Gallup: Wyoming, Mississippi Most Conservative States


Gallup just released its "State of the States" survey and its data revealed Wyoming and Mississippi to be the nation's most conservative states, with D.C. and Rhode Island heading up the list of most liberal.

Gallup's interactive map, with info on party affiliation, and Obama approval ratings is here.



  1. Ken in MS says

    What would be interesting would be a count of the populations of the most conservative vs. the most liberal states. You could even expand it and do a population count of all states above average in conservatism vs. all states below average in conservatism. I’ll bet you’ll find that the number of citizens aren’t even close.

  2. jersey says

    Many here seem to wonder why Obama and the Democrats can’t push through single-payer health care, federal gay marriage, and other liberal agenda items (that he never promised) through sheer force of will…this chart sums it up.

  3. Ken in MS says

    I did a quick count. The above average conservative states have a population of 37.7M. California alone has a population of 37.0M. The total population of the below average conservative states is 100.9M. Basically, 100M to 40M. Keep that in mind when these numbers start getting press play.

  4. Brett says

    I don’t know that conservative or liberal describes most Americans; those of us in the Center. The ultra-conservatives; conservative in every facet of their lives and the ultra-liberals; essentially socialists represent a relatively small group on either side. Each state; including California have more centrists than the outliers(see marriage vote in Cali). Most people have liberal swinging views and conservative swinging views. They are the folks every mainstream politician is aiming their message at. Without them you don’t win and you don’t get much done.

  5. TampaZeke says

    Interesting that only THREE states and the District of Columbia are “liberal” enough to have passed marriage equality in these most liberal of states.

    Most liberal isn’t liberal enough in my book!

    And Rhode Island is the MOST liberal state? Really? With a VERY conservative Republican governor and being the ONLY state in New England that hasn’t passed marriage equality (even though Maine rescinded it)?

    I demand a recount!

  6. Tonic says

    Shouldn’t it be labeled: Conservative, Average, and Liberal (or “more liberal”)? Most Conservatives are much more below average than any Democrat I know, and labeling “less conservative” as “below average” is inferring bias. :)

    The large number of conservative people in America is directly connected to the lack of emphasis on education, which is connected to religion. It’s one huge, whirling cesspool. Keeping people stupid = keeping people conservative.

  7. TampaZeke says

    I might also point out how depressing it is to see that the “most liberal” states average around 30% liberal whereas the “most conservative” states average around 48% conservative.

    It’s official, America is an IDIOT nation!

  8. Rob says

    Oh here in RI, our Governor did fairly well for us early in his ‘reign.’ His competition was horrendous and we just couldn’t let her be Gov. The conservative, anti-gay nature of the Gov didn’t come out til really too recently. It is embarrassing we don’t have Gay Marriage yet though.

    However, with the election this year, it’s going to come down between Democrat Frank Caprio and Independent Lincoln Chafee. Chafee is all for gay marriage while Caprio has been against it in the past due to his Catholic views. However, I think Caprio would bend over for it considering the money he’s stated we’ve lost due to not having gay marriage.

    @Ken in MS: Glad you thought about that.

  9. mike says

    Rhode Island may be in left leanign New England, but unlike it’s neighbors, there are no gay marriage rights to be had, nor is there even a sizable movement to drag RI into the present. This is one of the most heavily catholic states in the union. Over 60% are devout followers so I am really not certain what nutsack decided they were liberal. Try Vermont, CT and Mass first.

  10. Bob R says

    The question is, what was the criteria used to establish the parameters of liberal/conservative? Many friends who spend time in Europe tell me that the Conservative movements there would be considered left of center here in the US. The Republicans have, through the years, steered this nation so far to the right, that “extreme progressives” should actually be considered much more centrist than extreme left. So, the political scale, at least in the US has been skewed quite a lot I think. People like Rahm Emmanuel and Bill Clinton think we should govern just to the right of center, well that “right” set point is much further to the right than many people actually want it to be. It’s all in how the questions are framed, and the GOP has spent lots of money and many years and employ thousands of wordsmiths and hucksters to frame the question in their favor. Like a Fox News man on the street question: “Over 50 per cent of the people think Obama is doing a poor job. What do you think?” In a nation where “librul” has become a profanity, I think it is hard to get an actual snapshot of where the American voter is, especially when so few choose to vote any more.

  11. TampaZeke says

    Unfortunately, there are too many states that have a liberal city here and a liberal city there and MISSISSIPPI in between.

    And I say that as a native Mississippian.

    Welcome to the site Ken!

  12. John says

    California was never that liberal.

    It is exactly the same as the rest of America. There’s are a few blue cities sitting in the middle of a deep red sea. Thirty minutes from Downtown San Francisco is redneck, backwoods country. That continues pretty much uninterrupted all the way to the Oregon border (and beyond). It is exactly the same down in Southern California. The suburbs of Los Angeles are full of “Stepford Wives” style Republicans.

  13. heyneighbor says

    I’m in MA. and 40 miles from R.I. This is kind of absurd really; what it really shows is VERY FEW people self-identify as Liberal, and far more self-identify as conservative. Take MA: 28% self identify as liberal, but for Christ sake what about the other 72%? It clearly shows that most Americans lean in the center/right direction.

  14. heyneighbor says

    And it also shows most of the people polled in New England/NY/NJ/MD (minus N.H.) and the West Coast/Pacific Northwest are neither liberal nor conservative…more-so than other states and regions. It doesn’t mean they’re more left or liberal, it just means they’re less inclined than other states and regions to pick either label. Many may be more Populist or Libertarian than leftwing.

  15. heyneighbor says

    As far as Euros and their political ideologies: European leftist dominance including to the point of Euro right-wingers even having leftist ideals, is really a result of the post-war period when everything was a shambles and most Euros got hooked by necessity on government social services, even the middle class. This simply evolved into everyone basically supporting whoever propped up the welfare state. America was always more multicultural, diverse, and less homogeneous than European nations and the dominant middle class never benefited or got behind the welfare state created here, aside from stuff like S.S., Medicare, unemployment benefits; therefore, the majority of Americans never got completely hooked on the welfare state like Europeans.

    And in America there are actually many Republicans who aren’t that conservative either fiscally nor socially. If you really study George W. Bushes administration, he was not a really conservative and in fact backed many traditionally liberal causes. Go back further and you’d realize Richard Nixon was responsible for many of the liberal government programs that exist today.

  16. Paul R says

    I have little faith in the results of such polls. What qualifies as “conservative” in Wyoming generally means libertarianism (we don’t want the federal or state government screwing with us, our land, or our money). In other states “conservative” is taken to mean social issues.

    People readily forget the vast differences among the states, the randomness of poll results (despite the controls they tried to impose), and the enormous variations in the implications of questions, the attitudes of pollsters and respondents, and endless other variables. Many self-described libertarians and conservatives don’t give a crap about social issues such as same-sex marriage—they mainly care about taxes. I’m not defending them, but I also think it’s important to recognize that these labels vary so much in personal interpretation as to be nearly meaningless. Many conservatives in California would likely be deemed liberals in many other states.

  17. Kearne says

    I live in Wyoming. And though I don’t really like to, I have to stand up for this state. I’ve been employed by a very conservative business man and being gay was never an issue. My state house representative is openly lesbian, and she has asked everyone she represents to call her, on her cellphone, if we have comments on pending legislation. And we are one of the only conservative states that has refused to write marriage discrimination into our constitution.

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