1. Bart says

    He’s a douche bag. And he’s running as an independent because the Republican candidate is about a half-step away from Satan and that what seems to pass for a Republican politician in Florida (though according to the two closet case Republicans who came out recently, the Republican party is who should be for gay marriage (insert huge laugh here.)

    The only realistic event that needs to occur and probably will by court order within the next 10 years is that the state will get out of the marriage business all together. They will issue union licenses and marriage (whatever the hell that means, since it means nothing that the right wing keeps trying to convince the world that it does…) will end up being a religious ceremony.

    And yes, that will make us look like butt plugs to the rest of the world because American is again, turning out to be the most reactive, regressive country in the world.

  2. says

    *sits back calmly closes eyes, takes deep breaths and counts to ten -pushing any knee jerk responses to the background*

    Hopefully Floridians and other states send A very clear and resounding message to these people who hide behind their double-speak and false patriotism and faith-induced righteousness… and that is: There is no room in our country’s government for you. You do not fit the job description and actually publicly ridicule company policy.

    Ahhh… to dream, ne?

  3. Brian in Texas says

    He’s much better than tea party favorite Marco Rubio. Crist will most likely caucus with the democrats in the Senate if he is elected. He was for the Obama stimulus and he is actually a reasonable republican, not like some of these tea party nut jobs.

    Do you really think he would come out in favor of gay marriage as a Florida politician who is in an election cycle?

    Also there are the gay rumors…people who are allegedly in the closet usually come out against any pro gay positions. “See how can I be gay, I’m against gay marriage!”

  4. Carl says

    All this leaves is for me to vote for Alex Sink(D)…which would be OK, except she’s also against marriage equality. This is the most backward state ever.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    Crist’s “feelings” and “beliefs” have nothing to do with my rights and the sooner he figures this out the better-off we’ll all be. He’s entitled to his feelings and I’m entitled to my rights. He thinks “…the less the government is telling people what to do, the better off we’re all going to be… but his “BUT” belies his whole premise. He wants the government to intrude into my marriage and my rights. I wonder what his “feelings” would be if the govt. prevented a closeted gay man from entering into a sham marriage to save his political ass? He might be the best of several horrible choices for FL but I’d certainly be holding my nose and retching if I were forced to vote for him.

  6. Jonathan says

    Charlie Crist is a comedian. He’s the biggest f*g in politics. How he really feels is that he wants a huge c*ck up his ass. Unfortunately, these are the kinds of people that run for national elective office in this country. If things were as they should be he’d be a butler.

  7. TampaZeke says

    Alex Sink is running for GOVERNOR against Scott. She’s not running for Senator. Your other choices in the Senate race are Rubio (extreme right wing, Tea bagger) or Kendrick Meek, the Democratic nominee. Kendrick probably has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning in this fucked up state. I was planning on holding my nose and voting for Crist, just to keep Rubio from winning. Now, forget about it. I’m voting for Meek, no matter his chances.

    BRIAN IN TEXAS, he most certainly will NOT caucus with the Democrats. Please don’t spread misinformation, ESPECIALLY about a state that, I assume by your screen name, you don’t live in.

  8. Justin Elzie says

    Crist will someday either come out or he will get caught with a guy and he will defend it and end up saying he has finally come around like Ken Mehlman. He is a self loathing closet case.

  9. walter says

    when is self loathing gay finally going to come out of the closet. he is a disgrace to
    gays everywhere. i wish someone who has thegoods really outs him. he serves it.

  10. John says

    The story is already there. The media won’t touch it though. They don’t want to upset closeted politicians – of whom there are many – and lose access.

    Bill Maher tried to out Mehlman on the Larry King show in 2006. He also said he would reveal the sexual orientation of other closeted Republicans – presumably Dreier, Crist, and Schock – on his own show. The CNN tape was edited to omit all references to Mehlman. The written transcript itself was quickly scrubbed by the censors. And, evidently, Maher was forced to drop the outing idea completely. It is likely that HBO threatened to fire him if he ever went through with it.

  11. says

    Unfortunately, since Meek has essentially ZERO chance of winning, I am going to have to cast my vote for Crist in the hopes he can stop Rubio. If you think Crist is a close-minded closet case who will hurt the GLBT community, I recommend you do a little research on Rubio. He is downright dangerous and isn’t afraid to share his hateful and bigoted rhetoric with anyone.

  12. says

    A completely irrational and illogical answer, yet, of course, closet case is allowed to get away with it. I mean, Charlie, you big fag, us gay couples don’t need your permission to live together, and we certainly don’t give a crap about your feelings, so don’t act like you’re bestowing lovely gifts of tolerance when you’re, in fact, pathetic. When are journalists going to call these politicians, particularly closeted gay ones, on their pure nonsense? We need some Boies/Olsons asking these questions.

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