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    First off, a dual confession: I’ve never heard of this guy before, and I don’t watch The Daily Show. So I don’t know how much to take seriously or not. Is the whole episode supposed to be comical and satirical, or just the host/interviewer’s comments? In other words, does this guy really believe what he said, or is this just part of the show? Someone please enlighten me.

  2. Vito says

    @Timotito– Yes and no. The Daily Show does report news but does it in a very satirical fashion. The person whom the host is interviewing really does believe in what he is spewing but the Daily Show usually mocks wingnuts like that. So the person whom he is interview, he believes it. The person who is doing the interview, making a joke out of him.

  3. Gregoire says

    Why do wingnuts continually sit for what they should know will be a mockery session? Eh, who knows, I’m just glad they do. Jason is the BEST at going into the lion’s den.

  4. TampaZeke says

    Very clever how Jason got Lively to flat out admit that he HATES gay people.

    I have to ask, why does Lively stop at uncovering the gay Nazi conspiracy. Why doesn’t he have the balls to expose the WHOLE truth, that the Nazis were actually Gay, Gypsy, Jehovah’s Witnesses Jews. You don’t get any more savage than THAT! In fact ALL of the people that they exterminated were just to cover up the fact that they themselves were ALL of those hated minorities.

    It’s time that he publish a new, updated, tell ALL book, “The Pink, Green, Brown, Yellow Star of David Swastika”.

  5. TANK says

    Saw this last night. I’d say funny, but it’s too pathetic and vile to laugh at…especially given the stakes.

    This is an industry for people with no other marketable skills. People like tony perkins and this lively joker couldn’t survive in a corporate milieu. The only skill these douchebags have is frightening stupid, bigoted people with outrageous lies and divine “retribution” for money.

  6. Lexxvs says

    The guy is so dumb that when he said “I’m not homosexual” he implicitly affirmed “while I hate the gays the most”. Lol. What a shrink case.

  7. nic says

    what a skid mark. realy? gay people are savage killing machines? now i understand why we attack and kill heterosexuals on a daily basis. now i understand why states are slowly enacting hate crime legislation to protect straight folk. they fear us, but they know that heteros need protection from homos.

    the fat, bearded guy is demented and/or profoundly stupid. thank the gods for the “daily show”.

  8. ganymeade says

    Scott Deadly got his start in Oregon pushing anti- gay legislation as ballot measures for about a decade. He was with a group called the Oregon Citizen’s Alliance and was peddling the same, tiresome, hateful crap. He actually was sued and lost for injuring a lesbian woman who attended one of their meetings. He dragged her by the hair and shoulder to throw her out. He is a self loathing loony tune who is deluded and dangerous and deeply and obviously troubled. It is scary because people believe this stuff. The Glitzkrieg gag was priceless. The interviews were brilliant and funny. Go daily show!

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    @ Timotito —

    I have personally had an extended email debate with Dr. Lively. He is very real, and those are clearly really his views — believe me, he has attempted to defend them to me — and finally prohibited me from reprinting the debate in its entirety – which I had intended to do as backup for an article on his extremism. The Daily Show used the interview to make fun of his extremism, but he is real, and exactly as he appeared in that show. He’s a holocaust revisionist – and so listed by the Wisenthal Center (I consulted them directly at the suggestion of a colleague to verify that they had him so listed – they do). He is also the co-pastor of a sizable suburban church and the author of at least one book in which he attempts to make his case.

    Kind regards,


  10. Helmut says

    The Nazis frequently blamed others for what they did themselves, merely to disguise themselves and make the people go after their opponents. Moreover, from quite some of the ‘big g(a)uys’ amongst the Nazis, their homo- or rather bisexual orientation had been known – there are various sites on the internet for study. Looking at todays neo-nazis or ultra rightists, it even seems, that there is some kind of linkage between bisexuality and a fascistoide mind. If you look at todays situation in Turkey for example, you have the same tendency: while rightist groups crack on homosexuality, they do not reject bisexuality. But the point is, that a man never would do homosexual practises anyway – this is a matter of attraction and feelings and not of choice – so it is correct to say, that those bisexuals which chase homosexuals actually are homosexuals themselves, which also do sex with the other gender (be it they feel like or only want to show off as man). They want to be man, the best of all men (nazi’s superiorism), and so they hate that, what ‘diffames’ them – actually one could say: they hate themselves. Bisexuals have a split identity by default of their double orientation, maybe one of the reasons for the excesses of the nazis.

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