling AXE) more and more jocks are finding it perfectly acceptable to refrain from showering after their workout. Aside from the lousy body order problem there are also other health related reasons why even if the spray is antibacterial (which this isn’t) it is not as effective as a good shower with hot water and soap.

  4. NIck says

    They’re not showering anymore cause gay gym showers have become rife with pervs with camera phones and other creepy unsavory characters who linger just a little too long.

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