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Focus on The Family Says School Anti-Bullying Curriculum Forces Kids to Learn That Homosexuality is Normal

As Steve noted in his round-up, Focus on the Family has taken aim at a program from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network called "Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation and Youth" which is being provided to public schools around the country in an effort to stop bullying and promote tolerance of LGBT youth, so that incidents like the Lawrence King murder don't happen.

Justhefacts Focus on the Family is again raising objections to the booklet, although it is supported by a coalition, formed in 1998, of medical, education, and mental health groups, and has been published for several years.

The Denver Post reports:

"Focus on the Family education expert Candi Cushman told The Denver Post in Saturday's editions that the Christian group supports bullying prevention but that the issue "is being hijacked by activists." "We feel more and more that activists are being deceptive in using anti-bullying rhetoric to introduce their viewpoints, while the viewpoint of Christian students and parents are increasingly belittled," Cushman said. The Colorado Springs-based group said conservative Christians are portrayed as bigots for their opposing viewpoints, while public schools increasingly teach students that homosexuality should be accepted...Focus on the Family took aim at a 24-page GLSEN booklet titled, 'Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation and Youth.' It will be delivered to public school superintendents around the country, Focus on the Family said. 'The theme: Schools are only allowed to provide one message about homosexuality—that it's normal and should be embraced,' Focus on the Family said. Byard said the idea for the booklet came from GLSEN but that it was authored by a coalition of medical, mental-health and education organizations."

The Coalition producing the booklet consists of the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Counseling Association, American Association of School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers, American Psychological Association, American School Counselor Association, American School Health Association, Interfaith Alliance Foundation, National Association of School Psychologists, National Association of Secondary School Principals, National Association of Social Workers, National Education Association, and School Social Work Association of America.

You can read the booklet, AFTER THE JUMP...

Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation and Youth.

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  1. The Post article, unfortunately and like a lot of what appears in the Denver Post, was a bad example of stenography posing as journalism. Focus was allowed to spout off, obviously without any challenge from the reporter, and there were a couple of obligatory quotes from "the other side."

    Posted by: Butch | Aug 30, 2010 9:49:22 AM

  2. They got nothing, not then, not now, not ever. They are a sick group of Christians that want to impose their faith on the rest of us, pure and simple. They don't care how many kids kill themselves as long as they can imagine that a loving God will take them to eternity.... Fools. If there is a God and if there is a hell those pricks are going to burn.

    Posted by: Dave | Aug 30, 2010 10:15:19 AM

  3. The "True Tolerance" (Orwellian name) website is a piece of work:

    They have a whole FAQ devoted to the attempt to debunk Just the Facts. They claim GLSEN doesn’t support its claims with real research (it does), while at the same time their own “research” is totally invented by antigay think-tanks. Sick.

    Posted by: Kevinvt | Aug 30, 2010 10:16:31 AM

  4. I don't see why Focus is so concerned. Don't those fanatics home school their kids anyway to avoid "contamination"?

    Posted by: OY | Aug 30, 2010 10:27:32 AM

  5. You know, I'm going to buy into FOF on this one. I say, take these darling little christo-facists and beat the living daylights out of them, humiliate them at every opportunity ... bullying is OK right? Of course it is! Let the parents spend their life savings getting their sweet little bundles of joy through therapy. It's all good, right? Right.

    What kind of freaking sadists live at FOF, anyway. What a complete bunch of sick, twisted freaks.

    Posted by: Craig | Aug 30, 2010 10:50:46 AM

  6. I don't understand how they can't understand the deal. They complain that everyone's viewpoints should be accepted, but theirs is the only viewpoint HURTING PEOPLE. Accepting gay kids and telling them they are loved doesn't take anything away from Christian kids. Everyone is accepted. But to do as they say, and teach that it is filthy and wrong leaves a portion of kids suicidal. What do they gain from that? And look what is lost! They are so irrational it makes my head spin.

    I was talking to a friend about this and her response was: Stupidity is like two-way mirror, except the stupid people are on the mirror side, so they think their concept of reality is the only one.

    This is so sad.

    Posted by: Brenda | Aug 30, 2010 10:56:00 AM

  7. Only the GAWD lovin Christians would be against anti-bullying in the schools?
    IF the U.S. Government didn't financially support these religious freaks and their religious dogma/FANATICISM then the AFA and all these "churches" wouldn't have their tax exempt status and the $$$$$/resources to attack/denigrate all the law abiding,tax paying GAY,LESBIAN and BISEXUAL citizens of this usually great country.
    A separation of of Church and State should be the law of the land(oh that's right it IS the law of the land) but having a "CHRISTIAN" president continues to keep religion and politics EQUAL and unfortunately it's gay citizens UNEQUAL.
    Get some balls ODrama and do what is right already!

    Posted by: SFshawn | Aug 30, 2010 12:55:36 PM

  8. First off FOF's "expert" isn't really an expert. Read her resume, listen to her. Candi is a shallow hole of information all formed by their own research council.

    Second, the members of the FOF are crazy. Period. Crazy. There's no debate, no room for argument. And any organization with credence or actual research and information knows they are. Most recognized, credentialed research organizations and medical organizations laugh at them.

    Third, they are hateful and about as anti-Christian as a satanic cult. Which is pretty much what they are.

    Liars. Crazy. Satanic. Pretty much sums up this organization.

    Posted by: Bart | Aug 30, 2010 1:26:07 PM

  9. Focus on the Family created a rebuttal to this book but in it cites the work of the discredited George Rekers. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

    Posted by: a.mcewen | Aug 30, 2010 6:51:41 PM

  10. To see "education expert" before this horrid bitch's name makes my blood boil. This is truly the sickest cause of the "pro-family" fringe. Gay kids feel hated and abnormal, some to the point where they take their own lives, and this group is still trying to push its grotesque views onto schools. It's disgusting, it's inexcusable, it's downright evil.

    Posted by: Kevinintexas | Aug 30, 2010 9:33:38 PM

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