Clear Channel Distances Itself from Anti-Gay Iowa Radio Host

Last week I posted about Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson's remarks that homosexuality is "intrinsically promiscuous" and that AIDS is God's "invention" to punish it. Clear Channel, the parent of WHO-AM, on which Mickelson broadcasts, this morning distanced itself from Mickelson:

Mickelson "In a statement read shortly before Mickelson’s program began Thursday morning, Clear Channel said Mickelson’s statements 'confused strong opinion with medical fact, and contained factual errors regarding HIV/AIDS, it’s spread and current efforts to inform the public about this disease.'  … 'Mr. Mickelson’s comments do not reflect the opinions of Clear Channel, nor do they reflect the ongoing support Clear Channel provides to public service campaigns, such as Greater than AIDS, that works to convey the message that AIDS does not discriminate. We regret any confusion about HIV/AIDS that may have resulted from Mr. Mickelson’s remarks.' In the week since news broke about Mickelson’s statements, One Iowa — the state’s largest LGBT-rights organization — worked with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), urging Clear Channel to correct the misinformation."


  1. MikeMick says

    Clear Channel can disavow his diatribes all they want and correct them ex post facto, but they’re letting the harm occur. Keeping him on the air to disseminate inaccurate and bigoted misinformation represented as fact is tantamount to supporting him. Anticipating the First Amendment rejoinders: The First Amendment entitles a bigot to his views, but not to a platform for expressing them.

  2. TonyJazz says

    ClearChannel has a history of ultra-rightwing stances, so homophobia probably fits them well.

    Remember that they wouldn’t even allow Dixie Chick songs to be played?

    I wish they’d stop playing Kid Rock’s trash instead….

  3. Tre says

    What an ignorant ass. Tell the MILLIONS of STRAIGHT people in Africa who have AIDS or are HIV + that AIDS was invented to punish promiscuous gays. Or how about the promiscuous straight people? What do they get to suffer from? Nothing – you can’t open a magazine, watch a film or turn on the television without having promiscuous heterosexuals shoving their lifestyle down our throats.

  4. Piet says

    Yes he’s an stupid ass. But please, spare us the american arrogance, thinking that you live in the centre of the outraged fucking moral universe. Its a real name, like Shaid, Piotr, Rino, Xolile etc. God, you must be so myopic.

  5. Dillon says

    Using Mickelson’s logic then breast cancer in God’s punishment of women and prostate cancer God’s punishment of men. What a wonderful and compassionate God this ignorant fool must worship. I’m kind of curious what kind of medical punishment God created for ignorant bigoted radio talking heads like this fool.

  6. Dave says

    Clear Channel is part of the GOP media-complex and the new strategy is gay is ok…. They have the brown people to hate today so if you don’t get with the new talking points, your out. I wonder when Rush will come out?