Watch: Florida AG Bill McCollum Doesn’t Like Gay Adoption, Says He Hired Rekers Because Other ‘Experts’ are Afraid to Testify


In a new interview with Sun-Sentinel Broward Politics, Florida gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Bill McCollum defends the hiring of "ex-gay" fraud George Alan Rekers. Rekers, you may recall, was the state's only witness in its case defending Florida's ban on gay adoption, and was caught in late April returning from a vacation with a "rent boy".

Here, McCollum explains that Rekers was not an "expert" but was a "scholar" hired because he had "the expertise to admit documents." McCollum claims that it was difficult to find other experts on gay adoption because people are afraid to speak out against gays because of fear of discrimination due to the political climate on college campuses.

Rekers was paid more than $120,000 in taxpayer money for his "expert" defense.

McCollum also discusses his "political, personal view" on gay adoption. Basically, he's a bigot:

"I don't believe that the gay family model is good for the kids."

In related news, a University of Virginia study was released this week saying just the opposite:

"In a sample of 106 adoptive children living in different parts of the United States, youngsters were developing well regardless of whether they were living with lesbian, gay or heterosexual parenting couples. The study found that whether or not adoptive children were developing in positive ways was unrelated to the sexual orientation of their adoptive parents. The finding appears in the August issue of the journal Applied Developmental Science. "We found that children adopted by lesbian and gay couples are thriving," said U.Va. psychology professor Charlotte J. Patterson, who led the study. "Our results provide no justification for denying lesbian or gay prospective adoptive parents the opportunity to adopt children. With thousands of children in need of permanent homes in the United States alone, our findings suggest that outreach to lesbian and gay prospective adoptive parents might benefit children who are in need."