Ann Coulter to Headline Party for Gay Republican Group GOProud


Ann Coulter will headline HomoCon, a September 25th party "celebrating gay conservatives" in NYC.

Writes the group: "Today, GOProud, the only national organization representing gay conservatives and their allies, announced that conservative author Ann Coulter is headlining their first annual Homocon – a party to celebrate gay conservatives. 'The gay left has done their best to take all the fun out of politics, with their endless list of boycotts and protests. Homocon is going to be our annual effort to counter the ‘no fun police’ on the left,' said Christopher Barron, Chairman of the Board of GOProud. 'I can’t think of any conservative more fun to headline our inaugural party then the self-professed ‘right-wing Judy Garland’ – Ann Coulter'….'I can promise you, Homocon 2010 will be a hell of a lot more fun than chaining yourself to the White House fence,' concluded Barron."

GOProud recently inspired protests after defying a boycott of the Manchester Grand Hyatt, The hotel's owner, Doug Manchester, donated $125,000 to the Proposition 8 campaign.

(via Good As You)


  1. ColinATL says

    So I’ve decided that GOProud is much more about thumbing their noses at gays and liberals than they are about actually accomplishing any pro-gay accomplishments or policies. What a sad reason to start a club…

  2. Jim H says

    Or said another way – how low can they go? “Judy Garland” – right. If Ann suddenly loves the gays, she sure has little respect for the principles we fight for.

    OTOH, it all makes sense: they completely deserve each other.

  3. Tom A. says

    oh wait, what? This isn’t a joke? maybe their site was hacked?

    When is the Jews for Hitler event? Cuz gosh darn it, opposing the gas chamber is SOOOOO last century, and NO fun at all!

  4. doug says

    she’ll be hilariously insulting, like a female(?) Don Rickles. I’ll stick with Kathy Griffin…she likes us.

  5. Greg says

    ‘I can promise you, Homocon 2010 will be a hell of a lot more fun than chaining yourself to the White House fence’ UGH!!

    Sorry Chrissie…they never said fighting for our survival would be fun

  6. John M says

    The event is at the end of September, they really couldn’t find a better drag queen by then?

  7. Chris K says

    If that’s supposed to be a cartoon version of Ann Coulter, then it’s missing an adam’s apple.

  8. Wes says

    Love how they attack the left for being “no fun”.

    Yea the right wing is all about fun. Pure gay hating, gun toting, god fearing, poor exploiting, racially divisive, earth trashing fun!

  9. Gregoire says

    Why not just invite Maggie Gallagher as well? She’s faaaabulous.

    What a sad little clique.

  10. Wes says

    “our gays are more macho than their straights!”

    notice the casual swipe at effeminacy too. classy!

  11. MikeMick says

    Coulter will have the biggest cock in the room. Not to mention the biggest Adams apple.

  12. Alex Parrish says

    What a sad pathetic group of self-loathing ho-mo-sex-u-als. Shame on them; oh wait — they’ve already got more shame than they need — OK — pride on them — they need to grow a little of that instead of dancing gaily to the gas chambers.

  13. True Words says

    It is FUNNY to me that some gays would boycott Hyatt…but none of this “anger” came close when Mr. Manhunt donated to the Republican Party…how many guys closed up their accounts and walked away…too many gays are hypocrites!!

    Judy Garland was a total drunk and drug addict; yeah she had a great voice and lots of gays listen to her music but please stop this homage and Kathy Griffin a media whore…these are the role models that the gay community wants to continue to support and give credit to..

  14. Ted B. says

    WHAT ??
    Has the site been hacked?
    Is there any independent confirmation that this is legit? Are they insane?

  15. TampaZeke says

    I’ve come to the conclusion that GOProud is simply the political action wing of

    Their ONLY purpose is to piss off gays and liberals.

    I think their proclaiming “our gays are more macho that their straights” says a WHOLE LOT about their motivation. They are racked with shame because they are gay men with deeply ingrained beliefs that gays are weak and pitiful and unmanly and subjegated to straights so they’re doing everything they can think of to make themselves feel more manly, more powerful, less victimized and the best way they feel they can do that is to be anti-gay, anti-feminine, anti-liberal, compassionless, boorish, rude and everything that Spike TV tells them that REAL men are.

    Yet even after doing all of these things to convince themselves and those they admire most that they are REAL men and worthy to be in the “in” crowd they THEMSELVES, AND the people they admire most, whose love, approval and respect they so desperately seek, still think of them as faggots.

    Sad really.

  16. walter says

    first they support manchester now ann the cunt goproud are not gay. they are probably either some right wing group or a sick group of repuks. this like the jews who supported hitler because they didn’y want to be out of step. remember goproud if you are gay the repuks will still throw you under the bus only not as quick.

  17. B-rod says

    I guess “fun” for gay GOPers means being called “faggot” to your face. Hilarious! Who knew?

    Members of GOProud are such self-loathing individuals….no wonder they are marginalized by the gay community. They would sell their mothers (and boyfriends) into prostitution for a tax cut.

  18. Acronym Jim says

    Yeah, she’s a perfect spokesman for these self hating loons:

    “I thought gays just wanted to get married to one another and settle down in the suburbs so they could visit each other in the hospital.”

    “You would think there were “Straights Only” water fountains the way Democrats carry on so (as if any gay man would drink nonbottled water).”

    Way to stereotype, ya putz.

  19. True Words says

    Wes, not everyone gives a shit about “gay marriage or Prop 8″…so suck my fat dick until it spills out on your lips…

  20. Wes says

    True Words, you can find plenty of folks on Manhunt for that. If you just want to get off and don’t give a shit about gay rights, fine. Just get out of the way.

  21. princely54 says

    The only reason for this group to exist is to piss off the left leaning gays. Otherwise, they do NOTHING for gays. Having this shrew at the show is only to put a finger in the eye of the left and nothing more. She will stand there and make ugly, nasty “jokes” (she can’t tell one to save her life) at their expense. It will be like a room full of ‘house negroes’ sitting in a room while the master ‘toasts’ them on what good little workers they are….

  22. daftpunkydavid says

    if what true words says is rue about the manhunt guy, then i agree. you can’t just boycott when it’s easy. the point is, you boycott because your principles can’t be mitigated by some earthly desires. oh wait? you mean, manhunt doesn’t count?

    as for ann coulter, as much as a fame whore as she is, you gotta give goproud props for bringing her on board. it remains to say what exactly **is** “the board”, but you know this is will not sit well with the religious wing of the republican party. i applaud anything that makes their political power diminished.

  23. thomas says

    Upon seeing the poster, I said, “Ahhhh! What? No? Ahhhhhh! I can’t ev-Ahhhhhhhh.No-”

    I don’t get hypocrites like these.

  24. says

    Cause nothing’s more FUN than a room full of self-loathing gays (they’re HomoCons in more ways than one) and a crazy anorexic drag queen! Well, actually, it does sound fun, in a desperate (we have to announce it’s “fun” 100 times so someone will believe us) trainwrecky real housewives kind of way. They’ll need special cleaners to hose out the delusion after that extravaganza.

  25. gomez says

    the fuck? do they understand she called john edwards a “faggot”?

    dang they are self-haters.

  26. True Words says

    ANTI-GAY POLITICAL DONATIONS BY TARGET EXECUTIVES EXPOSED…another posting here on Towleroad posted today 08/06/10

    “From Crispy” but it is worth sharing…

    The Gap’s PAC contributed to Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman… Coleman opposes recognition of same-sex marriages by either the federal or state governments. In 2004 and in June 2006, he voted in favor of such an amendment to the United States Constitution that would ban any state from issuing marriage licenses to people of the same sex. When he was mayor, Coleman refused to sign a city proclamation celebrating the annual gay pride festival.

    “So does that means NO more Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy??”

    From Crispy: I just searched for Francis Blake, the CEO of Home Depot. In 2008, he contributed $7,000 to the campaign for Ga. Senator Saxby Chambliss… who voted YES to ban gay adoption, voted to amend the constitution to define traditional marriage, and has a 0% rating from HRC. Additionally, he contributed $10,000 to Home Depot’s PAC, which funded a broad range of candidates including Michele Bachmann.

    Do we boycott Home Depot too?

    All I am seeing is a pick and a choose of whom/what to boycott…let’s get a list (with some serious fact checking which is not going to come from the HRC); let’s get serious and let’s not be hypocrites like the ones we are against…

  27. anon says

    Ann’s been off the radar screens lately, probably because her books sales have been so poor she can’t get the TV gigs as much, so this, from her perspective, is what she is reduced to: entertaining people she normally professes to loathe. Quite ironic. Next up: Maggie G. does pole dancing for lesbians at the HRC.

  28. Bart says

    I’d rather drive nails into my forehead that watch Anne Coulter. Having her as a headliner at anything other than the sinking of a ship is so that the gay Republicans can remember why they don’t f*ck women.

    And as far as the oh-so pithy and hilarious “Our gays are more macho than their straights,” uh fellas, your straights (Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, and all those sad sacks in Congress and the House) wouldn’t stand up to a minor ass kicking at any gay gym in the United States…talk about a bunch of blobby, prissy, self-involved men — oh, that’s almost any gay Republican too, except you can add self-hating to that too.

    Enjoy the show, boys…and don’t forget to put your napkins in your laps, you wouldn’t want anyone to see that two inches rise up when Anne takes the stage.

  29. says

    Well, I guess if Elton John can entertain Rush Limbaugh, the current can go both ways.

    Every Minority Group has its Uncle Toms, and we’re no different…

  30. BCLance says

    They don’t do a thin to advance gay issues, but will gleefully celebrate and take advantage of the progress made by real gay groups. I wig I believed in he’ll, because these self-serving, self-loathing hypocrites would go there.

  31. Randy says

    You have GOT to be f—ing kidding me.

    If this is true, I no longer believe that anyone associated with GOProud is actually gay. And why should they be? It’s not like anyone checks.

  32. FizziekruntNT says

    That goddamn iPhone autocorrect got you too, BCLANCE, eh? Haaa! Sorry, just a moment of levity.

    Anyway, I thought it was a joke, and someone earlier mentioned the Onion, which, moments after the the overturning of Prop 8, had their own little satire “One man, one werewolf” which actually, I failed to see the humor in. Ordinarily the site is hilarous. I could have sworn this was another attempt, but sure as f@ck, these morons have made the announcement on their site. Seriously? Jeebus.

    *nonplussed x 2*

  33. TampaZeke says

    @TRUE WORDS, “…like the ones we are against…”

    Who’s this “we” that you refer to. As far as I can tell YOU are FOR just about all of the people most of US are AGAINST and are AGAINST those that most of us are FOR.

    Concern trolling doesn’t work when you try to do it in the same thread where you 10 minutes before expressed your REAL opinions. If you’re going to try to concern troll in the same thread at least be smart enough to change your screen name.

    Just a tip for future reference.

  34. AG says

    @TRUE WORDS: “It is FUNNY to me that some gays would boycott Hyatt…but none of this “anger” came close when Mr. Manhunt donated to the Republican Party…how many guys closed up their accounts and walked away…too many gays are hypocrites!!”

    You know not every gay man is a (Democratic) partisan hack.

  35. says

    GOPutrid comes to mind when I think of Ann Coulter and her ilk. And the sad part of this whole fiasco is that these morons won’t even realize she’ll be mocking them the whole time! But it’ll be fun! GOPutzes works too.

  36. Ruddigore says

    Since Ann Coulter has no actual talent, I will assume that the Judy Garland reference means that she’s addicted to Benzedrine.

  37. says

    This makes me SO angry that I can hardly stand it. This right-wing bitch has always been anti-gay and offensive. OF COURSE Republicans would RATHER you pay $$$ and hob nob and keep the poor away from fighting for civil rights. If you want rights, you have to FIGHT for them – sorry if the right wing thinks that’s “just no fun” … These people are fucking STUPID, end of story.

  38. booka says

    This is NOT funny, or clever, it is sickening. Our Human Rights are on the table now. Stop tolerating those that would compromise or take away those rights. Boycott, protest,vote; do whatever you have to, to rid our community of this self loathing & desention.

  39. TonyJazz says

    I guess so-called ‘True Words’ is GOProud, as he fits that self-hating mindset.

    Does anyone know if anyone attended their unfortunate event in San Diego? Does GOProud represent more than 2 or 3 people (probably not)? I wonder if they are getting funding from Rupert Murdoch….

    Uncle Toms! (I hope no one is going to bed with these fools)

  40. Jeff R. says

    She called John Edwards a faggot and called Al Gore a “total fag”… is this the fun part of politics, Mr. Barron? And all those “endless list(s) of boycotts and protests.” Poor Mr. Barron… it’s so exhausting fighting for AIDS legislation and gay rights. But, don’t you worry, have fun instead, and let someone else do all those endless BOYCOTTS and have your Homocon 2010. Let them eat cake, right?

    So, Anne Coulter’s doing this Homocon for free, right? She’s such a kind person, isn’t she?

    FRIENDS don’t let friends vote Republican.

  41. jamal49 says

    TrueWords: Actually, quite a fuss was made about Manhunt donating to the Republican Party.

  42. TampaZeke says

    To all those blathering on about why we here didn’t raise a fuss about Manhunt, it took me exactly 20 SECONDS to do a Towleroad search and find these:

    READ the stories AND the comments. They prove, without a doubt, that you are either incredibly ignorant of facts or willfully dishonest and asinine; or maybe a combination of all of the above!

  43. Steve says

    I worked as a limo driver in LA early last year and received instructions to pick up Ann Coulter at LAX. One of my proudest moments was refusing to pick her up.

    GOPROUD could not be any more self-hating.

  44. Attila says

    Now that we’ve expressed our mutual dislike of Ms. Coulter- let us return to hunting for naked gay Tom Hardy pictures and for those casual encounters, fun!

  45. jexer says

    That seals it. GOPound is just a bunch of masochistic slave-boys looking for a good daddy to humiliate and spank them… they’re no longer happy with it staying in the bedroom they crave that shame 24/7.

    I can’t think of any other reason for their utterly self-defeating alliance with the party of overwieght old white whales. Oh and honey… our gays are more butch than your straights too… so shut it.

  46. stranded says

    What seems to be missed in the statement is GOProud’s dissing of Lt. Dan Choi, a man who served his country, came out on national television, and chained himself to the White House fence to protest DADT. What, in return, has GOProud done? They’re having a party! And that trumps Dan Choi’s ridiculous sissy efforts for gay rights any day, right?

  47. Zach says

    “I’ve come to the conclusion that GOProud is simply the political action wing of

    Their ONLY purpose is to piss off gays and liberals.”

    Well, there’s a lot of overlap in thought and membership between the two groups. Someone rightly pointed out that most of these guys don’t actually have well-rounded political philosophies, they simply hate liberals because they perceive them to be weak and naive, and hate being forced to contribute to the betterment of society.

  48. TANK says

    I don’t know why it offends…I mean, I do…but they’re not a gay rights group…and really, who cares what they do? they’re a tiny, insigificant portion of the gay community…a blip on the map…they have no power within the republican party, and no voice…similarly, they have no power in the gay community, and no voice… They actively are opposed, in many cases even hostile, to gay rights…do black people do anything but laugh at other black people who despise being black and other blacks? The only appropriate response to every member of goproud and everything they do for attention is laughter, and if not that…just completely ignoring them.

  49. bobbyjoe says

    Hee hee. Only rightwing knuckleheads wouldn’t get the irony of proclaiming themselves “more macho than their straights…” immediately followed by a reference to Judy Garland.

  50. artsenyc says

    Is this for real !!! I thought it was joke! my god this has SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE skit written all over it…
    We are no fun!..Ann Coulter…. LOL , Oh god, this can’t be real, I can’t believe this is real… I need to see this!!… pleeeeeease someone post this on the web when it happens!

  51. DH says

    Here’s a quote from Ann to the New York Observer a few years ago:

    “During the gay-marriage debate, these black ministers would come on TV and say things no white conservative would say. ‘Sodomy? You’re going to burn in hell for that!’ And I realized to my delight that if we can get blacks to be conservatives, we have an entire race of Ann Coulters. They do not care about politically correct. It would be so much fun. And they are conservative! I’m going to specifically appeal to them. I decided it’s the only free speech I’m willing to give this year. I will go to a black church and talk about gay marriage. The brothers aren’t big on queer theory.

  52. says

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