Gay Marriage Sculpture Vandalized At Los Angeles Museum

A pro-marriage equality sculpture that is part of an exhibition at The Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles was vandalized earlier this week. The piece featured a pair of male grooms on top of a wedding cake. 

The vandalism took place on Tuesday, so it doesn't appear to be a direct response to this week's Prop 8 ruling, which came down on Wednesday but one may never know.

The LA Times reports:Cake

"The two guys were unfortunately torn off and thrown about the gallery
along with some other embellishments,” says Eilen R. Stewart, the
museum's exhibitions and publicity coordinator. “Whether this was done
by someone who had heard that the judge’s ruling was coming or someone
who was just expressing their anger, we don’t know."

A group of high schoolers had visited the museum that day but it is unclear if they had anything to do with the indicent.

Artist Susan Tibbles originally made the assemblage, consisting of found objects, as an illustration for a 2008 L.A. Times opinion piece by Nancy Polikoff, “Marriage Isn’t the Half of It." The artwork reached the Craft and Folk
Art Museum as part of a group show, “Some Assembly Required: Race,
Gender and Globalization.”

The museum plans to ship the work back to the artist for
repair, hoping it can go back on view before the show closes on Sept.
12. In the meantime, the artist and museum both are still trying to
make sense of the violent act. “I was surprised this happened,” says Tibbles. “It’s just a sweet
little cake with a little message on it–well, a big message I think.
For me the upsetting thing is thinking that it might be an 18-year old
who did this. It makes you wonder what we are teaching our kids.”

There's a good chance we may never know who did this because the exhibition space that housed the sculpture did not have any security cameras.


  1. TANK says

    I’m offended because of the motivation, of course…but that is one…ugly sculpture. I think there’s a reason why a camera wasn’t covering it.

  2. MLD says

    as an artist, i find it hard to believe any artist, gallery, or museum would be so naive as to be dumbfounded by this event.

    since when is being gay so universally accepted across the board that its a shock that some gay-positive object on display without guards or cameras could be vandalized.

    get real.

  3. Barro says

    “Gay positive”, I wouldn’t be so sure about that MLD, the cake is made of dollars. One could easily take this sculpture as an attack on gay marriage, suggesting is all about DINK money and special groups pressure instead of about love and equality free for all.

    That’s one cake I ain’t eatin’

  4. Alan says

    If the damage was done by a group of high-schoolers then there will be a lot of bragging in school the next day. If there is interest in finding the guilty persons, it could be done.

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