About the Banner #41, #42

Those of you who have been to Provincetown might recognize the most recent banner as the collaged wallpaper in one of the bar's bathrooms. Click to enlarge.

And I shot the photo in the banner before that on a chilly, wet day on Fire Island. Click to enlarge.

Both banners had their proportions constrained from the original images, and that's why they appear slightly off.

For more, "About the Banners", click HERE.



  1. nic says

    the restroom banner is evocative and well cropped. as to the ivy on the blanched fence, it suggests pristine life in its green and red vitality struggling against the odds and the worms that eat out the life force. “oh, WORM, thou are sick…” i’ve taken some poetic license. ok. i’ll stop now. you have a good eye, andy.

  2. SKB says

    Thanks for posting info on the banners. I have been very curious about the collaged one since it was put up. Much appreciated.

  3. Christopher says

    Thanks for the information. Your banners always make me feel I’m going somewhere interesting. . .yet, remind me of where I’ve been. (Look forward to the next one.)

  4. ruben says

    I thought I was the only dweeb that appreciated the banners. They are just an added bonus to your wonderful site. thanks.