1. dizzy spins says

    ugh–its very nice that he doesn’t have a problem with trans relationships, but does that merit any special attention? We’ve moved passed the “oh, a celebrity doesn’t hate us” phase. There’s no reason for him to be in Out other than he’s a celeb with a (totally non-gay) movie coming out. Im sure Daniel is a friend to the gays, we’ve reached the day where that should be a given, not something to get a gold star for.

  2. Shawn says

    You may be right Dizzy. I still found it an interesting brief read and I haven’t seen any of his work.
    I find a lot of people know exactly how things should be this day in age. So I’ll jump on the bandwagon. This day in age he should be in Out simply because an article about him will interest the readers.
    Also there are readers of Out who have bigotries about trans people. And though I wish it weren’t true it seems that celebs expressing acceptance helps sway the public.

  3. GregV says

    Indeed, we SHOULD be at a place where NOBODY in the world thinks it’s a problem for them if their neighbor or co-worker dates someone who’s male, female, or transgendered, and where we have equal rights in every state and country and dismissing Prop 8 is non-controversial.
    We should have a world where there is no crime, no war, no religious fanatacism, no unwanted pregnancy, no polluted waterways, no more AIDS diagnoses etc.
    Unfortunately, this is where we’re at. And we still can’t take it for granted that every successful person is willing to be outspoken for equality.

  4. Matthew says

    he’s an actual, not pandering, supporter of the lgbt community and its rights. can we try to not take that for granted? If Out wants to feature him and show him some love back, while showcasing a really cute relationship between him and Our Lady J, have at it. doesn’t seem like anything to be upset about.

  5. says

    Quite right, Matthew. He’s not a casual “Gays are OK by me” celeb. He’s a very active supporter of our righrs and has contributed not only his money but his voice to the Trevor Project in PSAs and other related matters. It may sound silly to some of you but there are gay teens just coming out who find the fact that Harry Potter is on their side an enormous help.

  6. Strepsi says

    Agree 100% with Matthew and David.

    @DIZZY SPINS — that the young star of the biggest franchise in pop culture history is not only on our side, but actually promoting more controversial trans equality, AND volunteering for charities that help gay teens not commit suicide, IS worthy of special attention.

    It is newsworthy. It is also newslworthy, sadly because it’s so rare. And it you think that we’ve reached the day where support for gay rights is a given, you are not paying attention.

    Now normally I HATE that OUT only seems to put straight people on its cover (especially for us to ogle), but Daniel Radcliffe is a true ally, a powerful ally, a clever young man and an all around class act.

  7. Jason says

    I for one think the cult of celebrity is obnoxious, but Radcliffe is a serious artist/actor and not your everyday pop-icon. I think his voice is credible, even if he is young.

    The fact his generation is growing in a different world than what we (I’m mid 30’s) had to endure or worse, what others lived before, is tremendous. His acceptance is to some, blasse non-information, but for many of the older generation, it’s a big deal still. Those people vote.

    To say we have a truly mixed society of acceptance and respect is not the case! Daniel is leading the way through example that fears are misplaced and public honesty prevails.

    The haters out there are loosing the war. This is a sign of the times. Lets not loose sight of the fact the right wing and the hateful bigots are amassing forces right now to try to “take back” society. That’s right, take it back 50 years to a time when we were not accepted, not tolerated and definitely not out in public.

  8. unruly says

    Agree with you Strepsi but this:
    “biggest franchise in pop culture history” is not Harry Potter. The biggest franchise in pop history is still Star Wars (in 20yrs we can re-evaluate though.)


  9. Dusty says

    “I’m sure Daniel is a friend to the gays, we’ve reached the day where that should be a given, not something to get a gold star for.”

    His international fan base is made up of millions and millions of young people who are influenced by his actions.

    He can have my gold star any day.

  10. yeahisaidit says

    @Abie…Please, make a more apt comparison….Janice Dick-in-son? That bag-o-bones has never had that amount of meat on her in her ENTIRE life…lol

  11. nic says

    being an atheist, as Daniel Radcliffe is, frees one’s mind. hence, his altruism, magnanimity and benevolence. and, all this from a 21 y.o. his being an ally to gay equality qualifies him as a gay icon. to my mind, he can grace the cover of any gay mag.

  12. Chicgary says

    Yes, I love Daniel and his openness and think it’s perfectly great to have him on this cover, but who chose the Eddie Munster photo? Girl, please! He’s way too adorable to be visually treated this way.

  13. Ari R. says

    Against my better judgment I scrolled down to read the comments. I am always so impressed with Daniel and thought it would be awful to see him ridiculed for this… and low and behold there were some catty, negative comments. Daniel is THE sweetest, most gay and (trans) friendly guy. People do look up to him and the fact that he is saying this doesn’t matter… matters.

  14. sparks says

    As long as Daniel is ACTIVELY working for, contributing to, and putting his name behind LGBT charities and outreach programs, I say he has JUST as much right — if not more — to be on the cover of ‘Out’ or any other LGBT publication.

    @DIZZY SPINS: Get your facts straight. Daniel has done WAY more than “not hate us.” I’d bet a few paychecks he has done WAY more than you, Dizzy, unless you happen to be Elton John or David Mixner posting under a ridiculous alias.

  15. SSCHIEFRSHA says

    “Daniel Radcliffe: No Big Deal If Men Date Transgendered Women”

    YES! It’s a BIG deal. So then why isn’t he? What the fuck am I going to do with a man in the shape of a woman or draped in her haberdashery or vice-versa? I would freak-the-fuck-out if the guy I picked up turns out to be transgendered.

  16. tata says

    @Dizzy Spins: Right, because you would definitely see Kanye (who’s cool with the gays too, but would he do this?) on a cover dancing with a transsexual woman. *rolls eyes* Someone ALWAYS finds a way to criticize good people.

  17. transdyke says

    OMFG! Please, people: EDUCATE YOURSELVES!

    TRANS =/= GAY

    Fucking cis gays know nothing about trans people, aren’t even real allies.

    There is no gender called “transgendered”.

    I am a WOMAN (with a transsexual background).

    I am not a fucking drag queen!

    RTFM or GTFO!

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