1. says

    Fortunately, Bill McCollum has been steadily sliding in the polls week by week, month by month. He’s now tracking well behind Alex Sink and Rick Scott. McCollum is his own worst enemy.

  2. rob says

    Isn’t it funny when people are afraid to discriminate against others because they fear the same will happen to them? Just shows you how hypocritical and completely out of touch these people are with reality!

  3. Rocco says

    I like how he wouldn’t answer the question of what should be done about the children left in foster care who the hets would NOT adopt:we will continue to pursue male-female couples to adopt those children(paraphrase). So, Bill’s religious beliefs not only dictate public policy, but trump what is in the best interest
    of children(to be placed in a loving and stable home with a family who want them).
    I know that the Child Welfare League, NASW,etc. have filed amicus briefs in the case against this cruel law, but I love how he tries to justify how he can’t find expert witnesses who will defend this absurd law.
    Hopefully this idiot’s (political)days are numbered.

  4. db says

    Of course, maybe the reason these other people were “afraid” to speak is because they knew they were in the wrong and that their testimonies would be based on nothing more than anti-gay bias.

  5. says

    So they should be afraid to speak out the bigoted biased unfounded tripe that passes for expert testimony……
    As Dave above says it is junk science and no amount of conjuring will make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  6. Bart says

    As a gay man who has adopted two children with his partner, I’ll put up my children’s growth, happiness, education, emotional, physical, and mental well-being against Bill’s kids. And my kids would win. Because they don’t have a constipated, self-righteous, theocratic, liar for a father.

    And like Rob, I found the same irony very interesting…he couldn’t find people to testify because of their fear of discrimination when that’s exactly what they are doing. Frankly, he couldn’t find anyone else to testify that was as credible as Rekker’s…Rekker’s is the best they got on that side, and look how that turned out.

    This guy is going to be an astrick in Florida politics. But sadly, all the unadopted children in Florida who could have a loving home with a parent or parents who love them may never have that because of someone so disgustingly anti-family, anti-child, as McCollum. He’s vile and ignorant. And as a gay parent whose two greatest gifts in life are my children, I’d like to put my foot so far up McCollum’s ass it would actually hit his head, which is way far up there.

  7. walter says

    mccollum is dandereous he spouts out lies buys perjured testimony and then side steps the questions when challenged.he owns the people of florida an explanation of the fees paid george rekers. since they were higher than approved. and were actually worthless. this man must be continually challenged or he will be the next governor of florida.

  8. Roman Bolliger, Switzerland says

    Says McCollum: “I don’t believe that the gay family model is good for the kids.”
    I say: Beliefs are a matter of religion, not science. A serious politician should not be a missionary trying to impose his personal beliefs onto citizens paying his income with their taxes. He should be basing his actions on scientific evidence, period.

    When you see what happened in the medieval Europe (Inquisition) or in the actual Iran (the Mullahs and their Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) you can clearly see that it is utterly bad to mix and confound religion with politics.

    Christian beliefs are no guarantee but often rather a menace for democracy an civil rights.

  9. Fulton says

    His defense is rather clever…it implies that there are experts out there who could prove his point. His defense is also rather overused. The “I’m afraid to” defense is getting old and I hope people are beginning to see it for what it is…cowardice.

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