1. says

    As an Entomologist, I can say this is a HUGE over-reaction. Blow-fly maggots don’t “attack” people- they eat only dead flesh, live flesh is of no interest to them; And they don’t “look at you” either- kind of hard to do without eyes. The only Dipteran maggots you really have to worry about are Bot-Fly maggots, and these are clearly Calliphorids (Blowflies); probably they were attracted by some spoiled meat in the galley or something of that nature. There was no real need to turn the plane back- Maggots are fascinating and adaptable little guys, but they can’t exactly commandeer an aircraft!

  2. Harrison says

    First of all — cool! — another entomologist on Towleroad. I agree with WIRRRN; these look like calliphorid larvae. The passengers’ reactions and the reporter’s goading (“Was it disgusting?”) were over the top. These and other maggots perform useful functions by cleaning up decaying organic matter. I know that doesn’t sound appetizing, but think of the consequences if they didn’t do their job. I guess from now on, TSA will be screening us for maggots.

  3. BobC says

    Uhmmm, I hate to be the spoil sport but really, if I’m paying for a seat on the plane, I really don’t want maggots, as facinating and useful as I acknowledge they are,dropping on me. It’s bad enough having to sit in the middle seat, pay $$$$ for a lousy sandwich and not have the screaming, seat kicking kid behind me. Ah, the glamor of airtravel!

  4. Fix It Again Tony says

    “Stewardess! I wish to complain! My sandwich doesn’t have maggots.”

    I loved her saying “when they’re on your lap, they look like they’re 10 inches long.” Dear, you sat in the porn-star section. That’s the guy next to you.

  5. niles says

    It disgusts me to read the maggotphobia on this site. As another reader said, they just want to lead productive lives, and we should welcome them into our lives, our homes, our modes of transportation, and even our restrooms.

  6. SFshawn says

    Only on Towleroad would you have 2 Entomologists commenting with intelligent insights. :) LOVE IT!
    Thanks BobC for the laugh and I couldn’t agree more.

  7. JSH says

    @WIRRRN: You wouldn’t happen to be a “Doctor Who” fan, would you? Because that’s the name of an alien insect species the Doctor battles in a story called “The Ark in Space.”

    Plus the third “r” was added in the book novelisation of that story…

    To everyone else: Yeah, I’m a gay scifi nerd — deal with it! 😉

  8. says

    Harrison- Us Gay Entomologists have to stick together; like Fruit Flies!

    JSH- Yes, mad keen WHO fan since I was a kid. ARK IN SPACE is my favourite episode, and deals with giant parasitic space insects, so I had to go with “Wirrrn”!

  9. says

    OK–What the heck kind of reaction and response was the reporter expecting when she asked, “Was it disgusting?” I agree with our Entomologist friends that this is probably not that big of a deal; but most people would find maggots to be “disgusting.” Was she expecting the passenger to reply, “You know, I actually like maggots. They weren’t disgusting at all. They were great!”? lol

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