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Iowa Radio Host Jan Mickelson: 'Homosexuality is Intrinsically Promiscuous' and AIDS is God's 'Invention' to Punish It


More hideousness from Iowa, now on the airwaves. 

Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson has spoken out in defense of Iowa congressional candidate Jeremy Walters' remarks that AIDS is God's punishment for homosexuality, the Iowa Independent's Jason Hancock reports:

Said Mickelson on his radio show:

“For the chairman of the Republican Party to say, ‘AIDS doesn’t discriminate,’ well of course it does. It discriminates against people who engage in stupid behavior...Lung disease doesn’t discriminate, but it’s probably a good idea to stop smoking...Cirrhosis of the liver doesn’t discriminate, but you should probably dry out and stop drinking like you’ve been doing. Heart disease and diabetes doesn’t discriminate, but you should probably take that weight off, lard butt. Of course lifestyle oriented diseases tend to reward those lifestyle afflictions disproportionately to the behavior of those doing them. This isn’t rocket science.”

Mickelson adds: 

“So, does God punish homosexuality? Does he punish sodomy? Well, no, he doesn’t get off his throne and say, ‘Hey, I’m gonna get that guy.’ Well not directly. Most of God’s laws, which another way of saying God’s law would be natural law, that is, law that is consistent with the nature of the universe because it was built in such a way, most of God’s laws are self enforcing. God doesn’t have to do anything. So if you skydive without a parachute, does God punish people who do that? No, but one of his inventions does. Gravity. If you skydive without a parachute, you’re going to die. Should you blame God for that?”

Mickelson says promiscuity "defines the lifestyle" of homosexuality: "Homosexuality is intrinsically promiscuous, because it violates the design of our bodies. There is no safe way to do that.”

Radio host: AIDS discriminates against the ’stupid behavior’ of homosexuality [iowa independent]

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  1. oh, if only that were true. it's been years since i've experienced any promiscuous activity.


    Posted by: alguien | Aug 20, 2010 2:05:13 PM

  2. It's official: the 90's are back, complete with the ridiculous, right-wing rhetoric that made them pretty awful at times.

    Posted by: TomSkylark | Aug 20, 2010 2:08:51 PM

  3. Yeah! Suck on that Pediatric AIDS organizations across America. You're babies have AIDS because of GOD's law. Burn on you! Jan Mickelson sure knows right and wrong.

    Heck, lets throw in some rape victims for good measure, they surely must have deserved it as well. Thanks JanICE!

    Posted by: Hollywood, CA | Aug 20, 2010 2:10:18 PM

  4. The biggest threat to America right now is this cancer called Christianity that us metastisizing at an alarming rate.

    Posted by: B | Aug 20, 2010 2:12:03 PM

  5. These people's level of ignorance and bigotry is truly unbelievable.

    And I like how you juxtaposed the word "hideousness" and that picture of him! I most certainly agree! Any woman (assuming he's straight) who married him is probably blind or just as hideous as him (i.e. Maggie Gallagher)

    Posted by: gayalltheway | Aug 20, 2010 2:12:20 PM

  6. He needs to go back to the cave he slithered from.

    Posted by: Grego | Aug 20, 2010 2:13:21 PM

  7. "I'm not anti-gay. I have gay friends. I WAS TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT!" in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

    Posted by: TampaZeke | Aug 20, 2010 2:13:36 PM

  8. Wake up dumbazz...Straight people fuck like crazy too. I have straight friends who have FAR MORE casual fucks than I do.

    Posted by: todd | Aug 20, 2010 2:17:27 PM

  9. Oy, the fallacious reasoning is giving me headaches.

    Why does God make such laws? Why does there have to be gravity, or oxygen? Obviously it serves a purpose, but if God exists, created everything and is in fact omnipotent, God defines the purpose in the first place. So why have gravity? Why build the world this particular way, with so many particular rules? If you know so much about homosexuality and gravity, do tell what's God's thinking behind these rules.

    Posted by: Zach | Aug 20, 2010 2:18:30 PM

  10. His argument is ridiculous. Extending his logic, you would never fly (plane crashes), drive (car crashes), shake hands, kiss (flu), etc. AIDS isn't a gay disease as we all know. This is a tired conservative strategy of cherry picking facts and twisting them to justify their bigoted ideology - and how is homosexuality intrinsically promiscuous by violating the design of our bodies? What that says to me is that any sexual behaviour that is done without the goal of reproduction is promiscuous. I think alot a straight married couples would disagree with that definition.

    Posted by: Mike | Aug 20, 2010 2:19:08 PM

  11. I think his sponsors need to hear from us:
    -Educational Resources Associates (
    -Toyota of Des Moines (
    -Kinetico Home Water Systems (

    Posted by: Dan | Aug 20, 2010 2:19:59 PM

  12. When is anyone going to discuss the overwhelming amount of straight anal porn? The idea that anal sex ('sodomy' is biblical, let's get rid of it) is only a gay activity is ludicrous.

    I bet this guy has a kick-ass theory for breast cancer.

    Posted by: Sean | Aug 20, 2010 2:22:52 PM

  13. A: Gays are promiscuous and not in committed relationships, having sex with whomever.

    B: Some want to get married and be in committed relationships and only have sex with each other.

    A: FUCK NO

    Posted by: NoSleep4Sam | Aug 20, 2010 2:26:58 PM

  14. It's people like this a==hole who give all Iowans a bad name. I am proud to be a gay person who was born and raised in Iowa. This guy's opinion by no means reflects the views of most Iowans, who are an educated, compassionate people! Shame on him for spreading this politically-motivated and morallly-reprehensible rhetoric!

    Posted by: jash | Aug 20, 2010 2:30:20 PM

  15. Apparently god gives a pass on blowjobs, which are also a form of sodomy.

    Posted by: SammySeattle | Aug 20, 2010 2:31:51 PM

  16. It's so hard to argue stupid. And this ass clown is yet another raging idiot. Yes, Jan, God actually sits on a throne. You know, on a cloud in the sky. And I bet he's white too (because AIDS is more prevelent in the black community.) And he probably talks in a big booming voice.

    This whole connection now between God's law and natural law (you know, those things that actually have no real definition) when for centuries, the Church did everything possible to seperate God from nature, saying God's law was devine and everything else was Earthly. But I guess Jan, clearly being both a Biblical scholar and an expert in infectious diseases, knows better. You know, because the smartest people in the world are on the radio in Iowa.

    (p.s. - I do understand why he's on the radio, he has a face that is perfect for the medium. sorry, couldn't resist.)

    Posted by: Bart | Aug 20, 2010 2:36:48 PM

  17. I have to ask the question, "Why do we have to keep pretending that this mythical God everyone uses as their handy-dandy excuse to hate, even exists?" It bogs down the whole discussion. Nail them for their personal hate and leave "God" out of it.

    Posted by: Sean | Aug 20, 2010 2:37:58 PM

  18. Idiotic. Stupid. How come he has access to God and knowledge of God's plans?
    @Jash trust me, not all of us are as idiotic as he is, and we don't stereotype people living in Iowa by one man's "ideas". Be proud of who you are and where you come from.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Aug 20, 2010 2:42:24 PM

  19. Yes because breeders are so notoriously monogamous. *eye roll*

    Posted by: Tone | Aug 20, 2010 2:51:33 PM

  20. Jash: you're right, most Iowans have been rational enough, generally good and mostly kind. But it's the others who are making news and encouraging the growth of something ugly to replace corn and beans. Former Iowan here, too.

    Posted by: CoMo'mo | Aug 20, 2010 2:52:28 PM

  21. Is it me - or does anyone else get the severe urge to kick the living shit out of assholes like him?

    Posted by: Disgusted Gay American | Aug 20, 2010 2:56:46 PM

  22. What an awful thing to say.
    So what about every other illness? Is it a result of other sins commited?

    All sort of innocent people have Cancer,HIV/AIDS, Diabetes.. etc.

    That is a very uneducated man

    Posted by: dan | Aug 20, 2010 2:58:07 PM

  23. Fucking moron. That's all that needs to be said.

    If there really is a God, they would have smote this tool a long time ago.

    Posted by: David in Houston | Aug 20, 2010 2:59:30 PM

  24. @JASH, I hope you're right but, to be honest, I'm not feeling really confident that you're statement about how most Iowans feel is accurate.

    I remember hearing the same thing about Wisconsites and Californians and Mainers.

    I guess we'll have a better idea of how accurate your claim is come November.

    Posted by: TampaZeke | Aug 20, 2010 3:00:20 PM

  25. Seen this? Hilarious AND unironic...

    A Disturbing Look Inside the Mind of a Sex-Addicted Homosexual Hipster

    Posted by: MarkDC | Aug 20, 2010 3:02:39 PM

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