19 Men Publicly Lashed for Gay Wedding Party in Sudan

A Sudanese court ruled that 19 men violated Sudan's morality codes after being discovered wearing women's clothes and dancing during a raid on an alleged "same-sex wedding" party, sentencing them to 30 lashes and a fine, Reuters reports:

Sudan "Many of the defendants tried to hide their faces from the around 200 people who watched as they were lashed straight after their sentencing. The men had no lawyers present and said nothing in their own defence.

The trial judge said police had raided a party thrown by the 19 men and found them dancing 'in a womanly fashion', wearing women's clothes and makeup. He said there was a video of the party and that one woman who was present had fled the scene…Local newspapers reported that the party was held to celebrate a same-sex wedding, propelling it into a talking point all over Khartoum's conservative Muslim society. The court on Wednesday made no mention of a marriage ceremony.

One lawyer present, who declined to be named, said legal advocates would have been afraid to take on such a defence."



    Well at least they were not shot, kerosene-d, burned, and then hanged as warnings to those who may be so inclined….LOL! Lashing? Seriously?

  2. says

    It’s stories like this [and little Angel Roy] that is chipping away at my ‘faith’ in humanity as a whole… and please, don’t preach at me that these incidents are isolated… they aren’t. If humans aren’t down and out physically harming they’re fellow human beings out of [bigotry-mostly religious based]… we’re circumventing someone elses rights through laws… or even FAR worse, we’re silent towards those that are.

    There soon will be to few worth a hill of beans anymore to justify humanity’s continued existence.

    um… we’re not talking bondage-play from consenting adults here “S”, I’m sure… have you ever been hit by a ‘lash’ meant to hurt/harm? To this day I carry a mark across my cheek from the bull-whip I tried to master [don’t ask me what bug got up my ass for trying-must have been having a ‘gump’ moment]… suffice to say, it hurt like fuckin’ hell and we’re talkin’ one lousy swing!

  3. Randy says

    SSCHIEFRSHA, I fail to see any humor in this story. Lashing is a serious punishment. These men will carry scars for the rest of their life and probably be outcast as a result. Not to mention infection and nerve damage that may be caused by this form of corporal punishment.

  4. g_whiz says

    When compared to the momentus occasion of the Prop 8 overturn…its a jarring contrast. Injustice anywhere should be an affront to our better natures. Just plain sad.

  5. charley says

    It’s stuff like this that has made me stop caring about any of their problems in Africa.

  6. says

    gee. They want to export this attitude everywhere under Sharia law. Lashing as hard as they can hit with a leather whip breaks the skin, causes deep lacerations and bruising, and is a terrible punishment, especially if the lasher is sadistic, striking the same spot several times. It would take the back down to the rib bones, exposing them.

  7. GregV says

    I’ve been to a lot of male-male weddings and at not one of them was a single man wearing women’s clothes or make-up.
    I always get the impression that details on the gay-related stories coming from these undereducated societies have been trumped up and exaggerated in order to drum up hostility toward gay people.
    Maybe there was a party with “feminine” dancing and the homophobic authorities thought a “wedding” scene would make it sound more scandalous.
    …Or maybe there was a celebration of a commitment b etween two men and the authorities decided to come with dresses, force the men into them, and take pictures to outrage a transphobic society.
    But the stories they come up with always seem to have a whole host of elements that sound somewhat unlikely and have the stench of exaggeration all over them.
    In any case, nothing in the description has any business being illegal anywhere! All civilized societies should denounce this kind of injustice in no uncertain terms.